A simple 30 day mindfulness challenge to cultivate consciousness & joy

Why do you meditate? For me, the goal has always been transformation. To transform myself and my life.

I have always had a sense that my spirituality shouldn’t live and die in my 30 minute morning meditation practice. It should be something that overflows into my entire day. My morning meditation is simply a tool to help switch me “on” for the day. Like brushing my teeth.

When a light turns on in a part of our life, we must do our best to protect and nurture that flame, to keep it burning brightly. These little fires are so delicate and so easily extinguished by the daily hum-drum and stresses of our day to day life. It may be part of our life’s work to keep them going.

In this blog post I would like to offer to you a practice that I have implemented over the last few months that has helped keep my light on, and have over time, ignited even more little fires within me. You can consider this somewhat of a spirituality challenge – try it for 30 days, and see what happens.

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The anatomy of our lightbody: Prana

What is Prana?

The word Prana is sanskrit for “Vital life energy”. It is the energy of life that flows through us. The cells and tissues in our body are controlled by the nervous system. If our nervous system gives of a command by way of electrical impulses, our gross body will respond to it. Our nervous system is in turn, influenced by form of light energy called Prana. Our prana interacts with our consciousness by a process called Pranamaya.

When does Prana appear?

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