How to use the Law of Attraction – a daily meditation/visualization practice for you

Following on from my last blog post (apologies for the clickbaity build up – but if I had put everything in one post it would have been much too long!), today I’d like to share with you how I personally implement The Secret/ Law of Attraction in my life. I’ll also share with you the specific steps to a meditation/visualization that I do that helps me engage in the creation process of life.

Firstly, here are some small tweaks I have now made in how I practice the law of attraction now: 

Aim for clarity over positivity

The premise of “The Secret” focuses a great deal on positive thinking.

Personally, I cannot tell myself everything is great when everything is unquestionably crap. I just can’t do it and I don’t want to do it. It feels disingenuous.

Instead of focusing on creating positivity, I focus on creating some kind of clarity. The gift of a crappy situation is that it throws light on what you want, what you prefer. Look at that instead, and be clear about that.  

Negativity happens when you stay in the “I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want.” It’s fine to acknowledge that. It’s fine to take a minute to acknowledge that. For me, genuine positivity lies in being able to say “Right now it is X, and I do not want X, I want Z. And this is what Z will look like in my life.”

Policing your thoughts is an exhausting and futile act.

It is an incredibly laborious task to change yourself by deconstructing and changing your thoughts one at a time. Our thoughts are generally produced faster than we can keep up, and our thoughts are an accumulation of everything we have experienced in our past. Working through that one at time, picking apart each thought we believe does not serve what we are attempting to manifest and telling yourself “No, I can’t think that anymore – I have to think this instead.” is not worth it. Even if I do go through the painstaking process of doing that, I doubt I would be convinced anyway. Thoughts and feelings are sticky and viscous. They take the longest to change.

What changes quickest – is action. 

There is a lot of focus in the secret to feel as though it was true. I don’t dispute this. Feeling as though it is true, gets you in vibrational harmony with the thing you are trying to manifest. BUT, I personally find this very difficult to do. If you’ve never had the emotional experience of having a certain thing or reaching a certain goal – how do you recreate that emotional experience exactly? I guess you could imagine what it might be like but I’ve always been clear that in this process of self discovery, I want to strengthen my vision, not my imagination.

So, instead, focus on what you can change, and what changes the fastest too, your actions. Over time, your feelings will change, over time your state of mind will change, over time you being will change.


This is the meditation/visualization process I use now, when I wish to implement the law of attraction in my life.

Step one: DECIDE

First, you need to get clear of your vision . You need to decide what it is you are about to create. This involves three parts;

  1. Come up with a short, simple statement using very concise words.
  2. Decide on an image that you can hold in your mind – that embodies what your creation manifested would look like. Make it a real, moving image – almost like a snap shot of life with your manifestation. Take a moment to briefly design that image.
  3. Now ask yourself – what would a person who has achieved this manifestation be like? What would they do? How would they spend their time? How would they feel. Contemplate this in as much detail as you can. See yourself like this – and with everything you come up with, try to hold a vision of yourself with those qualities.

Step two: CREATE

It was important to me the make the distinction between asking and creating. We are not asking anybody for anything. We are creating. We are getting in the driver’s seat. We are becoming part of this powerful creation process.

This is best to do when you are in a certain meditative state. So once you have gotten clear on what it is you are about to create – know that you are about to engage in a process that is extremely powerful. 

The meditation

Meditation: Now it is time to begin the creation process. Begin with a meditation. Spend 10 minutes in meditation.

Statement: At the end of the 10 minutes, keeping your eyes closed – say your statement. This can be done out loud or silently – whichever voice is stronger for you. For those who have been meditators for a long time, you may find that your inner voice is stronger than your physical voice.

Image: Then, bring the image you had decided, to your mind. Let it play out.

Feeling: And the most important step – infuse that image as it plays in your mind, with a feeling. Use the most intense feeling you have – that might be the feeling of having the object of your desire, or a feeling of love, or intense focus. Take whatever feeling you have to the highest level you possibly can.

Stillness & fullness: Sit in this state for about a minute or two – with the image playing in your mind, overflowing with the emotion that it brings.

Gratitude & release: As you slowly come out of your meditative state, allow a deep sense of gratitude to fill you.

Open your eyes.

You can do this practice once a day every day.

And then what?

Spend the rest of your day, and the rest of your time, in inspired action. Start doing some of the things you had outlined for yourself in part 3 of step 1. Action brings you into alignment with your vision. If you want to manifest a life where you worth 10 million dollars, you have to bring 10 million dollars worth of VALUE to life. Focus on the value.

How do I use the LOA in my life now?

I use the LOA very differently in my life now than I did 12 years ago when I first discovered it. I tend not to use it on frivolous things like cups of coffee, or a particular parking spot (though that is fun too!) anymore. I use it selectively, but intensely and consciously and with great respect. I generally “create” one bigger thing at a time, but most of the time, I do not. I like to let life happen and go with the flow. I find being completely present and conscious of myself in this moment to be a much more full-filling and meaningful spiritual practice for me. I also feel deeply that what I am yearning for is not something that is found in the material and physical world, so I rather not get tangled up in a long list of “things I want.”

That being said, I have found it a useful and valuable skill in knowing how to bring “things” I do want to life, from time to time.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little deeper about my experience with the LOA. If you get a chance to try this meditation/visualization practice – do let me know how it goes for you, I would love to know!

All my love,


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  1. Thanks for sharing how you use LOA, Malavika. I also struggle with being positive all the time (and I believe that it doesn’t help us to suppress “negative” emotions), and “acting as if”. I’ll try out your process and see how it goes. 🙂


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