What to do when you are tired of your own drama


I try to see life is just a sequence of a different situations and environments that we have to work our way through, from the day we are born to the day we die. Life never stagnates, it is constantly changing from one thing to another.

Sometimes we know how to handle a situation we are presented with, but most of the time, we don’t, and there is a steep learning curve. And when we are given a situation that we don’t know how to handle, we believe we are going through a a rough patch, a crisis in our life. But isn’t that what living is; changing, learning, growth?

When we were a baby, we didn’t know how to walk, but we learned. We crawled. We held onto the couch for dear life. We took our first stumbling steps. We defied gravity. We fell. Oh boy, we fell a lot. We fell into our parents arms, but we also fell on carpet, and concrete. We grazed our knees and bumped our head. We cried when it hurt, and laughed when it stopped, when we were reminded how wonderful and surprising life is.

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