We’re going to LA (Day 0)!

We are packed and ready to go on vacation! This is day0. Today we are driving to Bellingham where we will stay the night and then fly to LA in the morning. When I was younger, I used to call it “Lost Angeles” and “Last Vegas”.

Yesterday I went to the kids house to play and Ishaan kept calling himself “Alligator Ishaan” and then he said “My name is Alligator Ishaan. And this is how you spell it: P O S T”

What a cutie pie! He knows some letters now but the concept of spelling is a little bit beyond him. He also says that he thinks his mom is “handsome”. Not pretty. Handsome. He puts his arm around her and says “Mommy, you are handsome. We are a boy.” I would love to crawl into child’s mind to see how they perceive the people closest to them. When it was time for me to leave he said “Machi, can I have you for a sleepover?”

I remember the first time that he fell asleep in my arms. I met him when he was 2 weeks old.

Now I know Devaki is reading this and is going to make a prompt complaint that I didn’t mention her and I love Ishaan more than I love her which is not true. So don’t even go there sista.

The kids occupied themselves with the iPad on the deck.


Pretty Devaki relaxing in her pretty dress.

How could I forget? My new pedicure!

It is a windy day in Kamloops today. I can’t wait to escape to the SUN.

I asked Devaki to take a picture of me and April, and she clicked like a million times. This is me marching over to kick her butt.

Well, I got closer but she certainly wasn’t very phased by it.
Someone I am going to miss a lot!

Have a great week!

See you at the end of it.

malavikakaka xo


    1. She’s my mom’s best friend’s daughter! We’re very good friends. She calls me her J-mom, which is code for “junior mom” 😀

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