Why I’m not scared of the word God anymore: New Age Spirituality Vs. Religion

I first stepped on to my self-development path when I was 16 and miserable. Not that my sadness was anything extraordinary or heartbreakingly poignant, just a case of the teenage blues, I guess. I was bored of life and bored of myself. I started by reading self-help books, which is usually the gateway-concept of New Age Spirituality these days. These books told me that I was beautiful, confident and perfect just the way I am. So I believed that for a while, and I think that at the time, it helped in some weird way. Then I came across all the classic hallmarks of New Age Spirituality, like – The law of attraction, angels, spirit guides, animal totems, lucid dreaming, “the secret”, meditation, psychics, “intuition is a muscle bla bla bla”. You know, all the fundamentals. So after my “self-help” stage, I found myself moving into this “New-Age Spirituality” thing. Spirituality of the new age; a chance for the non-religious to explore spiritual issues without submitting to the old guy in the sky (God) and his rules. I was happy there; happy to be away from religion, happy to be able to make up my own mind about my intimate spiritual beliefs and how I saw the world, and proud to say that though I may not believe in God, I had found my own special thing to believe in.

So I started wading through the shallow waters of the self-help market, followed by the murky waters of New-Age Spirituality, and I just continued to go deeper and deeper. And what was I searching for? I was searching for knowledge and wisdom on how to live a good life and how to cultivate happiness. I began to gain more and more profound understanding of the laws of the universe, and I was so excited by my discoveries. I could see the horizon in the distance. Somehow, everything I was learning was slowly coming to an end and soon I would be at the beginning of the next stage, the next level of my pursuit for spiritual understanding. I was getting closer and closer. I wondered what could be more “true” than what I already deemed to be true. I could only imagine and ponder what could be on the other side of this meaningful journey I was on. What was behind that closed door? Finally I got there, at the beginning of the next leg of my journey. And what did I find?…dun dun dun…..

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Should I leave my job and become a psychic?

Hello cuties!

Today I got an e-mail from somebody that asked a question that I get asked a lot of times in readings. I thought I could address this publically and give you my opinion on it.

Through doing readings I have had the honour of meeting some very intuitively gifted people. People, who think that making doing readings their 9-5, would be a dream come true for them!

This is the particular e-mail I received:

“It is my dream to work full time as an intuitive reader – what a great profession – to be able to inspire people all the time, to be spiritually connected, and also to be making a decent income from doing something that you love! I am new to all this stuff, but I am just so interested and I feel in my heart that I could do this. What advice could you give me in order to pursue this path? I feel held back by my job and that it stops me from doing something I really love to do. Should I leave my job and follow my dreams?”

This is a great question! And I think this is something that many people have struggled with or at least questioned at some point in their life – should you try your very hardest to pursue your biggest dreams for yourself, or should you settle for something more real and more safe?

In response to this question, do I think you should quit your job? No.

I don’t.

I really don’t.

Why? Because I don’t think you necessarily have to.

I think that following your dreams of being an intuitive reader is great, and I think it is a incredibly satisfying career to have, but I think there are ways to go about it that will make more sense to me.

Why do you feel you have to quit your job in order to begin your path as an intuitive reader? You don’t have to. Not yet anyway. I think it would make more sense to  keep your job, to keep your source of steady income as you make a transition in your life. During this transition period, I would advise that you practice your intuitive work.

When I first started out I did many free readings to family and friends. Even today I still do free readings (for both practice and keep the abundance and good karma flowing, yo!).

You want to keep practicing with friends and family, and even to strangers, until you feel very comfortable doing readings. Until you feel comfortable with the quality if your reading. And until you feel comfortable for charging for your service. And you also want to start building up your clientele.

All of this can be done while you remain in your other job.

It’s practice. It is your internship.

Gradually, you will notice that you intuitive business is making more money than any other businesses you are running, or work you are doing. This is when it would make most sense to let your other work connections go and start doing your intuitive work full time.

So my advice to you would be to start now. If this is your dream, you can certainly do it – but you can do it in a way that makes financial and rational sense to you. You can start practicing, start developing your confidence in your own service and abilities. Give away many free readings, and then begin charging for your services at a rate that is comfortable for you. Generate a high demand for yourself by providing good quality readings and learn to trust your ability. If you don’t believe in your own accuracy and skills as an intuitive, it’s going to be a challenge to make anyone else do it too.

And when you’ve done all of this stuff, then is the time to leave your job and make the transition into your new practice.


Remember, changes don’t always have to be so dramatic. Changes to a new solid foundation of your life can be done step by step if you want to create something real and lasting.

Take the time. Do things once. Do things right. Amen to that!


Lots of love and cuddles,  peach 🙂