Healing Affirmations: 3 steps to letting go

This is my friend Arlene. She is a wonderful friend, and a great source of inspiration for me when I think about the kind of woman I would like to grow into. Before I left Canada, Arlene and I met for tea, ice cream & apricots, and some soul-nurturing girl talk.

We talked about feeling protected and safe in this world, which unfortunately is sometimes hard to do.

We talked about forgiveness, both the forgiving and forgiven, which unfortunately is sometimes hard to do as well. The sweet ecstasy of finally releasing another from your expectations, your pain, your anger, your sadness, your intentions. And the sweet ecstasy of finally being released.

When we are surrounded with toxic energy, be it from another person, or a situation in your life – it is easy to allow that toxicity to leak into your life. How easy is it to be in a positive mood when your husband/wife, mother/father or best friend is not? Not so much.

And they are not even trying to intentionally wreck your equilibrium (hopefully not!).

But what if this negative energy is more directed and personal? It could be a personal vendetta aimed towards you. It could be the “needy” friend who loves to mooch off your positive energy. It could be the jealous coworker, the unhappy best friend, the unforgiving stranger from the past.

When this energy enters our life, it is easy to lose your footing and become unsettled and ungrounded.

There are three ways to disconnect from negative energy.

1. Protect yourself with the white light.

Whether you believe “the white light” is mystically protecting you or not, is irrelevant. What matters is the fact that you take a few moments every day to set your intention of being protected from any negative energy. It is the intention that is the powerful part.

Simply close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by a white light.

You are cocooned in this safe place.

Affirm that as you go on with your day, only good can enter, and only good can leave you into the world.

2. Cut the cord.

This is another visualization exercise that has some practical aspects as well. In order to “Cut the cord” I like to do a simple meditation where I visualize myself and the negative person or situation connected by a thick juicy cord.

I cut that cord. In my mind.

Every night I do the same thing, and every night that I return, the cord becomes thinner and thinner, and the problem floats further and further away.

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am letting go. It is losing its grasp on me. And I can feel it.

A friend and fellow intuitive Laurie, suggested that you can “put the name in the freezer”. You literally write down the person’s name (if it is a person that is bothering you) on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer.

In a more literal sense, to cut the cord with negative hot-spots in your life – you need to start making some lifestyle changes to no longer be a part of it. This may be, leaving a job, a relationship, a bad habit or friend that no longer serves your highest good.

What daily physical things can you stop doing in order to start moving your life in a different direction? To make the negative energy less physically apparent in your life? Do them.

3. Send out love.

Now that you have protected yourself, are in the process of cutting the cords, all that is left is for you to send out love. You cannot heal negative energy with more negative energy. Only love, patience, and time will dissipate fear and resentment. In order to “send out the love” you can:

Choose to think only positive thoughts about the person/situation when you find that you have to deal with it.

Practice some healing and loving affirmations

Arlene shared with me the following affirmation that we could repeat to ourselves at any time we feel shaken up.

the sun setting as I flew over the atlantic ocean

You can replace the world “safe” with any word that resonates with you. Strong. Beautiful. Powerful. Healed. Forgiven. Calm. At peace.

Arlene also reminded me of the Ho’oponopono prayer. This is a universal clearing and releasing prayer. It can be said for anybody at anytime. It involves all the karmic debt you have ever paid or must pay. It stretches back into the crevices of your past lives and past karma and it clears your karma in this life also. It is universal. It may be said in regards to anyone at anytime.

The harbour in Banagher, Offaly (Ireland).

Enjoy the healing and protecting process. There are always opportunities for us to forgive and to be in charge of our love and forgiveness. We don’t have to let other peoples energy affect us so much. We can hold our own, keep what nurtures our souls, and let the rest go.


  1. Have you read a novel titled The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood? One of the main characters uses similar techniques and is very aware of negative and positive forces in her life. The book is dense and rich, like a devil’s food cake, so it is difficult to read quickly. But it’s worth it.

    1. No I have not read it but I love Margaret Atwood! I have only read her novel The handmaid’s tale, but I have read a lot of her poetry anthologies too (which I love). I will put it on my reading list. Thank you for the recommendation! Since I like her work already, I will surely be reading it for the joy of reading it, so it doesn’t matter if it is like devil’s food cake 😉

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