Life lessons from a dog – by April.

Hi. I’m April. I am Malavika’s puppy. Here’s what I know about life.

1. Never underestimate the power of puppy dog eyes.

2. When life throws you a stick – take it!

3. When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

4. If you walk around with your tongue hanging out, pretty soon, you’re gonna get some dirt on it.

5. Always respect the one who feeds you, bathes you, keeps you safe, trains you and picks up after your shit.

6. If you want to find the shit, follow the flies.

7. Sometimes there is just nothing to do but to take a nap.

8. Always be excited when someone comes to the door. Whether they have been at work for 9 hours, or if they have literally stepped out of the door to pick up the newspaper and stepped back in, always show the same level of extreme excitement.

9. It is completely reasonable to expect cuddles in the morning after you wake up. It is even okay to bug people until you get it.

10. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $5 treat or a 25 cent treat. A treat is a treat and I’m gonna eat it in under 0.5 miliseconds anyway.

11. When it doubt, sometimes the best thing to do is to chase your tail until clarity comes.

12. There is nothing more fun than making friends.

13. If you can’t help someone with housework, sometimes just hanging around and providing friendly company is enough.

14. In life, you must always find your own patch of sunlight, and lie in it.

15. Run with your crowd.

16. If you want to reach your dreams, you have to jump high.

17. There is nothing more peaceful than watching the sunset.

18. When you get to the top of your mountain, it is okay to rest.


  1. This post about my April is fantastic! She looks so cute as a puppy. I like #3. You and April are teaching us a great lesson. #13 is so true. She follows me around all the time. Even if she is sleepy, she’ll lift herself up from room to room just to be with me.

  2. I love this. My dog, Casey, is the same way. Always there to ‘help’ always in the patch of sunlight and never needs a reason for a hug other than the fact that he wants one.

  3. I love this one!! (this is Reana btw :P) I miss April..and you of course!!! I hope you are having a great time in Ireland! I love all of these lessons, and they are all very true!!

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