My psychic roommates!

I’ve just enjoyed spending the afternoon with my two girls on/in and around my bed, talking about life and readings.

This is what happened:


Today was a very special day for Marie. She just graduated from angel cards to tarot cards!

She was very excited. She was also very excited to see that she didn’t get the “death” card. I tried to explain to her that it is not in essence a “bad card”, but that didn’t mean much to her today.

Marie: *Rolls over and falls of the bed* Wow, I miscalculated the end of the bed.

At the end of our reading she collapsed on my bed face down and said “i’m all psychiced out”

Michelle is the hidden psychic.


Marie would also like me to inform all my readers that she is now available for bookings.

Not sure if you would want to book a reading with this chick though 😉




  1. My dear girls, I don’t need any psychic training to predict your academic grades if you are not going to put your head down and work hard for your forthcoming exams!I am being a killjoy, aren’t I? Sorry sweeties! Have fun!
    Lots of love to all of you.
    Typical mom!

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