Life themes: A guide to making positive life changes

This is a blog post about making your life better.

If you want to make your life more beautiful, more cozy, more successful, more productive, more meaningful, more balanced, more organized, more fun and just generally more awesome – it ain’t going to happen over night.

For the sake of simplicity I am going to use the word “better” to encompass all of those attributes (beautiful, cozy, successful, productive etc.) So, how do you make your life better?

By making improvements.

By making improvements, you upgrade your life. You level up. Improvements must be made consistently, and you must put in a sustained and focused effort.

Today,we are going to organize your improvements, and carefully craft a plan for taking action. It isn’t good feeling “I really need to make some changes in my life!” but having no idea where to start. Today, we are going to figure out where to start. And tomorrow, you start.

So, let’s get organized.

Life themes

I feel like my life always adopts a particular “theme” which changes over a certain period time.  By theme, I just mean a general focus: a sense of direction where mentally I’m thinking “Okay, for this next little while I want to focus on _____.” The themes are always focused in self-development and self-betterment. It’s very overwhelming to try to improve everything at once so making a clear “theme” for a certain period of time, makes it not only fun, but also more manageable. I can also re visit themes later just to amplify their effect.

I am unsure if my self-designated themes arise out of experiences, challenges and circumstances that occur in my life, and thus inspire me to think “What kind of theme are they showing me?” or if I choose a theme and then my validating experiences follow. It’s a standard – which came first, the chicken or the egg – dilemma.

Ok, give me some examples of themes.

Here is an elaborated look into a particular theme concerning your wardrobe and your personal style.

Theme: Your wardrobe/How you dress/Your personal style

You think: I would really like to change my style a little bit, de-clutter my wardrobe and buy some new clothes that would suit me more.

My task: For the next week, I am going to put my focus into making improvements and upgrades in this area of my life.

Possible improvements:

♥ Throw out old socks and buy myself completely new socks!

♥ Make an extra effort to wear matching underwear every day.

♥ Make an extra effort to dress well every day

♥ Update my wardrobe by buy new: pjs, underwear…etc etc.

♥ Get rid of clothes in my wardrobe that I do not love or wear.

♥ Sell/ give away some items of clothing I don’t wear.

♥ Changing your current style and thinking about how you would like others to perceive your dress sense, and updating your wardrobe accordingly.


There are many, many, many more themes. Here are some more examples:

♥ Make your life cozier.

♥ Spiritual groundedness/your spiritual practice.

♥ Emotional maturity in your relationships.

♥ Fitness and health.

♥ Healthy eating.

♥ Maintaining relationships/ Expanding your network.

♥ Your hobby or interest

♥ Fears your want to overcome

♥ Study skills

♥ Organization and planning

♥ Cooking skills

♥ Finances

♥ Your body

♥ School or work.

♥ Hair

♥ Beauty

♥ Fixing broken things

♥ Your sleeping pattern.

♥ DIY/Craft

♥ Updating items you have (electronics, supplies, books, etc…the list is endless!)

There are tonns. And they are personal, and don’t have to make sense to anybody else but you. These are just the words I would use to describe different focuses that I may come across in my life. You may use different words, or have different priorities coming up at different times.

What do themes consist of?

Once you decide on what theme you would like to focus on for one week, you break it down into it’s component parts as I did with the “Wardrobe” theme example. You will see that every theme gives you the following three things:

Things to do.

Themes will give you a number of things to do. When you make a particular area of your life a “focus” for the time being, many of the improvements will involve you having to DO something. Like GO to the gym. or DECLUTTER your wardrobe. or LEARN a new recipe.

A focus.

Themes will also give you a focus. A distinct area of increased awareness. A direction. It doesn’t matter what other “themes” come to mind, for the next week, all you need is a week to get yourself going in this one particular area. Instead of taking lots of insignificant action in many areas of your life, a theme gives you the focus to start taking significant action in one specific area of your life. You will notice a difference.

A new habit or two.

At the backbone of a life theme, lies a new habit, just waiting for you to pick it up 😉 Learning new (good!) habits is extremly important to sustaining your focuses. This takes more than a week to develop, but focusing on a theme gives you a good starting point because it lets you figure it out what new habits you need to develop are in the first place.


Is a week too short?

Is a week too short to create a new habit? Yes.

But is a week too short to start a new habit? No. Is a week too short to become aware of what new habits you need? No.

Is a week is long enough to make a considerable dent (the good kind) in your life. A week is long enough to get you going on the right path.

A week is long enough to make a difference. A week is long enough to see changes. A week is long enough to get things done.

What you need to do:

Choose a life theme you want to focus on. Pick one you want, or a random one, or pick the one your life seems to be naturally gravitating towards. Pick any. It doesn’t matter which, because any of them are going to make your life better. Choose an area of your life that you would like to “upgrade”.

This is your life theme. For now.

For the next week, you are going to put your focus into making small little improvements in this area. It’s going to be fun!

Once you have picked your theme, take the time to explore it. What kind of changes would you like to see in this area of your life? What do you have to do in order to really fullfill this theme to its maximum potential?

What things do you need to do?

What kind of new perspective does living this theme give you? What kind of mental work does this theme require?

What new habits will you have to explore in order to sustain the changes you make?


If you like, you could follow along with me while I go from theme to theme. It could be fun together! The last few weeks I have been caught in a rut (Sad face) , and I think it is definitely time to get out. So, I could use the inspiration! Let me know if you want to be life theme buddies!

The life theme I want to begin with is De Cluttering. Getting rid of everything I own that I don’t love or need. 

But more on that (and how I plan on implementing it) later

I hope this helped get you started! 


  1. What an awesome post!! I love it so much. You did a great job going into detail with the steps that can help with this process. Thank you so much, you encouraged me to do the things I have been putting off! xoxo

    1. I agree. I think that if you can focus your life on self-improvement and personal-development (on all levels) and also the improvement and development of people around you – your life will have no choice but to glow.

    1. Obsession with my blog? I’m honored. I think it’s every blog’s dream to be obsessed about 😀 Good luck with your life themes!

  2. This post is just what I need right now. I’m in need of focusing on a few things and I’m going to come back to this post when I sit down to figure them out. Thanks!

  3. Really awesome post it is. Lets get started, the DIY task to change and to regulate our life.

    Here is a good example, why should we follow LIFE THEMES: A GUIDE TO MAKING POSITIVE LIFE CHANGES by Malavika.

    We are all familiar with mineral water. Imagine that you have a 1-litre bottle which is full of filthy water. You are required to replace the filthy water with clean drinking water, but there is a condition. You can not pour out the filthy water first, wash the bottle and then fill up the bottle with clean water. In such a situation, how can you replace the filthy water with good water? It is very easy. Go to a stream where clean water is flowing. Just keep the water bottle, containing the filthy water, immersed in the stream. You will find that after a few minutes, the entire bottle is filled with clean water.

    I feel good that i’m able to relate this post is closely to one of my post

    So, instead of forcing our childish mind, lets follow as Malavika’s LIFE THEMES concept to fill ourselves with Positive Habits

    Heartily thanks MalavikaSuresh 🙂

  4. OK so, I’m joining in on the fun! My life has taken me in thi s”life themes” direction for a while, and in doing my own version of this I have stubled apon your blog, a while back! I’m ready and willing to be a Life Themes Buddy! Hey a little support on teh road of life goes along way!

    Though I now realize I have fallen behind on the “decluttering” week, but I’m sure to catch up!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    1. Join in! I’m continuing my decluttering week till Sunday the 5th of February, so I can start with a new theme on the monday 🙂 xxx

      Nice to meet you, life themes buddy!

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