My intuition: What I can do with it

I wanted to talk to you about my experience with my intuition, which is what I use to do readings. Because I do readings, does that mean I can do readings for myself? Does it mean that I can see my own future? Let’s discuss.

First of all, let me point out that I wasn’t born with a magical ability to see spirits and make predictions about the future. I didn’t have any prophetic dreams (Ok, I’ve had 2, but that was later in my life and it was pretty freakin’ cool!) and I wasn’t born with a crystal ball. I know some kids are, but I was not one of them.

The only difference between you and I (under the assumption that you are not a professional intuitive reader. I could be wrong!) is that have learnt how to connect with my intuition, and also, how to connect with yours.


I truly believe meditation is a fundamental step in connecting with your intuition. I just can’t imagine having access to this part of myself without meditation. I’m not sure if it’s even possible?

I meditated hella lots when I started out, and then I got a little bit too comfortable , but I plan on making it an integral part of my day once again as I start doing readings again in the New Year (WOO HOO). But here is what I know for sure about meditation:

  • If you want to connect with your spirit guides in a substantial manner, you must do some form of meditation.
  • Meditation doesn’t always mean you have to sit there and not think about anything. That is just one type of meditation.
  • The more I meditate, the more accurate my readings are.

When I meditate, I feel I “see” things clearer, both in a reading with a client, and with myself. Before I started meditating, I would wake up most days with my head feeling heavy and full of junk – and I had just opened my eyes. After a couple of months of meditation I started to wake up with an open mind. After a few months of “openness” (Which felt great, like a huge weight had been lifted. Like suddenly I was in charge of  what thoughts I wanted to start thinking and what feelings I wanted to start feeling) I started to gain spiritual clarity about my life. This is what most people want from meditation. To receive messages and insights about their life from their homies up in the ether. This takes time. It took me some time. But it was worth it.

Weekly meetings with my spirit guides

Once a week I have a “Weekly meeting” with my spirit guides. This is a longer and deeper meditation where I catch up on all the gossip of my life. We discuss what happened in the last week – changes I need to make, lessons I need to learn, what’s coming up for me in my life. I love my weekly meetings. It keeps me on track.

Getting good at listening

From working with my intuition I got very good at listening. My intuition is a very quiet voice, even after years of practice. Some days it’s louder, but most of the time it’s still as quiet as it was. I just got better at listening. Before I heard maybe 1% of my messages, now I hear close to 80% of the messages I receive.

There are also times, when, like many of us experience, my intuition becomes a little too quiet. When this happens, I usually do what I describe in this blog post: What to do when you ask your intuition big questions and you don’t hear shit back.

The more you give, the more you get

Many people describe intuition being like a muscle – that you have to work on it for it to get stronger. That’s true, but it’s just so overused and cliche that I prefer not to say it. I prefer to think of developing your intuition like  having a friend.

If you call your friend infrequently and erratically – you will not develop intimacy and closeness. You may still be “cool” with eachother, but you won’t be close.

If you see your friend only when you have problems and want to get some quick fixes – your friend probably won’t be your friend for very long (because…how annoying is that?). You will not develop intimacy and closeness, you will just develop dependency and annoying-as-hell-ness.

 You got to put in the time, people. It will pay off – if having a close connection with your spirit guide is what you want of course.

My connection with my own intuition is always there, but the strength comes in waves – depending on how much time I am willing to put in to it.

If you want to have a strong connection with your spirit guides, meditating once a month or even once a week just won’t cut it. It has to be a daily part of your life.

I am very connected to my spirit guide (her name is Miss Prescot) and I connect with her on a daily basis.

 Can I see my future?

So the main question is – can I “see” my future and see what’s coming up in my life. Yes and no. Yes, I can. No, it isn’t always easy.

It isn’t easy to be objective when I am very emotionally involved in what I am trying to see. When I have a strong sense of “This is what I want” mixed with a bit of “This is what I am afraid of.”

When I am too emotionally involved, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. What I “want” is clearer than “But this is what you need”. And what I am afraid of becomes clearer than “But this is what you must face.”

Due to this, I find it is easier to give readings to absolute strangers – because I know the information that is coming through is not biased at all.

