South Africa Explored: Safari Adventures

I'm watching the elephants

The final set of my favourite photographs from my adventures in Africa.

Here I am, ready for my African Safari Adventure!
Kruger National Park
Little monkey, chillaxin'
A portrait
Elephant crossing! Elephants are my favourite animal!

A rhino!

The most delicious cinnamon iced tea!

How Giraffes drink. CUTE!


I think the photographs speak for themselves.

I know I haven’t written here in forever, and I am sorry about that. BUT I’m back now, so keep checking back, homies!.

Speak to you soon!


    1. :$ aww dude! Thank you.

      I know, you think that nature would have designed a more elegant way for giraffes to drink water, since they have very long necks. But apparently not. Also, that position is (quite imaginably) a very vulnerable position for the giraffes, and the lions usually attack while they stop to drink 🙁

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