Soulmates, twin-flames and The One.

In some way or an another, the state(s) of our relationships (or lack thereof) always finds a way into probably one of our most talked about topics, and most thought about thoughts.
Why are we single? Why did we become single? Why are we in our current relationship? It’s amazing – I don’t deserve it. It sucks – what did I do to deserve this? Is my partner my soulmate? Is my partner “The one”? What if they are not the one?How does it feel when you meet “the one”?  Why is our relationship so dysfunctional? Should I stay or should I go? If I knew my partner was my soulmate/twin flame/the one, would it make all this dysfunction go away? What about that relationship I was once in, was supposed to be in, should probably be in right now? Will we ever meet again? What if he was my soulmate? Why can’t I be with my soulmate? Why am I with some dude who is not my soulmate? Universe, what is wrong with you?!
This is just a fraction of the clutter we harbor in our hearts when it comes to our rational towards our relationships. In fact, sometimes I get asked a whole array of these questions in a reading too. I don’t blame you – I would ask them too 😉 Spiritually speaking, relationships are incredibly important things to our spiritual growth so it makes sense to explore them. As I have mentioned many times before, a relationship can speak wonders for the dysfunction in you, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul.
Your partner is your greatest teacher.
Your relationship is a mirror.
And you are the superfox looking into the mirror.
You are not the mirror, and you are not the reflection.
Your partner is the dude who is holding the mirror up to your face.

As an intuitive reader, I get many, many, many questions related to relationships. It seems everybody is thinkin’ about it, worryin’ about it and talkin’ about it. Oh, and everyone wants to know about their “soulmate”, so without further ado, let’s begin with some definitions.
In our lives we encounter some pretty special people in our lives. Some that awaken in us an unspeakable familiarity, some that we feel are the missing piece in our “puzzle” – they just seem to fit and some that truly rock our world. These special people are all here for a reason, but sometimes we have a misguided expectation of what their true purpose in our life is.


Your soulmate is someone who has incarnated with you in many – if not all – of your lives. Your soulmate loves you very much. 

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