How to find your life purpose

I was working through through some of the anonymous questions submitted by readers for the next Q&A blog post when I came across a question about finding your life purpose.

This is a topic that has come up a lot in my personal life, and I’ve had many conversations about this with loved ones. Recently too! It’s a critical question to many and I felt it deserved a blog post of its own.

I would like to live a fulfilling life, as defined by me. The trouble is…I’m not sure what exactly it is I find fulfilling. I find my ideas on what fulfilling is to be fleeting. How can you know for sure what it is you want to invest your potential in/are supposed to be doing with your life. Thank you

The concept of a “life purpose” carries a lot of needless spiritual weight.

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What is your dharma and why can’t you find it?


From time to time I receive e-mails from readers of this blog. I think that is a beautiful thing and I am humbled that you would share such intimate and beautiful aspects of your life with me. With that, I have noticed that there a couple of questions that resides in the hearts of many people!

One commonly asked question is about love and relationships. Should you stay or should you leave? Is it “spiritually okay” to leave? How do you generate the internal strength to stay and persevere in love?

The other commonly asked question is in regards to your dharma in life and how to discover it. I have gotten e-mails from so many people who are worried that they are talentless and without a calling in life. And that is what I want to talk about today.

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Your Life’s Work: a discourse on Dharma

When I turned 18, I got two tattoos, one on each wrist. Both in Hindi script, one wrist- Karma, and the other- Dharma. It is only now, a few years later, that I am beginning to comprehend the weight of these words.  What were once just spiritual aesthetic words, now hold so much meaning and serve as a reminder of the two guiding principles of my life.

In the last couple of years I have learned some powerful lessons on Karma. And now my lessons in Dharma begin.

Dharma means your sacred duty, inspired action, the work of your life, your blessed talents. Living at the center of your dharma means to live in a way that is aligned with your sacred duty. It is the act of living in alignment with your true calling in life.

Recently, the concept of Dharma has become very important to me. It was something I have not contemplated deeply before, but now I am filled with an inner yearning to plant my feet firmly in the earth of my life, to stand tall and live from the center of my divine order. To live a life saturated in my dharma, my purpose.

My friend Arlene gifted me with an extraordinary book; The Great Work of your life by Stephen Cope. She did not know that questions of my own quest for my dharma had been swimming in my own mind for some time now. The book she gave me helped answer questions and bought clarity to the hazy cloud of dharma that had been hanging low in my thoughts.

I share with you the notes of my research, my findings, my lessons, my spiritual to-do list. If this is a topic that interests you, I would recommend reading the book by Stephen Cope as a good introduction to getting acquainted with your life’s work.

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How to discover your life-purpose: finding a purpose that fits

One of the most frequent questions I get asked during a reading is “What is my life purpose?”

Have you ever thought about it? What am I here to do? Is there a purpose for me at all?

Your life purpose and your day job

Some people believe that because they are not in a job that they enjoy, they are not living their life’s purpose. This may or may not be true, but it is certainly not an absolute.

I don’t believe your day job has to be your life purpose, but rather your life purpose is a cumulative sense of spiritual integrity – a sustained feeling that what you are doing matters, that who you are makes a difference, and that you are living the kind of life you deserve.

Your life job may be your life purpose. But more often than not your day job could serve as a vessel for you achieve your life purpose. Your day job could provide you with all the learning and growth opportunities you need in order to achieve some part of your life purpose.

There are many options. So don’t be disheartened. Your life purpose isn’t to be the “CEO of a company” or a “hairdresser” or a “engineer”. Your life purpose is more related to the impact you make on the world, and on yourself.

Your life purpose doesn’t necessarily scream at you.

If you are waiting for some kind of awe-inspiring, life-changing moment when suddenly what you are here to do just screams at you – you could be waiting for a long time.

Very few things in life are that black and white. Spiritual stability is found in the subtleties.

A good indicator of whether you are living close to far from your purpose is to check your emotional compass. Is your life leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction? Are you on your path towards what you deem is important to you?

