18 ways to educate yourself every day (because nerds are sexy)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford

At the start of this year I made a decision that I want to commit to myself to a pursuit of intellect. I’m already a bit of a nerd, so this wasn’t really an alien concept for me, however I quickly realized that in order for me to make educating myself a priority in my life – I would have to make it into a daily habit. Here is a list of some suggestions for small practices you could implement into your lifestyle. I would not expect anybody to do all of these things every single day, but you can choose a few, and keep your learning varied and fun! At first it may seem overwhelming, but after a few months of this you will reach a point where suddenly you feel like have access to so much more information and knowledge than you ever had before. Simple conversations and discussions with people become so much more interesting. Your brain becomes a very cool place to hang out!

Wow, I did not just say that.

1. Watch a TED talk every day.

“Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” These are the kind of bright ideas that I would like to fill my head with.

2. Read a random article of interest from www.howstuffworks.com every day.

They are quick, easy, informative, and give you a glimpse of a subject that you may decide to do more research on later!

A lovely reader recommended the podcasts “Stuff you should know” and “Stuff mom never told you” which can be found on the website.

3. Read for half an hour every day before bed.

This is such a monumental suggestion. The habit of reading for 30 minutes every day can really kick start your goal of “getting back into reading” and of course educating yourself as well. 30 minutes is not too hard to set aside at the end of the day. Just get yourself into bed 30 minutes earlier if you have to. If you read for 30 minutes every night you should be able to get through at least one book every two weeks. That’s 26 books a year (approximately). With this kind of reading rapport you are bound to make a sizable dent into your reading list.

4. Learn more about your job.

Focus more at work. Take the time to really understand why you do the things you do at work, instead of simply going through the motions. Even if this is a job you have been at for years, there is more to discover. Do some research on the company you work for, where did they come from? And what do they really do? There are great opportunities for growth and learning even in our sometimes boring 9-5 desk jobs. Although it may seem that you are just on the other end of a desk, your clients see you as an expert in your field. So make sure you are one!

5. Make learning something you do for “fun”.

Well, it should already be fun that you are taking the time to invest in yourself and learning more about your world – but you know how you could make it more fun? By getting other people involved (yay for them 😉 ). You could watch documentaries with your partner or work on puzzles with your children, play trivial pursuit with your family, or discuss new and fresh topics with your friends.

6. Work on a puzzle every day.

This could be jigsaw puzzles, riddles, math puzzles etc. Anything that requires you to practice your mental acrobatics. You can buy simple “Train your brain” books from your local bookstore, that have a puzzle a day to make things really easy for you!

7. Read classics.

Something I try to force myself to do is to read books that are actually a little bit challenging – for the purpose of not only being “well read” but also having an opportunity to expand my vocabulary. Classics epitomize english language at it’s finest. I’m not saying they are always a joy to read, but boy do I feel proud of myself when I finish one.

8. Play www.freerice.com for a few minutes every day.

Work on your vocabulary whilst simultaneously feeding the hungry! You may pass GO. You may collect $200. The great thing about playing this every day is that they tend to repeat words, so you really start getting used to remembering new words that you were not initially used to.

9. Learn a new word every day.

Most of the online dictionaries have a “Word a day” feature that you can subscribe to by e-mail, or simply check online. Learn a new word every day, and make it your intention to use that word 3 times in your day.

10. Watch Documentaries.

Watching documentaries has never been easier! You can watch them on TV, and even on youtube. Sometimes I just type in a subject I am interested in and then “part 1” and see what I can find. It’s also fun to watch documentaries on things you have no prior knowledge or real interest in.

One of my commenters has recommended BBC documentaries (I agree), in particular Planet Earth, and Wild China. National geographic has some pretty spectacular documentaries too.

11. Follow some interesting blogs.

Find some bloggers that inspire you and fill your mind with bright ideas and thoughts, and follow them. Another option is to subscribe to a magazine that really fascinates you.

12. Take a class.

What better way to affirm to yourself that you are educating yourself – than to take an actual class? Find a topic that you wouldn’t mind learning more about, and register!

13. Learn a new language.

Are there any languages that you have been interested in learning? Well, why not start now! Take a class, get private lessons, watch videos online – whatever it is, find time in your life to immerse yourself in this new pursuit!

14. Take up a new hobby / put more effort into your current hobby.

I think everybody should have a hobby. Something that you can really throw yourself into. That you do just for fun, that makes you happy, that improves some aspect of yourself, and something you can commit to. If you can’t think of one – create one. There are plenty of hobbies out there. Pick one. Picking them is easy. Staying committed is hard. And even though hobbies are “Fun”, a degree of commitment is required if you ever plan to see some kind of result. Create a schedule in your week to really commit to your new hobby – a certain number of times a week, a  couple of hours a day – it really is up to you. Learn all about your new hobby, both the theory and the application.

