The psychic power of women


I have been studying the power of women in family life and relationships through the ancient Vedic teachings, by one of it’s teachers – Oleg Tosunov. It has grown to become a huge area of interest for me and something I would like to share with you today.  The Vedas teach us that women are mental leaders of the family, they are the energy keepers within their relationship, marriage and family. This means they control the energy within the relationship. Men have different responsibilities. I don’t know much about that, since I am a woman and realized I should only focus on bettering myself, rather than making sure other people change too.

But we are different to men. We have different feminine duties, and if we can try to fulfill these feminine duties, we will achieve access to certain psychic powers. When we are able to use these feminine powers, we will be given the greatest gift of all – the ability to change our family life, our marriage, and to find happiness.

I believe that each and every one of these powers are difficult to access, and especially to access completely and fully. That is our karmic challenge as women. It is supposed to be hard.

The power of belief

The woman’s power of belief is a very powerful thing. When a woman truly believes in a cause or a person, that very thing becomes protected by the universe and no harm can come to it. It is of course, very hard to believe in something or someone so completely and fully, but when this state can be achieved, the woman’s belief becomes the life force, the protection, against devastation, danger, warriors.

In order to access the psychic feminine power of belief:

She must believe in her own happiness: She must believe that she has the power and ability to create her own happiness. She must believe that she has the capacity to influence her family life. She must believe that she has a contract, an infallible relationship with God/The universe.

She must believe in her husband: She must believe that he is absolutely the man for her, without even a single doubt. If she doubts this, even without ever speaking it out loud, her husband will feel this, and he will never be able to be good enough for her. She must believe that he is a good man, that he is a capable man, that he adores her, and that no harm can come to him.

She must believe in her marriage: She must believe that her marriage is her responsibility. She must believe that she has a good marriage. She must believe that her marriage can overcome any and every obstacle.

She must believe in her children: She must believe that her children are individuals with their own path in life, and not simply mere extensions of her ego. She must believe that they have special gifts and talents. She must believe in their ability to make decisions and create a life that is perfectly designed for them. She must believe that no harm can come to them. She must believe that they are becoming good people.

She must believe in her family’s happiness: She must believe that her family happiness is her responsibility. She must believe that her family can overcome hardships together. She must believe that her family have the ability to be very happy together.

When a woman can believe all these things, truly and completely, without any doubts, she has access to a special power of the universe.

The power to deepen the relationship

There are times when we think it should be our husband’s/boyfriend’s turn to make our relationship deeper, more loving, more fulfilling. Surely, it must be their turn by now.

But it can never be their turn, because depth of relationships is not a psychic power of men. The woman’s psychic power is creating depth, whereas the man’s responsibility is to move the relationship forward. The woman shouldn’t try to move the relationship forward. You should try to make the relationship deeper and more loving. When you make the relationship deeper and more loving, your husband will move the relationship forward, and you won’t have to ask.

The power of her beauty

The woman has different levels of beauty connected to the influences of different planets. The highest planet of the woman is the moon (Ok, I know the moon is not a planet, but you get what I mean) – and this signifies calmness. The highest beauty of the woman, therefore, is in her calmness and serenity.  A calm and peaceful woman possesses the highest form of beauty and is very attractive.

The lowest planet of the woman is Venus – and Venus is associated to the desirability of women, her ability to seduce a man with her eyes, to attract attention with her beauty.

 Women should be careful with how they use their beauty energy, because it is not infinite. The more beauty energy you expose and share with the world, the faster you begin to lose it. Beauty energy is a type of energy that can be experienced by the people around you, because they can “see” it. That means they can also “use” this energy, and you begin to lose your beauty.

A woman can remain beautiful by firstly accessing her highest beauty – which is by cultivating a calm and peaceful nature, and secondly by being modest in her exposure.

The power to change

Women have an unsurpassed ability to adapt and change. It happens so naturally. We adapt to people, environments and moods. We look for things in common. We rise up to emotional demands. The Vedas teach that the husband doesn’t really have to try to change his wife, because she changes all by herself.

