September Challenge: The clean habit & the 10 commandments.

This month we will be creating a habit. This month’s habit is the clean habit. Every well-set-up area of a lifestyle stems from a habit. Keeping a clean home? A habit. Working hard at school? A habit. Physical fitness? A habit.

It doesn’t take very long before you realize that in order to maintain any kind of “goodness” in your life, we must turn it into a habit.

We must do them continually and consistently, editing them constantly to find the most time, energy and cost efficient way of maintaining them.

Habits take time to form. They don’t happen over night. The best kind of Super Habit is built over time in small increments. Baby steps.

The game goes like this; this month we are going to make maintaining a clean household our priority. Every day, we will make sure this priority is fulfilled.

We will we do this every single day from the first of September until the first of October.

After the allotted time, we can decide if this is a habit that you would like to keep in your life – in which case you continue, or if this is a habit you rather do without.

Regardless, we will put in the time.

Pick a challenge buddy (someone who can share in this process with you). I will be your challenge buddy by default anyway! Write out your 10 commandments real pretty. Stick them up somewhere you’re going to look. Make a checklist. Be excited.

Here are the guidelines for this months challenge!


Intention: To create and maintain a clean and organized living space.

Duration: September 1st – October 1st

The 10 commandments of the clean habit

1. Thou shalt not go to bed with a dirty kitchen sink.

2. Thou shalt organize my laundry as I put it away (whites, colours, delicates) and put them away appropriately (folded, ironed, hung up etc).

3. Thou shalt maintain a clean shower and sink after every use.

4. Thou shalt do a quick clean before I sleep each night, and before I leave the house at anytime for any purpose.

5.Thou shalt do a room-detox and get rid of all the things I do not use, love or need.

6. Thou shalt find every item in my room a home, and implement new, clean and efficient means of organizing them.

7. Thou shalt make my bed every morning

8. Thou shalt implement a vacuuming and dusting schedule and follow it religiously.

9. Thou shalt spend just 15 minutes every day in the messiest area of my house de-cluttering and cleaning.

10. Thou shalt always take the garbage out.

Remember, if you are doing all this right, these commandments will not take a lot of time or energy – just a little bit more effort at certain times in your day/week. Why is this? Because we are learning to the habit to maintain cleanliness. We are not cleaning a big messy home every day, we are cleaning it once, and then maintaining it.

You may already be doing some of these things commandments already, that’s great! Just keep doing them every day, and add the new ones into your daily routine as well.

Number 9 may not be applicable to those who do not have their own homes, such as myself, but I can use that time to make sure things in our living room and kitchen are up to standard.

It is very easy to forget these commandments so print it out and stick it on your wall. Remind yourself of them every day. You can even have a checklist to check off as you complete each daily task. Some tasks may not be necessary to do every single day, depending on the structure, size and nature of your household.

I will be starting this from September 1st which is when I move into my new house. I hope you will too. Let me know! Ya’ll have 6 more days of being messy and careless. Use them wisely.

i kid, i kid.


  1. This is a great and timely post! Lots of us want to begin the fall season with a clean, neat home and if we follow even some of your commandments we will be well on our way! I promise, on my honour, to try my best, to keep my home clean at all times, to never go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes, to never leave a bed unmade or a floor unswept, so help me Martha Stewart! There…now I’m committed (or should be committed, one of the two)…
    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Woo hoo! That is great to hear Sylvia. Welcome aboard 🙂 I am excited for this habit too, especially with fall coming up; classes, a new house and a new academic year. It just feels like the right time.

      Good luck to all of us!

      Thank you for commenting <3

  2. Thanks for a great post…I’m taking this challenge (which I needed back when I was your age) and am ready to hit ‘print’ right now. 🙂

  3. me and my husabnd just loved this one 🙂 made us smile as we are moving in a new home soon as well 🙂 will be trying to be with you on this one! good luck to us! with greetings from Tunis, Signe

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