By following the directions on your emotional compass that makes you feel good, and moving away from the directions don’t agree with you, you start to be selective about the kind of experiences you have. The more selective you can be about the experiences you choose to have, the more you bring your purpose to life.

How to discover your life purpose!:

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How to leave a legacy

    1. Get clear on your message.

“Don’t ask for what the world needs. Ask for what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

Let me ask you this; how do you want to change the world and how do you want to do it? You may want to create a world-wide revolution, or you may want to make a somewhat smaller change that affects different people in different ways. Neither is right or wrong, or better than the other – whatever it is – the world needs you to live out your purpose to maximum. This is what you are here to do. People are waiting for it.

So, what do you want to be remembered for? My (amazing) business coach, Heather, asked me once about my “brand”. She defined a brand as “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Ask yourself this question. What would they say about you? This is your brand.

And what are you really passionate about? How do you want to change your world? What is important to you? What do you want to be remembered for? When you die, how will the people around you finish this sentence “Oh, she/he was the girl/guy who ________.”

Do you want to empower women? Men? Children? How? Do you want to create a movement to incorporate spiritual living into our day to day lives? Do you want to teach people to do something? Do you want to challenge the way people think? Do you want to spread the beauty of music or art? Do you want to help those dependent on drug habits to find a strength deeper within themselves? Do you want to spread a little love? Do you want to teach people how to use their intuition/their money/ their pain / their relationship with earth and animals.

The list is endless, and there are so many ways to make a difference that will resonate deeply with you. So find yours.

    2. Find ways to start living your message.

This is a crucial step. Find ways to start making your message true for you. You’re in the process of creating your legacy – that is exciting! Let your life be a representation for what you believe in. Keep everything you do, say, feel, think in total alignment for what you believe is true. That’s integrity. And people want integrity. People are attracted to integrity. If you do not hold a high standard of integrity in all that you do, no body will want you. So this is why we are putting this step here. It’s very important.

I mean, how much would you believe in me as an intuitive reader if I never really practiced, gave readings on myself, shared my personal experiences and knowledge, or if I never really did my own work – such as a regular meditation and connection with my own guides? How can you teach something you never took the time to really learn and apply? How can you empower people if you have yet to empower yourself? You can’t just talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk too.

So find your walk, wear your best heels (or an equivalent male counterpart shoe. Sorry guys 🙁 ) and walk that walk! Everyone’s waiting!

    3. Be the best at what you do.

“If you’re good at what you do, people will look for you. So, be good at what you do

Whatever you have chosen to do, make sure you are the best at it. Make people look for you. If you are interested in doing readings, make your readings so unspeakably, jaw-droopingly amazing that people specifically look for YOU and want a reading with YOU. There are many of psychics in the sea, but you’re different. Make it so that people would rather wait a few weeks to get  a reading with YOU rather than get a reading with any ol’ Miss Cleo. I use ‘Psychics’ as an example because it is my own personal experience, but of course it can be applied to anything and everything you do. If you are a doctor, be the best doctor in the world. It might seem hard, but find a way. If you’re an energy worker, be the best energy worker. If you’re a teacher, be the best teacher.

Make people look for you.

Things to avoid:

Never be concerned about how many people look for you, find you, want you, need you or how many clients/followers/fans you believe you should have.

As my guide, Miss Prescot tells me many times – this is not my concern. This is up to the universe to send me the people who are aligned with my intentions and frequency.  My job is to my make my intentions aligned with excellence and my frequency breathtakingly high. All you should be concerned is your content, your message, your legacy and whether or not you are the kick-ass-king/queen of it.

Never try to change people.

It is because of this that I don’t approach random people on the street, and people who are not yet ready for an experience of a reading, and say “Hey, please come and get a reading with me. I’m really wicked-cool!!”

Generally, people know what people want. If they want you, they will find you. People can be very self-determined, and that’s great. If they want something, and I mean, really want it, nothing will stop them from seeking it out. It’s your job to attract those who are ready to seek you out.

