How to develop your psychic powers

So you want to develop your intuition?

If you are searching for how you can develop your intuition, you are going to find a lot of ambiguous sources that cannot tell you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to build your intuition. You kind of get the idea – you need to meditate or something. But WHY. And HOW. And WHAT skills do you actually have to develop to build your intuition? Somehow you need to start using that 6th sense of yours, but how do you even do that? That’s what I hope to answer today.

Because it goes deeper than just “meditation”. You could meditate all you want but if the following 6 things are not happening simultaneously behind the scenes – you will not be able to access your intuition – or at the very least, you could have some unpleasant experiences with it.

1. Purify your consciousness

If you want to develop your intuitive abilities, your first priority, your first step, should be to purify your consciousness. In short, this means removing bad character traits within yourself (pride, anger, egoism, jealousy, envy, greed, deceitfulness, negativity etc) and also cultivating goodness within you (such as love, forgiveness, kindness, humility, optimism, charity, honesty).

You have to look at yourself and begin to remove all negativity from your life. This means you must also start acknowledging and working through your bad karma while also fulfilling your dharma perfectly. You should spend time with people who uplift you and who inspire you spiritually. You should get into the habit of wishing other people happiness. You should also take a look at the kind of things you are putting into your body, because what enters your body interacts with your prana, which interacts with your consciousness. These are all components of purifying your consciousness.

However Purifying your consciousness is much grander and bigger than that – and would warrant a blog post, or a blog-post series of it’s own.

It is very important to do this step first, before you even attempt to access your intuitive abilities. It is important because if you do not first purify your consciousness, you are not a pure and clean medium for universal messages to come through. They will be tainted by ego and  negativity. You can attract mean spirits or negative energy to you. You won’t be able to be sure that the energies you are connecting to are the highest and purest.

When you hear of people who have had negative experiences in this area, I would imagine it is because they didn’t first purify their consciousness.

Note: Becoming pure is not something that is going to happen over night. In fact, it is unlikely we will even achieve this in this lifetime. What is important is that we are well on our path of becoming pure, before we attempt to work with psychic energy. This is very important.

2. Find a spiritual guru:

You must also take the time to find your spiritual guru. The journey is easier when you have someone guiding you, who has already found the way. As the saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, so get ready! Become a good student. Develop the attributes of a good student. When looking for your teacher make sure to look for:

Someone who is practicing what they preach.

Someone who has already achieved the powers that you are trying to access.

Someone who is humble.

Be careful not to fall for self-proclaimed guru’s and saint’s who are driven by their ego. Be careful not to fall for celebrities (some well known spiritual gurus do develop quite a following, however their humility protects them and keeps them away from celebrity stardom). Don’t fall for spiritual guru’s who will charge you for their exclusive teachings. This is a money scheme. True spiritual teachers will give information for free. Of course they do also need to make a living so they will find a way to balance their lifestyles through the sale of their books or workshops and they are sharing valuable knowledge – we should support that. We should support the things that are increasing our consciousness. If you look at Dr. Torsunov’s website, you can see that he has so much valuable information all for free – and that is just the english version! Finally don’t fall for a spiritual guru who makes you spend your own money on their expenses, who makes you do strange things that you are uncomfortable with, who leads you to believe that you are cursed but that they possess the magical ability to heal you. But I know you guys know that already, you’re not silly!

Also, don’t fall for a spiritual guru who makes decisions for you in your life. A true spiritual leader will only impart their wisdom, and not make any decisions for you.

So once you do find this person, you need to do what you can do to help them. You must do your duties to your guru. You must be of service to them. A true spiritual guru will never ask this of you, but this is what you should do none the less. In exchange for your support in them, they will share their wisdom with you. I think it’s a pretty good deal!

3. Cultivating the ability to see the past, present and future.

To see the past:

To be able to see the past means the psychic ability of being able to see and understand the journey of another person. Where they have been, what they have experienced – and this includes in their present life and also in their many past lives.

If you want to be able to see the past, you must develop your memory. You should have a very powerful memory. If you cannot remember what happened 3 hours ago, you will not have the ability to see past lives either. If a psychic tells you what you were in a past life, you should also ask them what you were doing 30 minutes ago. According to Dr. Torsunov, if she cannot tell you what you were doing 30 minutes ago, she can also not tell you what we were doing one lifetime ago.

Of course it’s easy for intuitives to “feel” or have an idea of who you were in a past life, but that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about more than a feeling here. We are talking about the real ability to see the past.

To be able to see the present

The ability to see the present means the ability to see everything that is going on right now. The ability to see the bigger picture, to see how things are progressing, everyone’s dharma’s and karma, and how these forces are interacting with eachother.

