The Rockstar’s way of coping with stress

♥ My beautiful roses ♥


♥ Choose to think positive thoughts.

♥ Avoid the rush: wake up 15 minutes earlier.

♥ Learn how to say “No” to other people’s demands on your time and energy.

♥ Prepare for the morning the night before.

♥ Get enough sleep.

♥ Write down your to-do lists and plans – Don’t rely on your memory to keep track of what you need to do.

♥ Set priorities in your life. What is important to you?

♥ Avoid spending time around negative people.

♥ Play.

♥ Take power naps.

♥ Give more kisses and cuddles.

♥ Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself.

♥ Buy a whole new outfit.

♥ Take account of all the things that you have achieved in your life.

♥ Dance.

♥ Remember that you always have options.

♥ De clutter your home.

♥ Rearrange your furniture.

♥ Find a mantra for yourself and your life.

♥ Become a better listener.

♥ Exercise a little bit every day.

♥ Take a different route to work.

♥ Go on a bike ride.

♥ Go roller blading by the ocean.

♥ Take more photographs. Get your photographs printed and put them in an album.

♥ Do things today.

♥ Strive for excellence – not perfection.

♥ Always have a plan B.

♥ Practice breathing slowly and consciously.

♥ Meditate.

♥ Set aside time to read for fun.

♥ Subscribe to a magazine that you can look forward to receiving every month.

♥ Look at something beautiful for a long time (like a piece of art, or beautiful scenery)

♥ Go for long walks.

♥ Spend time alone (and be okay with it).

♥ Believe in you.

♥ Take a bubble bath.

♥ Ask yourself “What can I do now to feel better about my life?” and do it.

♥ Start a blog as your creative outlet.

♥ Do brand new things.

♥ Quit a bad habit.

♥ Change your look – get a hair cut.

♥ Break down large tasks into smaller chunks.

♥ Maintain your weight.

♥ Practice gardening.

♥ Stretch.

♥ Learn to meet your own needs.

♥ Keep a journal.

♥ Keep a gratitude journal.

♥ Pick fresh flowers and bring them home.

♥ Do what you need to do.


Because I think we can all live a little easier.

If you try to live your life as though everything is an experience; then everything that happens to you is beautiful.

“Some people feel the rain, other people just get wet.”

-Bob Marley


Good luck with exam season, people! 🙂

Don’t study too hard.

How to feel better.

Because we all have those days. When all you want to do is feel better. About yourself. About your relationships. About your love. About your life. About your world. About your priorities. About somebody elses priorities. About your reality. About your truth.

Bring your attention to your body.

Let’s start outwards and work our way in. Bring all your attention to your body. This is step one in the grounding process, because when we are upset and scattered, we are ungrounded.

So get connected with your body again. How does it feel?  What hurts? Where are you holding tension? What doesn’t feel right and balanced.

Just experience it. You don’t have to do anything about it.

Bring your attention to your feelings

How are you feeling? Take the next minute to literally name your feelings.

Sad. Frustrated. Lonely. Bored. Scared. Nervous. Heavy. Stressed. Disappointed. Let down. Heartbroken.

Now take the time to express your feelings.

In a safe and appropriate way. Even at this stage, we are not “fixing” the problem. We are just done with resisting the problem. We are accepting these feelings. We are going to do what we can with these feelings. We are going to express them.

Cry if you need to.

Scream into a pillow you need to.

Think about it for a while if you need to.

Complain about it to yourself if you need to.


Now you can release these feelings.

And it will be easy because you have not resisted them.They have lived their purpose. They served as a universal indicator of something that is out of balance in your world. You don’t have to be sad. You just had to listen.

At this stage, you can simply call your guides and angels and hand over whatever is troubling you to them.


What can I do now?

Now ask yourself, what can I do right now that will help bring me to peace in this situation?

Maybe you can make a phone call. Maybe you could explain how you feel in a loving and non-overly emotional and non-blaming way. Maybe you could go to sleep. Maybe you could get organized. Maybe you could start doing some work. Maybe you could talk to somebody. Maybe you could let something go. Maybe you could take more time for yourself. Maybe you could put yourself first. Maybe you could just relax.


Take action now.

And whatever it is that you decide that you can do right now – do it. Make your peace a priority in your life and take the steps you need to take to make this your truth and thus your reality.



Feel better soon 🙂 We all can.