Also, by taking a more “they’ll come to me when they’re ready” approach, you send some amazing “I’m confident in what I do” vibes out to the universe, that will eventually draw in more wonderful people, things, situations, and events towards you. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t try to fix people. They are unfixable and they like it. If they wanted to be fixed, they would come to you and say “please help me!!” or something along those lines. Your purpose is not to change someone’s opinion. What a futile task! You’ll be working very hard, for a very long time, thinking that maybe you’ve changed how one person thinks, and BAM, as soon as you leave the room they will go back to doing what they believe is right.  This is who we are. So instead, work with the people who want to change, who want to see things in a different perspective, and not only will your job be easier (and not impossible), but you’ll have a lot more fun knowing that the people who are in your life are there because they want to be.

Never stop believing in yourself.

As soon as you stop believing in what you do, who you are, and your product  – that’s it – game over. No one wants to use someone else’s trash.

So always believe in yourself, and your amazing gifts, and all that you have to offer, because you are special and perfect and whole and complete and there is so much that you can teach us.

And we’re all waiting for you.

*Note: I made an edit to the post “Soulmates, twin-flames and “the –one””.  Just a little something that I feel really helps string everything together:

Soulmates are a soul-connection


Twin-flames are a heart connection.



How to make your life purpose your monday-friday day job.

Isn’t this what we all want? To get paid for something that makes our heart sing, that allows us the freedom to feel totally and divinely connected, to help people, to be creative in your own special way, to talk about things you love to talk about every single day with like minded people, to be doing something completely spiritually fulfilling every day of your life. Hmmm sure sounds dreamy!

Well let me tell you, that is far from a dream, and in fact this is something I am blessed to be doing in my life (student by day, psychic diva by night!) and in this post I’m going to tell you how you can do it too. Another problem that we face, is that sometimes we are able to have “our dream job” but we are unsure if it can truly sustain us in the material world that we live in.

Many of you wonderful folks I have had the honor to meet and get spiritually acquainted to during our readings together have taught me some invaluable things about life and living it. Many people feel stuck in a limiting job. In a job that is toxic, empty, unfulfilling, exhausting, boring. They spend around 65% of their waking life in an environment where they are constantly underappreciated. Many of us feel like there is something out there that is more empowering, more liberating, more aligned with their divine life purpose, and their crummy ol’ “job” is the one obstacle that stands in the way of spiritual fulfillment.

So let me give you the low down of what it takes to figure out what your life purpose is how to incorporate that into your day job.

What kind of purposes does The Life Purpose Store sell and how can I get my hands on a good one?

We are all here for a growth experience. We can safely say that form the moment you are born to the moment you die, some kind of growth has happened (both emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In my case – perhaps not so much of the physical growth – If any of you have met me in person and know of how tiny I am! haha!). Every human’s purpose on this earth to experience themselves and into some way evolve. That’s a pretty broad spectrum, which is why we can break it down further. Through my experiences in readings people are here to either have a private growth experience (they evolve in their own way, learn their own lessons in their own time, and reach a higher level of consciousness) or they have, I guess you could call – a public growth experience (where they not only have their own growth experience but their growth experience inspires and causes many others to grow too.)

Now this does not mean that someone who has had has a “private growth experience” purpose cannot and will not inspire many people in their lives. We have free will, and if this is something they choose to do, they absolutely can. It simply means that it is more likely that their own private growth experience has more of an impact on their soul, than their duty to their followers. This works vise versa too. Someone with a public growth experience absolutely must have their own private growth experience too. But the one that is more impactful to the inner core of your being is usually the one that your true life purpose is aligned with.

You know, your life’s purpose is not “to be an accountant”, or “schedule meetings for your boss”, or to “mow lawns.”

Now this doesn’t mean that perhaps being an accountant, or scheduling meetings, or mowing lawns will not help you achieve your purpose. It just means that that isn’t all the spiritual fulfillment that awaits you on your path. We are creatures of identification. We seek to identify ourselves in our jobs, family, dysfunctional relationships. We look for things to define us. We think that being a secretary, or a doctor, or a cashier at a grocery store, or a NASA scientist defines our spiritual being. Nuh uh.