15. Try new recipes.

You could buy a new cook book, subscribe to a cookery magazine, or even browse the miracle that is the internet. To make this fun, you could have themes and goals each week, like “eating healthy”, raw food, desserts, smoothies, appetizers, main courses, salads, fruits etc.

16. Practice memory games.

It’s one thing to stuff your head with all this information, its something completely different to access this information again when you really want it. No genius is considered a genius if he can’t remember what it is that he knows. By working with your memory, you can work on your ability to keep your new knowledge available for you to retrieve it.

17. Read the headlines.

My parents read the headlines every day. My mom says that I shouldn’t leave the house without having some clue of what’s going on in the world. I haven’t really implemented this much in my life yet – sometimes I just feel like the news is just so overwhelming – I don’t even know where to start (Does anyone else feel like this?!). I guess that’s why she suggested to “READ THE HEADLINES”.

I don’t think there can be anything wrong with knowing a little bit about what’s going on in the world.

18. Whenever you are making a trip somewhere, or doing something new – take the time to learn a little bit about it.

If you are ever stuck for new things to learn, this is a great way to give you some ideas. Use your life as an inspiration. If you are planning on going to a new city for the long weekend – learn about it. If you meet a new friend who is a wine merchant, learn all about being a wine merchant.

At first, I sometimes felt like I was stuck for new things to learn – which to me now feels totally ridiculous because is there really anything I couldn’t learn more about? But over time, after implementing many of these techniques, I find that my brain automatically gives me new topics to learn about. It is just INTERESTING!

And one day you are going to be able to talk about these things in discussions, and in your own mind you are going to be thinking “Wow.”

I remember a couple of years ago I had read a LOT of information about blue-whale attacks, their anatomy, their physiology, and how they ingest and digest their prey. A few months later, lo and behold – a girl in my class randomly said “Hmm I wonder what happens if you got eaten by a blue whale…”

Ah, yes. My time had come.


Here are some other resources suggested by my readers and commenters:

19. Discover what you may stumble upon when you StumbleUpon!

I don’t know how I could forget this little goldmine. I use it all the time and I love it!

20. Wikipedia

You can browse random articles on wikipedia, or you could use it as a great starting point for your own private nerdy research in an area of your choice! Awesome.

21. Play agoogleaday.com

I have not used this yet. It was a suggestion from a reader, but it looks fun!

If you have any other suggestions, let me know. 

It is such an honor for me to freshly pressed, for the third freaking time! The prior two times have been for my photography posts, and it was my personal mission to be FP’ed for my writing – which is something I love to do. Thank you for your support and love!

Enjoy my blog. Subscribe.



    1. very nice & simple way to learn life but i think u will improve ur this article so please give me favor & improve this article

      thanks Malavika

    1. That’s great Jessica 🙂
      I love documentaries too!
      But at the moment I can’t get enough of TED and books!

      1. I am a big doc fan! But I have not tried a TED (whatever that is, it will be my first new thing today!)
        I always look for something new to learn about each day, b/c I am curious by nature. My kids call me “Frieda Facts” b/c I know so many seemingly obscure things (like how to be digested by a blue whale. I do not know that one, but I have stuff like that rolling around in my brain for sure.)
        I do not read the newspaper; I leave that to my Mom and Husband. They tell me if anything is important. Otherwise with the news on every home page on the internet and news radio, many times I know things before they do. I know someday I will most likely have to read the paper my self; I am not starting that until I have to. More time for other fun stuff, like learning about TED! Congrats on FP!!! I am still working for the day I see one of my blogs on that page, and it will come I know! Have a great weekend!!!! 🙂 AmberLena

  1. What a fantastic way to embrace nerdiness! 😉 Serioulsy, love it! I’m a bit of a dork as well and love learning something new, so I am all for this post!

    Great job and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! It is well-deserved!

  2. Brilliant post! I love the idea of taking small steps every day toward self-improvement and intellectual growth, and you’ve provided some great links here. Thanks, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. I LOVE this list!

    My son is a freerice.com junkie (he feels guilty when he doesn’t go there for a day). And I’m a huge fan of the classics as well. And new languages. And taking a class. And … well, I could go on and on…

    Sexy(ish) nerds unite! 🙂

  4. Wow! Great post! I myself am a nerd and simply love learning new stuff, so I am definitely 110% going to try this list! 😀

    And congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  5. It’s a good list, but there are TIME factors involved here. If I did all of this, when would I ever find time to get any writing done? I guess if I had to pick one, I’d go with the learn a new word each day. I used to do this, actually, but I kept forgetting them. So the first day it was learn one word. The next day it was learn two words. The next day it was three. You get the idea. Pretty soon I had so many words to learn that the effort became unsustainable. Now I just use the words I already know. I get extra ones from the thesaurus.