We possess the ability to better our relationships because we can adapt. We can learn how to do things differently so that our relationships are more peaceful.

By taking the time to think about how we could adapt to make things run more smoothly – we will be able to access this power. With this power, we can create our happiness.

The power to inspire

Women can inspire their husbands. She does this with her belief in him and her loyalty to him. If a woman can truly and completely believe in her husband, and if she is very loyal to him, he will be inspired in his life. When the man is inspired, he will protect and take care of his family. And he will cherish her and think that she is very special to him, that no one else could do what she does, because no body could. None of his friends or family can inspire him the way his wife can.

She must believe in him by believing he is a good man. She must believe in his goals and his dreams. She must support him and give him all the opportunities he needs to pursue his goals.

She must also be completely faithful and loyal to him. If she is not strong in her loyalty towards him – if she sometimes gives more loving attention to another man, or if she is not sure in her heart that he is absolutely the man for her – he will not be able to be inspired by her. Even if she never reveals any of this to him, he will be able to feel it.

If she can inspire her husband, he will become goal oriented. She can say things to him like “Everything is good, you are doing really well, I believe in you, keep it up!” he will feel inspired. He will become enthusiastic.

The power of patience

Women also can possess the power of patience, which can manifest in a number of ways in her relationship. The first way she can become a patient is by ignoring her husband’s bad characteristics, habits and tendencies. She has the power to decide that it just isn’t important. She has the power to decide that it just isn’t has important as her peace of mind, or as her love towards her partner. Of course, for her to truly believe this, she must really believe in finding her happiness, and finding her happiness in her family – and she must try to pursue that. She realizes she doesn’t have to be angry all the time. She just doesn’t consider her husband’s bad habits important. A woman’s patience means her ability to accept her man’s character.

She should understand that it would be good for her to be patient about certain things, and she should do it. It’s a very hard thing to do, but being patient wasn’t meant to be easy.

When a woman can be with her man patiently, he will feel loved, because he will feel as though she accepts and loves him just the way he is. When he sees this kind of unconditional love towards him, he will improve himself in his own way. He will develop his character.

The power to create with love

Women posses a lot of psychic power, and they have the ability to channel this energy into things they do. When she makes dinner for her family, she can cook with real love. When she cooks with real love, and focuses on her love for her husband as she cooks, this love will enter the food she feeds him. When he then eats this food, he will become calmer.

 Similarly, she can wash his clothes with love, and when he wears the clothes that she has infused with her love and protection, he will be calm and protected by her love.

 By doing every thing she can with love, she will then possess the power to calm him and love him. He won’t even understand what’s going on, other than that he feels secure when she takes care of him.

The power to speak

 According to the Vedas, the woman’s voice is a beautiful thing, and the simple sound vibration can enter the heart of whoever hears it. This doesn’t mean that you have to speak beautifully and poetically all the time, but it simply means that women have the power to speak with love and compassion. If the woman can learn how to communicate with her husband without arguing with him, he will make sure she has everything she has ever dreamed about.

If a woman always argues with her husband, he will begin to resist her. He will start seeing her as “strong” and won’t feel like providing for her. He starts to subconsciously feel that “Well, if she can argue all the time, then maybe she’s strong enough to take care of her self too without my help.”

Women can develop the power to speak properly, by first learning to listen. She can then learn the art of not arguing. When a woman stops arguing with her husband, he will suddenly become very attentive towards her. When she picks fights with him all the time, he begins to care less and less about how she feels.

If you study your husband and find out what really matters to him, you can learn to speak to him in a way that he can relate. You can learn the art of understanding him, finding compromises, solve different problems and not argue. The Vedas teach that if a woman can speak to her husband properly, he will find the ability to make compromises with other people, and he will become a better communicator.

The power of intuition

Women are very connected to their sense of intuition. We can feel when something is not quite right. When bad times are coming.

