How do you sleep at night?


The last month or so has been a flurry of traveling, trying to overcome jetlag and the flu, and I have been sleeping much more than I usually do. We got back to Ontario late last night, after a magical long weekend in BC with my family, and I am so glad both my husbands and my ailments have healed and I can go back to embracing LIFE and not spending the majority of the day in bed.

I have some thoughts on sleeping to share with you.


My adorable brother.

Which comes first? Rising early or getting enough sleep?

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A journey to good health: Adventure & Do Good


Image by Cotopaxi

Hey friends!

I have some thoughts of a few things that have helped me get onto the path towards good health.

Live Health

To be healthy means to thrive in all aspects of living; your energies your body, your mind, your soul. When all these aspects of your life are aligned and functioning to it’s maximum potential – that is living. That is health.

Adventure On

I believe in adventure. I believe that adventure is the only way for me to to really know the world, and to know life. It’s about immersing myself and exploring the earth, to live and love with different communities, to thrive in various environments, to melt into different aspects of life that would never have been known to me from my home in the suburbs.

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