    1. That’s true, you certainly couldn’t do every single item on this list every day – there would be no time, and no real opportunity for you to consolidate your learning either. That’s why I would recommend keeping your learning varied and fun! Choosing a few items and doing them on different days. And then maybe next month you can try different items on the list. Thank you for your comment! Good luck in your pursuit for a better vocabulary. I love to do that too!

  6. Very interesting ideas indeed I’m impressed, you actually had original content and not some canned cliched instruction. Well done .

    1. Thank you 🙂 That is a very meaningful compliment for me to receive. I made this list from personal experience, not from something I had googled. I’m glad you appreciated it Ray!

  7. Very interesting list and I’m glad to find that I’m actually doing most of them. And I couldn’t agree with you more on nerds being sexy. Haha 😀

  8. Aw you did just say that! Thanks for posting for us nerds. It’s nice to know there are more people actively trying to educate themselves. I believe it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others!

    1. I think that it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others, and also the most important! I’m so glad you’re onboard, homie 😉

  9. How have I gone through life without discovering TED?! Just procrastinated an hour away learning all sorts of potentially useful stuff. Thanks for bringing to my attention what will now be a valuable addition to my existence =)

    1. Omg! Me too! I had heard about TED a long time ago but never really got into. And then once I took the time to really explore, I got hooked.

  10. Great summary of how to!

    Random wikipedia articles are fun, especially when you get all the way to the bibliography.

    Classics are oftentimes boring, and I am not afraid to say so :-). There are plenty of new literature that is informative and interesting, especially written by investigative journalists.

    Off to read the headlines!

    1. I added wikipedia to the list. Thank you for the suggestion. You’re right. It is a great resource!
      And about your comment on classics, well I can’t agree or disagree with you! Everyone has their own opinon and their own taste in regards to how they want to educate themselves.
      Thank you for your comment buddy 🙂

      1. I would not expect anybody to agree or disagree. The only reason I mentioned that is to question this idea of “must like classics.” I have read a good share and some of them a couple of times, but some of them were …well…blah.

        Malavika, you are totally right about nerds being sexy – I am married to one, and let me tell you, he is one dead sexy nerd 🙂

        1. That’s true. Anything in life could be “good” or “bad”, “interesting” or “boring” – and classics are no exception to that!
          Congratulations on marrying a nerd! I imagine they would make the best husbands 🙂

  11. This has always been my philosophy…to keep learning and growing always – despite watching old friends fall off the learning wagon, growing apathetic or complacent. But I find that I need to remind myself every now and then. I LOVE your list and am very pleased to see I’m already doing most of these things…I could definitely add puzzles and memory games though, as my memory is terrible! Thank you!

    1. You go girl! I always underestimated the importance of enhancing your memory – but now I realize how important it is. After reading much about bright thinkers, inventors, and straight- up gangster genius’s, I realize that their memory skills are quite extraordinary. Well, I guess they have to be for them to remember all the good stuff they know! 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Oh man, how could I forget stumbleupon! I use it all the time. I must add it to the list. Thank you!

  12. Hey!
    Honestly I just went through your post quickly to read the main ideas, but I’m surely going to give it a more thorough read once I get more time.
    And by the way, you had me as soon as I read the title, cheers!

  13. Great tips – a day in which something is learned is a day worth living.

    I have started watching a series “50 documentaries to see before you die” on the Current channel. I found this while mindlessly flipping channels during my most recent migraine. I decided then to watch 1 (not necessarily from the list) each week, but a documentary of some sort.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    1. Hmm that sounds like something I would be very interested in! I’ll google it! Thank you for the suggestion! A documentary a week is a great idea. That’s 52 documentaries a year!

  14. Brilliant! Some amazing ideas here! , printed loads of english words and dates that I think I should know and stuck them around the house. This is a great list and I will check these links, documentaries are brilliant especially on a hungover day when your head doesn’t seem to work its good to still get some information…:)

  15. Very cool ideas! I’m glad to see I practise quite a number of them already! And like you, I love documentaries and dislike classic books, but have read a few just to see what the fuss is all about! 🙂

    1. Hey now, I never said I disliked classics. I just find them more challenging to read than many modern books! But that just makes me like them more 🙂
      Classics are great to help you be a better reader and writer!
      I do love documentaries though!

  16. Hello,
    First of all, let me congratulate you on the fine work you did on this article. The work you put in and time as well paid off I guess with the featuring of your article in the Freshly pressed section of WordPress.com.
    Second, I like your article a lot and I think a reread is in order from my part.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll be seeing more great articles like this one.
    Best regards,

  17. Malavika, Congrats on being Freshly Educated..oopsie, I mean Freshly Pressed — I knew your writing was good!!! This just proves it.

