Love loans: where to go when the love runs out


Love loans

You are given a certain amount of happiness to enjoy with your partner. Kind of like a loan. To pay it back your loan, you must bring happiness to your partner and to people around you, and not only enjoy it for yourself.

When your love loan runs out

So you come home with your love loan from the universe, and you can decide how you want to spend it. You could spend a little bit every day and stretch it out for two weeks, or you could have a really awesome weekend and use it all up in three days. It doesn’t really matter. Suppose you choose the weekend option. You have a great weekend with your boyfriend and spend all your love. Now your resources are running very low. Suddenly loving seems like a hard thing to do. You fight, pick on the small things, have a big blow out. You can’t understand why this is happening, it doesn’t make sense- you just spent a happy weekend together – but it’s obvious, you just used all the love you were given. You realize that you need to make another withdrawal.

How to make another withdrawal

In order to make a trip to the bank to withdraw your love, you need to distance yourself from your relationship with love. Only a woman can do this. This is because only the woman has the power to deepen the relationship, and only the man has the power to move the relationship forward. There are rules on how a woman can lovingly distance herself from the relationship that must be followed. If these rules are not followed then she puts her entire relationship at risk. I plan on writing a blog post in the future about this topic, but to be brief, when a woman distances herself from the relationship, she must continue to fulfill her duties to her man, and she must also continue to create love between them (and not try to “punish” him).

When it is hard to love

When it becomes difficult to love you need to go outside sources for this love. Where else are you supposed to start feeling loving? Do you plan on waiting for your partner to do something that will inspire these loving feelings in yourself? Because you will be waiting a really long time!

You need to sit down, in meditation, and you need to ask the universe for more love. You need to ask for the ability to love. And then you need to wait and notice and slowly, you will begin to fill up.

When you don’t receive your love loan

There will be times when you feel like you are unable to fill up with this love. This means one of three things:

“Before you receive this love, you need to pay off your last one”

As I mentioned before, in order to pay off your love loan, you need to bring your partner (and other people) happiness, and not simply just enjoy it for yourself – as it is often very easy to do with a love loan. Once you get a big withdrawal of love, you don’t have to do any work, you can just sit back and enjoy the passive loving feelings. When you can continue to work for the love but also enjoy your loan – you start to keep on top of your repayments. So if you don’t receive the love you are asking for, ask yourself – have I been selfish? Am I doing any work to bring my partner happiness?

If not, do these things! What makes him happy? You should know this by now. Do them. For a while, think about how to make your partner feel loved and inspired.

“Before you can receive this love, you need to burn your karma”

Bursts of Karma also influence happiness in your relationship to a great extent too. It can just be a “difficult time” that you need to work through your karma, in order to experience the peace afterwards.

Karma can come up as a deep inner discomfort, and yet a yearning to move forward – a yearning for it to all be over. There might not even be in any clear indicators in your life to warrant this inner troubling, which just makes it all the more confusing. It just means your consciousness just needs to work on something, so give it some time.

When you experience Karma for yourself, you partner can also be affected because he is the closest person to you. And if you experience a shared family karma together, it is equally as difficult because family karma is the heaviest karma to work through.

The best thing to do is you suspect this is your case, is to continue to complete your dharma, your duties, completely and fully. Keep doing what you need to do, and try to do them well.

Understand that your consciousness is taking a karmic test right now in order to make a shift. Understand that you are going through a test that was perfectly tailored for you due to your past actions and intentions.

“Before you can receive this love, you need to wait for the planets to align”

Astrological influences also impact your family happiness. Based on the composition of your own astrological chart, different planets can have different impacts on your fate – for example – Jupiter’s transit may effect you tremendously, whereas Mercury can pass without much notice. Also, every planet has both positive and negative influences, so you can feel their impact in either a positive or negative way.

Sometimes when going through a particularly strong astrological movement, a couple – not understanding what is happening, can decide to separate, only to find, months later, when this period has passed, that they can’t find even one good reason for their separation.

During these influences you need to try to stay calm and grounded and build your tolerance and patience.





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