My life these days: photographs

Last week started off with a sleepover with the kids. We played in the back yard with April. Devaki wore the dress I bought her. It was very pretty on her.

We also played in their back yard too. As you can see, there was a lot of playing in back yards!

Then we went to the park, because that’s like a huge back yard to play in. It was a hot evening, and everything looked very beautiful.

….Because I know how to have a good time!

The first time he went on this slide, he fell at the bottom, because for some reason the base of the slide is raised off the ground. Which I thought was a bit silly. But he quickly learned his lesson, and transformed into a slide champion.

This is me observing the pretty rocks.


Of course, no summer day is quite complete without ice cream! This is little baby Ishaan totally awe-struck at the ice cream place.

Well, amen to that.

I also took puppy out for walks in the meadows behind our home. I like to go at around sunset – which is my favourite time of day.

Tea and honey and lemon and grapes. Breakfast.

This week has been all about baking cakes! Yes, this cake is as sickening as it looks.

I made this bad boy last night. It was my first time making carrot cake and it was a total success. I know I should have spent some more time decorating it, but maybe next time. 


Some of our family friends had a surprise birthday party for me! It certainly was a surprise. In fact I didn’t comprehend that this was for me even when they bought the cake out. I just kept thinking “….Oh my god, who’s birthday is it? Did I forget somebody?!” and then I saw my name on the cake and I was like “HUH?”. Well played, you guys. It was a lovely gesture and I felt so happy. And yes…that is another cake. THREE CAKES in about 1.5 weeks.

This is April on our kitchen floor with her second favourite toy, with the cutest expression on her face. She knows the following commands now:

Sit, shake your paw, lie down, roll over, high five, and jump. I am currently working on teaching her a new trick, where I say “downward dog” (this yoga posture  and here’s the puppy version) and she does the posture/stretch. It’s definitely a work in progress. Right now, everytime she does that stretch naturally, I yell “downward dog!” and then praise her, and give her a treat. Hope she gets the point of all of this soon. I’m sure she will. She’s a smart puppy.

I have also been spending some quality time with my brother and taking April for walks. If he would let me take more proper photographs of him, I would. But he doesn’t let me 🙁 So I must be sneaky.

I love this photograph. Both brother and puppy tired after running up the hill.

Oh my goodness, she looks like a giant flying golden rat.
My pretty girl 🙂

I have slowly been settling back into “home life” and enjoying it very much. I’ve been seeing friends I haven’t seen in many months and drinking a lot of starbucks, and eating a lot of ice cream and baking a lot of cakes. Summer is a great season to be creative and make connections, and I am very inspired. I am taking bookings for readings again, and preparing to for a talk at the upcoming Wellness Festival here in Kamloops, with my partner in crime – Michelle Morrison; a completely remarkable woman, healer and intuitive reader. You may have also noticed some changes to my blog; I have added a few new pages (with a couple more to come) such as how you can Contact me, Information about Readings and Workshops and my About me page. I have also re-catogorized all the posts on this blog on the side menu – so that it will be easier to find everything. This is very Virgo of me.

Aw, as I write this blog post, puppy is sleeping at my feet and seems to be having some interesting puppy-dreams because she’s making little barks as she sleeps.

I hope you have enjoyed my photographs of the sweetness of life these days and I hope we will always love the little things.


  1. Malavika,

    I found myself smiling as I read through this, its really nice to see what you’ve been upto and the lovely photos of your cakes (no offense but the first cake I acc thought it was ham….LOL)
    LOVE the photograph of April pretty much attacking your brother, very cute! Hope everything is going well in Kamloops, BC. We all miss you very much back here in Ireland. Send my love to your mom, dad and Kieran.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Tetya Marie. xXx

    1. Haha. Wow. “No offense but the first cake i actually thought it was ham.” That made me laugh out loud. I told my mom too, she laughed.
      It was meant to be a princess cake! So it’s all pink and iced with buttercream (which makes you want to puke after a while for sure).

      Everything is going well in Kamloops, BC. I hope you are finding happiness in Ranafast, Donegal.

      We’re so official.

      missing you. im going to send you mail soon.

  2. That was a good one, Malu. Ice creams and cakes!! now lets get on with some less fatty recipes! However your carrot cake was a great success! All my babies look great in the pictures!

  3. I love this post and all of the puppy pictures. Your April looks like my Maggie. Very cute.

    My other dog, Ruby, always does downward dog when it is time to go out for a walk and she is waiting for me to put her on the leash. I say the same thing and now she knows it as a trick as well.

    Glad to see you are well and enjoying your summer!

    1. Hi Dacia!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I know, April is so cute! I would love to see a picture of Maggie?
      Oh wow, Ruby does the downward dog! How long did it take to teach her? I’ts difficult because it isn’t a position I can make her do with my hands you know? Like when we taught her to sit, I could simply push her booty down everytime I said “Sit”. How did you teach Ruby the downward dog? And does she know any other cool tricks? 🙂

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