Men are not as apt at processing their intuition. If she says to him “Honey, I feel like some kind of bad time is approaching us. I just have a bad feeling about all of this.” He will say “What are you talking about? Everything’s fine. Everything has been fine, and it feels fine right now.” If you press him further about it, he might even say something like “Why do you say things like this? It sounds like you are trying to create some kind of trouble!”

But we are intuitive, and our intuition is more sensitive than a man’s intuition (this doesn’t mean he can’t develop it though!) We also therefore have the responsibility of our intuition. When we have a bad feeling about something, instead of sharing it, we should connect to the universe/god/source (whatever you call it.) To fully work with the power of our intuition, we should be able to say an affirmation, or a prayer, or have a dialogue with whatever you believe in and ask for protection and help during this time.

Women have to take care of this. It is their psychic responsibility.

The power to protect

Women have the power to protect the ones they love. In order to do this, you must believe that no harm can come to them. You can also practice visualization and visualize them protected. Oleg Torsunov says “If her energy is stronger than the warriors confidence, he will not be able to destroy her husband.”

The power of loyalty

When a woman can be fiercely loyal, she is given access to another type of psychic power. When a woman develops her loyalty and faithfulness to her husband, and considers it very important, her husband will be reasonable and intelligent. If the woman is not loyal or faithful, her partner will become jealous all the time and unreasonable. He will be unable to accomplish all of his responsibilities – like caring for her and the family. He won’t be able to listen to her, to help solve their problems or make serious life decisions.

Try some of these and watch your relationships change completely. Have fun, super woman.


  1. A lot of the problem is that we’re so focused on the addiction of the love that’s not working that we forget to ask for help. To actually just sit quietly and say to the universe, the divine, whatever you believe in, “Please help me take away this pain, I am ready to move on, I am ready to release this, and I have faith in my journey, help me!”. That’s a very powerful tool.

  2. Giving Thanks and Praise for your Devotion to Truth, to Love. Thank You for Being a Divine vessel, Thank You for sharing Divine Wisdom…Divine Protection on your Life Force. Peace!


  3. Great blog! So good to see someone sharing the information from Dr Torsunov’s lectures in English. I’ve recently started a similar blog. This information must be widely available! Would love to feature you on my blog as an example of inspiration.

    1. Yulia,

      I can’t tell you how happy I am that we found eachother! I would be so happy to follow your blog too. I am always looking for more that is available in english, and it is not always an easy pursuit. Are you goddessliving108?

      With love


      1. Yes,
        Great to meet like minded women! Are you in New York? I live in AZ. Will write a post about your blog, everybody should read it. I absolutely love the depth of it. The pictures are amazing too! I’m running posts with pictures of real women wearing long skirts as a great inspiration for everyone (including myself). Unlike me you take great pictures so if you have any of yourself or other women wearing skirts I would really appreciate if you could share. I think you can see me email)

        1. Yulia, Yulia!

          Is that your e-mail that I see in the comment details? I will e-mail you and we can continue our conversation there <3

  4. Hello Malavika
    you have some very interesting things laid out here : )
    Could you provide the same detail of information, but in relation to the male perspective? What are men’s psychic powers? What behaviors and attitudes in the context of the relationship are directly linked with these powers?

    Many thanks! and with my best wishes : )

    1. Hi,

      First of all, please accept my apologies for such a late response. You caught me at a time when I had to prioritize studying for my final exams.
      You ask a very good and important question. I wish I had the answer. At the time of writing this article, I had only contemplated the nature of feminine energy because I didn’t feel I had a position to comment on the masculine nature of life as I am a woman, and not a man. I guess at this point of my understanding, I was making the distinction between men and women so absolute. I now realize that there is both masculine and feminine within me, and I can express both in my relationships, though mostly it is feminine.

      So in short, I am not sure. It’s a good question. Let me look into it and see what I find. What are your thoughts on it?

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