Spring Inspiration: Things to do this spring

The Spring Equinox began on the 20th March. The equinox marks the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere.

I used to have very strong preferences when it came to seasons. It was simple. Love summer and hate winter. But now I find myself more neutral towards every season. I even find myself occasionally missing the cozy dark nights of winter, bundled up inside warm houses with glowing windows.

I realized that each season has it’s own flavour and colour. You can make the most of the energy of each season by following the natural energy flow of that season.

Spring is about hope, birth, freshness, growth, blossoming. The days are getting longer. The world starts to come alive again.

Here are a list of things we could fill our Spring with. I hope some of these inspire you.

To make this post super pretty, I’m going to use a lot of photographs. Since I am using Pinterest to source the images I use, make sure you click through on the photographs, because many of them are not only beautiful, but also relevant !

Source: lifewithnature.com via Lisa on Pinterest

1. Go on a detox/cleanse.

2. Spring clean your home.

3. Have a yard sale (or an e-bay sale) to get rid of what you don’t need anymore.

4. Rearrange the furniture in your home. Feng Shui up your life and bring in a newer and fresher energy.

5. Have fresh flowers in your home.

Source: bellamumma.com via Sarah on Pinterest

6. Take care of your legs (it’s time to get those bad boys out!) and toes. Get pedicures and manicures often.

7. Update your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

8. Learn some new hairstyles.

9. Detail your car.

10. Start a brand new project.

11. Plan a summer trip.

Source: makrnews.com via Kristen on Pinterest

12. Start a reading list.

13. Get a new hair style.

14. Take more walks in beautiful places.

15. Ride your bicycle.

16. Have a picnic.

17. Start running again.

18. Drink more water.

19. Wear lighter colours.

20. Start an outdoor hobby.

21. Spend less time on the computer and watching TV.

Source: cookinglight.com via Hilliary on Pinterest

22. Incorporate Spring Vegetables into your diet.



I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog recently 🙁 School and Grey’s Anatomy (The TV show, and not the textbook) have been consuming my life (kinda wish it was the textbook, and not the TV series that is consuming my life). I do have a big list of future blog-post titles and topics typed up, and they make me excited and inspired just to look at them, but now it is just a question of sitting down and writing them.

Something is up with my camera (Canon Rebel XSi). It doesn’t autofocus anymore, so I have to manual focus everything, which I don’t mind when I am trying to set up a particular shot, but when it comes to taking quick spontaneous photographs, they all turn out blurry 🙁 Has anybody had this problem before? Do you know what is up with it? What do I do? Because of this – I have not been taking (many) photographs and I’m worried about my sense of well being 😀  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am moving to a beautiful new apartment in one week!  It is so beautiful. And April is my birthday month (I’m turning 22, yikes!), and it’s going to be a great one.

Happy Spring

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  1. hi sorry to hear about your camera – sometimes it just needs a good cleaning – the sensors between the lens and the body get a little dirty. I hope it is something simple like that!

    1. Thanks a lot for your response! I looked around on some forums and they suggested it could be that too! I’m going to take it into one of the camera stores down town to figure it out. Fingers crossed! Thanks again! <3

  2. Congrats……dat u are movin to new appartment…….nice tooo hear dat u r also of FoOl of April ,thatS same As me…….waitin for UR future Posts…..Have a Nice time……..

  3. Malavika these are beautiful photos to match your ideas. I know you didn’t take them but I think it’s nice that you went to effort to choose such pretty pictures. xx

    1. No, I didn’t…:( I took it to the camera doctor and I discovered that my lens was damaged. So…I just recently bought a new Sigma 18-200mm lens with OS. I’m very happy with it. I was curious about a change in lens for a while so this was a good move for me. Thank you for your comment though!

  4. hey i think may be 22nd out there………………’happy birthday’……..i just didnt find proper place to write justed posted out here…………….lots lots…cheeers

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