Deeper Connection


While studying for my exams, it took every ounce of strength to NOT write a blog post. I was so inspired with different ideas to share with you. Now that I’m free, I have “writers block.” Really, brain? Seriously? Is this how you are going to be?

Nevertheless, I am powering through, inspired by conversations I had yesterday.

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An adventure in Sintra, Portugal – In photographs (Part three)


This is the last post in the series of photographs from Kat and I’s adventures in Portugal (with a few selfies sprinkled in there too). Thank you for letting me share all of these with you. I hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful country if you haven’t already.

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October: The Networking Habit

This October we will make a new friend every single day.

This month we are going to make a new connection every day. We are going to be people-focused. We are going to be focused on sharing our energy with other people and attracting meaningful connections.

This could be Starbucks Barista who makes your coffee every day but that you never talk to.

It could be the grocery store cashier, a person in your class/workplace,  a professor, your child’s teacher, someone you always see on your route to work etc. The list goes on and on.

There are so many interesting people around us every day, with their own expertise and experiences. Everybody has something to offer the world, and it’s our job to be open to it. Networking is important for your business, your heart, and your soul. It makes you start thinking about what you can do for other people, rather than what other people can do for you.

Sometimes we tend to walk through life with our head down, busy, and bustling through life. We are even hesitant to maintain eye contact.

This month’s about breaking down barriers; personal barriers that we put around us and other people.  We’re breaking down the part of ourselves that is afraid of people. The part of us that puts up walls around our heart. The part of us that only makes connections for the purpose of benefiting something we need. The part of us that is afraid of rejection. You can’t reject a genuine smile.

Next month we will focus on nurturing some of these connections – and thinking more about what we can do for other people. But this month all we need to think about is becoming more open.

Here are the rules of this challenge:

The Networking Habit

1. You must talk to a new person every day.

2. You must ask them their name (and remember it!)

3. You must address them by their name every time you see them.

4. You must give genuine compliments.

5. You must find out what they are about – what are they into? What is meaningful to them?

Tip: You could find out 3 facts about each person.

6. You must make your initial conversations focused on them.

This month’s challenge isn’t about reciting your life story to 30 different people 😉

7. You must be curious about their life and their story!

8. If you can think of something you can do to make their life just a little bit easier, you must do it.

 *More about # 8 next month*

The first time you decide to implement this habit with somebody, you could ask them their name and about who they are. The next time you see them, you could ask them how they are, how their day has been. It’s all pretty intuitively obvious, but we’re just kind of scared of doing it.

I’m not saying you have to be best friends with everybody. 30 new best friend relationships to maintain in a month? I don’t think that is physically possible! All you have to do this month is be open and make connections.

That’s it.

It’s pretty simple.

Have fun!

10 ways to improve your life today

1. Overcome a fear. Nothing sets a standard of success quite like doing something you never thought you could do.

2. Create an exercise schedule. Get that beautiful body of yours moving. Join a dance class, yoga class, pole dancing class, a circuit training group, or the gym. Start going on morning runs. Create a tailor made exercise schedule that gets you excited and paves the path to the body of your dreams.

 3. Cultivate new, richer and deeper relationships: Make new friends. Make it your intention to try to meet as many new people as possible. It might feel a little “ugh!” at first, but after you get in the rhythm of it, it will become a part of your day, lifestyle, character – that you really enjoy look forward to! I try to sit next to people I don’t know in my lectures so that I can get to know who they are and make new friends. And I’m not talking about making a bunch of meaningless acquaintances (your life is busy enough already), but I mean really getting to know a person – who they are, what they do, what they want, what makes their heart beat faster. When you start connecting with all individuals on this level, you seem to generate a bottomless supply of love and compassion to share with all those you come into contact with.

4. Set goals for yourself. Don’t tell me you’ve already set goals for yourself at the start of the year. Goals MUST be reviewed or else they become non-existent. Did you know that a goal that has not been thought about/reviewed in over 3 days, is equivalent to have never having set that goal? That’s crazy! Have a very short compact list of your short term goals with you to review every single night (Should take about 20 seconds out of your night), and spend a little bit more time for a bigger long term and short term goal review every week (Should take about 2 minutes).

5. Spend less time on the internet. Spend less time doing the things that take away a lot of your time and energy without you realizing it.

 6. Wake up earlier than you usually do. I recommend 5:00am. Make more time for yourself.

7. Implement a new habit. Meditation, yoga, clean-as-you-go, prioritization etc. What would you pick? (See: for more ideas!)

8. Write a letter to your future self. This activity is one that has been a totally awakening experience for me. I write a letter to myself every new year/birthday. I also really take the time to meditate on and with my future self to find out who that awesome lady is and what changes I have to make to become her with the most ease and grace.

9. Redecorate/recreate your spiritual space. Feng-shui up your crib. Change things around. Switch things up. Keep it exciting. The shift in physical energy will result in a tremendous breath of breath air through your life.

10. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you find a time that suits you. This is not so that you can get more sleep, but so that you have the opportunity to do so if you wish. The main reason behind going to bed 15 minutes earlier is that you can begin to create more time to wind down, and get some more “me-time” going on in your day. Take this time to relax, meditate, journal, paint your nails, eat a snack, be in silence, practice some yoga, do a quick clean, or simply just “Quieten” down your busy household. If you have a family, you could make this into a fun game or challenge, where everyone has to try their very hardest to make the deadline of 9:45pm (or whatever time you guys decide), and from 9:45 time it is strictly RELAX time. Avoid being on the phone/on the internet/watching TV after this time, to really give your mind a chance to quieten down. (I really struggle with this one…!)