Over time I have learned how to filter my own biases better in my own readings. It still isn’t perfect, but now I can tell most of the time when I am being slightly biased.

What I know for sure

There are certain things “I know for sure” about my life. Like my life purpose. Certain people who are in my life and I have such a strong feeling of familiarity about them. A few little things I know that will happen at some stage in my life. Sometimes I have random “good feelings” or “bad feelings” (love those ;)…not!)  about people, places, things, times. I occasionally have some very mind-blowing dreams that have some very strong and powerful messages for me. I’m not going into details because many of these things are personal and would probably be boring for you anyway.

But other than that my life is a mystery. A gift. The greatest gift of my connection with my intuition is not that I can “see the future” but that I constantly feel valued and safe. I know that if I need help, all I have to do is ask, and somehow in some way, life is magically shifted so that I am safe. I know that I will always be given what I need. I have greater clarity in my troubles, because I am open to seeing what the true cause is – because my intuition can help me answer the question “What lesson can I learn from this?” I am conscious of “good periods” of my life and also the “not so good” – because life comes in cycles and in waves, and what goes up goes down, and that is the natural rhythm and that is ok.

Because of my intuition, I know when to prepare for a more challenging period of my life and I have insight into how long it may last. Because of my intuition I know when to put my game face and party hat on and party like a rockstar!  Because of my intuition, I don’t believe in revenge. Because of my intuition, it’s easier to let go of people who are not supposed to be in my life, and it’s easier to welcome the ones who are. Because of my intuition I live my life with purpose and conviction. Because of my intuition  I know I am supposed to be here for a reason, and so are you.

And if you don’t know that – then maybe developing your intuition is something you should do too.


  1. Great post! Thank you! And finally you made me 😉 leave a reply – it happened that this morning I was reading about meditation in “elle” and they say exactly the same thing – that it is more about connecting than disconnecting. I tend to do it while washing dishes or yoga, but till now it has not be very “structured”.
    as for intuition – I think the most present in my life is to feel it about people and some events more in the scope of “bad” or “not so cool” or “can trust” 🙂
    thanks again and let it all happen now and in 2012 🙂

  2. I really love this post! I am curious where I can learn more about this! I have been told by a couple of sources I am highly intuitive and I have had a couple of crazy experiences that I couldn’t exactly explain. I also always get those really good or bad feelings about people, places, or things a lot. I meditate occasionally, I need to make it a priority. I also have read “ask and it is given” Have you heard of it?

  3. Hey! I was searching in google of what more i can do with my intuition and found this.

    And guess what?? IVE FEEL DA SAME WAY AS U ARE LIKE almost exactly!!! 😀 ive always felt this way and i when i found out it was my inuition and its an ability i hav i just felt great like and like sodifferent from da rest. Im glad i found someone who feels da same way i feel.
    But im 14. Ive been using my intuition since i was 9-10years old. I found out it was my intuition that when i feel something and it just happens. Most of da time it did and its like being able to predict someone future and knowing wats right and wrong. Well id like to say i dont exactly meditate but i do think and use my intuition when im free or just hav to do. :3 I use my intuition all da time! But i dont believe in spirit guides or name my intuition cuz fr me its different,but i get wat ur trying to say here.Id like to give advice.. xD teehee. Well fr me i think i dunt meditate and before i start searching in my mind and findig out wat might happen in da future or watsoever. I base on What is possible to happen then after tat i find out which ones are mostly likely2 happen and i try to get accurate . So its like taking away those that arent most likely to happen until i get to da point that i only hav1 posibility left. But if ur stuck with more dan1 its ok . CUZ THATS WATS MAKES THINGS MR INTERESTING 😀 idk y im sudenly typing al tis here.. But it makezit mr intresting cuz thatz da point were u hav2 observe which way smething is going to n wat is gna hapen :3. tas all. Im sry tis is so long. Thz fr ur post !! XD GLAD I FOUND U , SOMEONE WHO FINALY FEELS ALMOST AS HOW I FEEL. xD

    1. Sry fr typos. Idk if thinking is da same as meditating but if it is then pardon me xD sry i typed too fast. haha

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