If you want to develop the ability to see the present you need to have a disciplined daily schedule/regime, and have a clear mind.

To be able to see the future:

To see the future means the ability to make accurate predictions of fate.

If you want to learn how to see the future, you must purify your consciousness. You must also do all the things required of you to be able to see the past and the present; develop a good memory, have a clear mind, and follow the daily regimen.

4. Cultivating the ability to heal

If you want to learn how to use your healing abilities you need to first:

1. Cultivate the ability and the habit of genuinely wishing happiness on everyone you meet.

2. Learn to be able to visualize Prana energy in the body.

3. Study the associations between the location and nature of weak prana energy and the physical disease in the body.

4. Be able to channel healing energy through your body, whilst simultaneously spiritually protecting yourself.

5. Sharpen and cleanse your 5 senses

If you want to develop your 6th sense, your other 5 sense must be very sharp as well. You must purify all your senses and learn how to become more sensitive. This means that you need to stay away from negative substances and stimuli that can “harm” your regular 5 sense. So for example, you should avoid listening to negative things, watching negative things, eating bad foods. You must just stay away from these bad influences. When you start doing that, your begin to purify and cleanse your 5 senses, and with time, they will become sharper.

6. Create a disciplined lifestyle

In order to develop your intuitive abilities, a disciplined lifestyle is absolutely essential. Why is that? Well firstly, when you become disciplined with yourself you will actually commit to spiritual practice. Things like meditation – must be done regularly if you want to notice the difference it can make. If you are disciplined and follow a daily schedule, then you can be sure that the things that you need to do get done.

The second reason why the daily regime it is important for psychic development is that it allows you to gain strength. The strength to be happy. The strength to connect with the universe. These things do not happen passively. You need to work at it, and it takes more than muscle mass to make it happen. It takes a special kind of strength – psychic strength. Psychic strength is developed through a clean mind and through a disciplined lifestyle. The energy it takes you to wake up 3 hours earlier than usual, will be transferred into energy into your psychic and intuitive development. It will be transferred into the energy for your pursuit of happiness. So following a disciplined lifestyle gives you the psychic strength to develop your abilities.

And finally, following the daily regime allows you to receive the energy and power of the sun and the moon. If you are awake when you are supposed to wake up as per the laws of nature (just before sun rise) and sleep when you need to sleep, you will get the maximum energy of the sun and the moon. The sun and moon have important energetic influences on our body and lightbody, so by following a daily regime, we can make the most of this free energy!

Men and women and psychic energy

I see men and women as being energetically different (I said different – not unequal). The structure of our lightbodies are different. We have different psychic responsibilities and powers. You can read about the psychic powers of women here. Men can also of course try to “use” these powers that belong to women, and they can also succeed, but it simply wont have the same energetic effect as it does when a woman accesses it herself. The same goes for a man and his psychic responsibilities.

During readings, many women have asked about their husband’s interest in spirituality. They would like their husbands to also practice spirituality. Or if they already do, they would like their husbands to practice it in a way that is similar to theirs, so that they can talk about it together.

I think it’s important to remember than men and women develop their intuition in different ways. We have to respect that. This is because we are energetically different and have different psychic responsibilities and powers. So the way your husband develops himself and undergoes spiritual development is going to be different to how you do it.

If a man wants to develop this aspect of himself, he is doing a very great thing. When the man of the family can develop his spiritual practices, he brings good energy to the whole family. He leads the family forward. This should be encouraged! However, I do believe that he should find a male spiritual guru to help him, and not a female one. Why? Because a male guru has more of a right to discuss the responsibilities of a man than a female one. What right do I have to preach about what a man should or should not do? Just as a man does not have much of a right to preach about how women should or should not be. We just cannot know. We cant be inside their spirits, we don’t know what their journey is like. Of course a man should respect female spiritual gurus and listen to them, that goes without saying. I can only share how to develop yourself spiritually in a feminine way. And men need to do it in a masculine way.

That’s why if the woman in the family because very spiritual and starts going on and on about it to her man “Ohh honey, check out these cool crystals I have. Did I tell you that they have protective energy. Here take one! You got to take one! By the way I don’t think you should invite that friend over, because I just have a bad feeling about him. I’m super intuitive now, darling. Trust me! Oh and I’m sorry, I can’t cook you dinner tonight because this is now my meditation time, oooh, ahh, floaty floaty whimsicalness!” he’s going to get irritated, and then he’s going to get turned off “spirituality” completely too. He’s going to do his best to stay away from it. Because you are annoying.

malavika xo


  1. I would like to learn how to access my psychic abilities. I feel that I did have a past life. I used to remember things when I was younger. I also see spirits as far as those who have passed. My current gift that I am having trouble with is I am a pre cognitive dreamer. Usually of death. I have seen my great grandma pass a week before her death. My moms dad who I never met then he spoke to me at his funeral. My mom didn’t believe me due to me not having seen him before until I delayed the message. And most recently in July 2013 saw my grandma’s passing and felt get heart attack. I went to sleep and when I awoke my mom called me….right after my dream. I just need help on maybe trying to help, and a little with the living healthy part. I have been a little down. And I surpressed my ability to see spirits while I am woke. Also when I was little I remember being able to move things. Also gone.