So the first step you need to take to start working the job of your dreams is to let go of definitions. You are not your job. Accept where you are and what you are doing and all the great work you have done. You may be an accountant. But you are not just an accountant. As soon as you realize this, your life will change.

What turns you on? Spiritually speaking, of course.

What do you wish you could do more of in your day? Less organizing? More organizing? More contact with people? Helping people? Inventing stuff? Creating music? Creating art? Speaking to large groups of people. Are you creation based? Or connection based? Or both? Do you want to travel? Explore? Learn? Study? Feel peaceful? Feel energetic? Do you want to manage something? Be a boss? What kind of people do you want to work with? Happy people, sad people (hopefully to make them happier!), children, women, men, business people?  Answer these questions, figure yourself out, because this is the first step to figuring out what your life purpose is.

What is your message? We all have a message. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s been “done before”, because guess what, everything is recycled and familiar. We are one. We are experiencing eachother. Everything already exists. So, that being said, what is your message? What do you want the world to know? What do you want your tombstone to read? What kind of legacy will you leave behind? How do you want the world to remember you?

These are big questions, but these are the kind of questions you need to be able to answer to get closer to understanding and living your life purpose.

First of all, realize that you don’t need to quit your job to live your purpose.

In fact, sometimes your current job is the perfect setting for you to live your purpose. Begin at home. If you feel as though your purpose is to “help people”, well, who can you help at your current job? It could be your biggest and greatest challange to “help the people” at your current job. Begin here. This way, the universe sees what you are doing and thinks “Hmm, they sure know what they are doing down there. Time to move em’ along to a bigger opportunity.”  Sometimes your current job serves as your biggest teacher. If you feel stuck, like you are so ready to move on, but it just ain’t happening, ask yourself if there is something more you can learn. Usually, there is.

Remember that your day job is simply a vessel for you to experience one small aspect (Sometimes bigger) of your life purpose. It doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Realize that if you are frustrated in your work place it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s because you are not connected to your spiritual life purpose. It just means that, yes you have a life purpose, no it may not necessarily take place in your work place, but yes there are some very important lessons for you to learn here, and yes you can still experience your life purpose outside of work and it’s still going to rock.

STEP ONE: Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day working on your life purpose.

Start with baby steps. It’s rare in readings that I will meet an unhappy employee, and their guides will say “quit your job. figure out a way live your life purpose, and make sure it is sustaining.” That’s hard. That’s learning to run before learning to crawl. It is possible for you to make a transition, if you really feel that is what you want to do, but always start small and build a strong and sturdy foundation.

Try this: Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day working on your “dream job”.

It could be anything from spending 15 minutes a day writing your soon-to-be-best-selling book. Or writing a blog and building your online presence. It could be brainstorming ideas for your future business. It could be singing, playing the piano, painting, dancing, learning a new language, meditating. It could be studying, taking a course, life-coaching, practicing your intuition, researching and planning the business plan for the restaurant/store you want to open.

Whatever it may be, let those 15 minutes become your world.

My point is, one day, those 15 minutes are going to grow. It’s going to grow into a half hour, an hour, to 5 hours, to part time, to full time.

Remember that your “job” is just a vehicle…

And like any vehicle, it can be changed, sold, bought, pimped up. You are in the drivers seat and you make your life happen. So my advice to you is, maybe you don’t have to just quit your job this very second (unless you feel completely compelled too. Then go ahead. I’ve had a few cases of this too. It happens.), instead invest a little bit more time thinking about what it is that you actually DO want to do. Then spend 15 minutes a day doing that. Pretty soon you will generate enough energy and momentum that those 15 minutes will become your life.

Remember, your job is just a place for you to learn specific lessons, like all aspects of our life. It is not here to limit you, or restrain you, or make your life hell. All it is there to do is to teach you. So learn your lessons and move on.

So you’re waiting for the chance to do something that sets your soul on fire? Start now. Create something amazing.