The life of April (so far) in photographs

Here is the life so far in photographs of my beautiful puppy April. I am going to love her forever and ever.

When she was a baby, she was shy.

She would eat her food quietly and without any fuss. She had so much puppyfat on her face! Awwww.


She would model for me sometimes, but pretty soon she would try to attack my camera. Now she’s used to it.

She would love to sleep with the shoes.

I made sure I gave her plenty of cuddles all the time.

This was April’s first bath time, and she truly hated it. Even today, she doesn’t really enjoy water. I don’t know what’s up with that – she is supposed to be a lab.

Om nom nom sticks!

We could give her a bone but she doesn’t want a bone….

She wants to wreck my mom’s gorgeous plant instead.

And now she’s all grown up! Running through meadows!

Ah but adulthood came with a price. She had to have all her ladyparts out 🙁 She had to walk around with this silly cone on her head for a week. She hated it.

We play in the snow together, and she will pose for photographs.

My current favourite photo of my girl.


I once read somewhere that one of the most fullfilling things you can do in your life is to have a close relationship with an animal. Since I got April, I couldn’t agree more. She is very loved by all of us.



  1. Oh my baby! I have to have all of her pics for my ‘April’ album. Malu, Send them to me please.

  2. Such a beautiful baby April! I have a yellow lab, Maggie, who looked exactly like April when she was a pup. Now she looks a little different, I guess most labs look kind of similar as puppies. My baby girl is about to turn 4. Both of my dogs have been a blessing, especially when my husband is away for extended periods of time they keep me company. They truly are the best!

    Sorry for the rambling, I get carried away when it comes to my puppies!

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