A photo essay: My life in Ireland

I still remember my first day in Ireland like it was yesterday. I remember getting off the little airplane at the Galway airport and looking around suspiciously. So, this was home now.

I didn’t really want to move to Ireland. I wanted to stay in Canada, because everything was predictable in Canada. I knew exactly what I could expect. Family, study, work – everything would progress on a steady and stable incline.

Applying to my medicine program was also very last minute too. I reluctantly sent off my application literally only days before the deadline. When I received my acceptance letter for the medicine program I was sad.

But I moved to Ireland. I moved to Ireland where everything was confusing, and suddenly the independence and freedom I had been looking for – seemed almost too overwhelming.

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Campus in the springtime


Pink blossom on the ground.

grocery shopping.

om nom nom.

I suck at using these self-check out things. I always end up messing something up and everything takes so much longer than it has to. It was a good job I had my virgo roommate with me to fix everything with the greatest efficiency.

Marie – posing for photographs at the grocery store. But this is the expression I get when I first bring out my camera to take a photograph of her. I get this expression a lot.