How to find your life purpose

I was working through through some of the anonymous questions submitted by readers for the next Q&A blog post when I came across a question about finding your life purpose.

This is a topic that has come up a lot in my personal life, and I’ve had many conversations about this with loved ones. Recently too! It’s a critical question to many and I felt it deserved a blog post of its own.

I would like to live a fulfilling life, as defined by me. The trouble is…I’m not sure what exactly it is I find fulfilling. I find my ideas on what fulfilling is to be fleeting. How can you know for sure what it is you want to invest your potential in/are supposed to be doing with your life. Thank you

The concept of a “life purpose” carries a lot of needless spiritual weight.

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What is your dharma and why can’t you find it?


From time to time I receive e-mails from readers of this blog. I think that is a beautiful thing and I am humbled that you would share such intimate and beautiful aspects of your life with me. With that, I have noticed that there a couple of questions that resides in the hearts of many people!

One commonly asked question is about love and relationships. Should you stay or should you leave? Is it “spiritually okay” to leave? How do you generate the internal strength to stay and persevere in love?

The other commonly asked question is in regards to your dharma in life and how to discover it. I have gotten e-mails from so many people who are worried that they are talentless and without a calling in life. And that is what I want to talk about today.

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Your Life’s Work: a discourse on Dharma

When I turned 18, I got two tattoos, one on each wrist. Both in Hindi script, one wrist- Karma, and the other- Dharma. It is only now, a few years later, that I am beginning to comprehend the weight of these words.  What were once just spiritual aesthetic words, now hold so much meaning and serve as a reminder of the two guiding principles of my life.

In the last couple of years I have learned some powerful lessons on Karma. And now my lessons in Dharma begin.

Dharma means your sacred duty, inspired action, the work of your life, your blessed talents. Living at the center of your dharma means to live in a way that is aligned with your sacred duty. It is the act of living in alignment with your true calling in life.

Recently, the concept of Dharma has become very important to me. It was something I have not contemplated deeply before, but now I am filled with an inner yearning to plant my feet firmly in the earth of my life, to stand tall and live from the center of my divine order. To live a life saturated in my dharma, my purpose.

My friend Arlene gifted me with an extraordinary book; The Great Work of your life by Stephen Cope. She did not know that questions of my own quest for my dharma had been swimming in my own mind for some time now. The book she gave me helped answer questions and bought clarity to the hazy cloud of dharma that had been hanging low in my thoughts.

I share with you the notes of my research, my findings, my lessons, my spiritual to-do list. If this is a topic that interests you, I would recommend reading the book by Stephen Cope as a good introduction to getting acquainted with your life’s work.

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How to discover your life-purpose: finding a purpose that fits

One of the most frequent questions I get asked during a reading is “What is my life purpose?”

Have you ever thought about it? What am I here to do? Is there a purpose for me at all?

Your life purpose and your day job

Some people believe that because they are not in a job that they enjoy, they are not living their life’s purpose. This may or may not be true, but it is certainly not an absolute.

I don’t believe your day job has to be your life purpose, but rather your life purpose is a cumulative sense of spiritual integrity – a sustained feeling that what you are doing matters, that who you are makes a difference, and that you are living the kind of life you deserve.

Your life job may be your life purpose. But more often than not your day job could serve as a vessel for you achieve your life purpose. Your day job could provide you with all the learning and growth opportunities you need in order to achieve some part of your life purpose.

There are many options. So don’t be disheartened. Your life purpose isn’t to be the “CEO of a company” or a “hairdresser” or a “engineer”. Your life purpose is more related to the impact you make on the world, and on yourself.

Your life purpose doesn’t necessarily scream at you.

If you are waiting for some kind of awe-inspiring, life-changing moment when suddenly what you are here to do just screams at you – you could be waiting for a long time.

Very few things in life are that black and white. Spiritual stability is found in the subtleties.

A good indicator of whether you are living close to far from your purpose is to check your emotional compass. Is your life leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction? Are you on your path towards what you deem is important to you?

By following the directions on your emotional compass that makes you feel good, and moving away from the directions don’t agree with you, you start to be selective about the kind of experiences you have. The more selective you can be about the experiences you choose to have, the more you bring your purpose to life.

How to discover your life purpose!:

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