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  3. When i was little i could talk to ghost and see ghost like when i was at my nannys house i would be eating a burger and my nanny would say who are u talking to i would say a friend then i would go back talking to my ghost friend and i would try giveing her a fri and then now i am 13 i have been able to sense and sometime tell where a ghost is and when i go to my nannys i always feel and sense my ghost frien in the back room and when i was at mh church i was looking dead at a ghost across the street it was just looking at me and when i am at my house i feel as if i am being watched and my two dogs would be barking at the house and i am not a fread i just think it my be a friend or family member there and just today i kept hearing a noise that sounded like someons was sitting down and when i look over there nobody is ther sometimes it scares me but i tell my self don’t be scared it just a frien or family member keeping me safe

  4. I didn’t have any form of psychic abilities before this, and I lacked intuition. I mainly came across this trying to find a way to push all the negative energy away from me that I draw, from constantly being depressed. Reading this helped me understand that my hatred to other people, and my jealousy, drew negative energy to me. I understand that becoming happy, and being rid of all the negative energy I drew will take time. But I am devoted to becoming fully happy with my life, and wishing everyone in it complete happiness.

  5. a name always keeps popping up anytime around and i feel its my spirit guide or guardian angel. i also feel its trying to make contact with me through meditation. once i reached to a point where i could hear her but could not make out what she was saying. i felt like tuning it more to get the voice clear. it was like when we tune the radio channels on radio to get to new FM stations. i usually meditate in the morning bcoz i feel that’s a safe time. but i feel she is insisting me to meditate at night also as if contact could be done at night. but i feel night is not the safe time as i might attract unwanted spirits. a little confused, what to do?

    1. Just close your meditation with telling the unwanted spirits not to make contact with you.And always release your guide afterwards. Also the spirit world is much more “alive” at night (midnight til 3am) maybe she will contact you through a dream.. so meditate when you are in bed for the night. There is no wrong or right time to meditate to be truthful. Just breathe deep she will guide you

  6. Hi,

    i am looking for a psychic guru, i live in the US in Vancouver WA. I am really interested in opening my mind and learning all aspects of astrology, numerology, tarot, and phsychic abilities. I would like to learn how to give people readings and healings, be see the past present and future, and help change peoples lives with an open mind.

  7. if these are for women what are the powers for men, i’m very spiritual and i was brought up in a family where ghosts were always a muck. but i felt homely in that presence more than my own father. i want to cultivate the power and knowledge i can gain from all sources. can anyone help me become this?

    1. You are so welcome to the blog, Alanna! I hope to hear from you more 🙂 And thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  8. Please help me I need a lot of help idk where to start I need to learn a lot please mail me I’m dying inside

  9. Hi, im a single mom working on building a beautiful life for my 2 boys. I am a certified nursing assistant and i work in home health. Im also a singer/songwriter and i own my own record label. Its still in start up stages as my whole spiritual self and emotional well being fell to ruin the last three yrs due to being treated very very badly by some one i was in love with deeply whom i gave my all to just for them not to care anything about it. I have very vivid dreams. I dont have them every single night but when i have them the come true. It happens like deja vu but on a regular basis. My intuition is naturally strong and my connection to the spirit worl is also. Ive been told i have an annointing on my life. I know there is a greater purpose for my life but im unable to see clearly what that is. Angels speak to me and so does God. Its kind of scary so ive been running from it for quite some time. But im trying to come home to what his dvine plan is for me and my life. Im told my aura is a beautiful shimmering yellow. Im told my child is a golden child sent to this earth to make a difference in this world. I believe this whole heartedly. He is amazingly wise and intuitive to be only 3 goin on 4. He is already wear 5 Ts and hes not even 4 yet. He is beyond average in every way. Im sure im psychic but i dont even know where to start to cultivate it and hone my skills so that i can see clearly and be able to actually read and hear the messages my guides, my angels, and my heavenly Father are sending me. Im a healer spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. I know im meant to help others on a more broad spectrum but dont know how to get there from here. Can you help me?

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