A message from me: Happy new year!

Happy new year!

I wanted to post a very small blog post to:

1. Wish you a joyful and awakening new year.
2. Prove that I am still alive.

I am currently in Johannesburg for the last evening of my mind blowing 2 week vacation in South Africa. I leave tomorrow back to Galway, Ireland.

I have missed my little blog during my time MIA but I have been keeping note of every creative idea that has come to mind to share with you, and I am inspired.

It is new years eve today, and as much as I would like to share my thoughts with you about this time of year, I am unable to, because the Internet connection here is truly prehistoric. New years is one of two of my favorite times of year (the other one, being valentines day. A whole day dedicated to love?? What’s not to like about that??)

I wish you all a beautiful 2012. It will be a full and magical year with an exciting apocalypse at the end of it. Just kidding 😉
I hope you will spend this evening with good food and good people.

I wish you love in your heart, laughter on your lips, and light in your eyes.

Speak to you soon.



  1. i would like to say good luck in 2012, but i have always believed that luck favors those who plan, are prepared and work hard. I have enjoyed checking out the various pages of you blog – I love Ireland when I travelled there in 2008!
    wishing you all the best in 2012.

    1. Thank you! I share your belief about luck. I wish you all the best in 2012 as well. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog.

  2. Hi Malavika…
    I’m A Great Fan Of You…
    I Love The Programme Just Kidding, As I Used To Watch All Types Of Animated Flicks From My Childhood..
    Just Kidding Is An Awesome Show, Revealing The Power Of Animated Movies Which Is Being Avoided By Our Generation…
    And, Your Presentation Is Just Mindblowing! I’ve No Words To Praise Your Skill…

    So, Way To Go.. Wish U All The Best..
    With Lots Of Love..


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