    Thanks for your blog friendship and for sharing all of the stuff in your noggin with everyone else.

    Have a great day!

    Mr. Bricks

  18. I was thrilled to discover I already do most of these things. And on a side note – not only do you learn doing all this stuff but you become a whiz at trivia night. So nerds are not just sexy – but drink for free as well!

  19. Wow.. you are going to have to have your mind turned on all the time, have you got an extra day there in your day?. i love it. i want to be like you. My problem is that I read everything all the time but I can’t remember most of it. So maybe I should add read and memorise to my list!.. great job c

    1. 🙂 Well Cecilia, I don’t think it is physically possible to do every single one of these things each day. That’s why you have to choose what to focus on one day, and keep it varied. For a couple of weeks I might work certain things on that list, and then switch to something else!

      And yes, working on your memory is very important in keeping your nerd status 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment. xxxx

  20. Pretty good list, I highly recommend BBC nature documentaries for #10, especially Planet Earth and Wild China. I never knew I liked science until the BBC and National Geographic started showing me how beautiful and fascinating it could all be (also: Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything and Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk podcast have been big helps with this).

    I would also add subscribing to National Geographic to the list, they cover so many subjects and do it so well I’m constantly awed.

  21. This is such a wonderful list! You’ve inspired me. I studied a foreign language years ago, and I’m trying to get back into it, but I’ve been wanting to learn French as well, because it is spoken in my family. Now I feel inspired to just start learning, and who knows! Maybe it will get me back into the other language I studied and I’ll improve in many ways!

  22. Really great list! I think the first ones I’ll be adding into my daily routine are TED talks and FreeRice.com – both are fun, engaging, and educational! I already try to read for 30 minutes each day and find that incredibly valuable.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  23. Delightful post! I’d add stories. . . . funny stories: read them, tell them, listen to them, and watch them everyday. I’m 63 years old and I’ve seen a lot of drama in my life, but I’ve been able to overcome that drama through tons and tons of deep, belly-slapping, side-splitting laughter!

    From: A Storyteller (www.howthehelldidienduphere.wordpress.com)

  24. Hey! I like the post! If you haven’t already stumbled upon them, the podcasts from How Stuff Works, mainly Stuff You Should Know or Stuff Mom Never Told You are amazing podcasts and super handy!!

  25. Wow, this was amazing. And I thought I was the only one interested in learning stuff that is totally random, like watching a documentary about how the richter scale came in to being! This was really amazing and the ideas are to expand your vocab and increase your knowledge levels are pretty cool. Also I wanted to add that when you learn more about how the world works, then one can become a very good writer as well-it makes the books much more interesting!

    1. I agree. As you learn more, you become a more interesting person. and as you become a more interesting person, you have more interesting things to offer in your writing too!

  26. I like the idea of the intentional learning and use of new words each day – though even one or two a week would suffice for the purposes of increasing vocabulary. Watching a TED talk is good too – very inspirational!

    Thanks for a well written and thought through post.

  27. Congrats on being FP and this is a great article, I’m definitely going to re-read this and really incorporate this into my life… Another thing we should educate ourselves on is subliminal programming that’s running rampant in our society… I just read another WordPress blog about Jeff Warrick and his documentary called “Programming the Nation?” It’s got clips and interviews with the director and trailers for the documentary.. I’m super excited and trying to get the word out about subliminal programming cuz we really do need to wake up! … http://bit.ly/qcS9hO Love, EMFilmGeek

  28. After reading this post I can now feel guilt-free about the way I spend my days collecting intellect and my last 30 minutes reading before bed. Sounds like you live a very thoughtful and intentional life. Congratulations on the fp

  29. Three cheers for TED – WOOOOOT!!! I watch it while I’m cleaning dishes – because nerds are, in fact, very sexy – and go to bed further convinced that the world is a good place. Reading classics? Learning for fun? Yes and YES! Great post!

  30. Another thought would be to listen to the randomness coming out of your kids’ mouths. they are creative, unencumbered and exploring their art or activities is absolutely mind opening

  31. better method for #3 Read Before Bed that will encourage reading a little bit more (since we know everyone outside of this site probably looks at reading like having to mow the yard or paint a fence).

    -Get in bed as you would. Don’t even worried about the time.
    -Crack open your book and simply start reading
    -If you find your eyes beginning to get weak, flip through the next few pages to see if it’ll offer you a break (chapter, section, focus change, etc etc) soon for a good place to stop and pass out. If you’re lucky an interesting part will come up and you’ll keep reading even more.
    -once you’re done, DO NOT LOOK AT THE CLOCK. Turn off your light and go to sleep. I find that if I look at the clock before I go to sleep, it’s almost stressful. “Ughhh it’s 3am again?!? I’m only going to get 4 hours of sleep tonight, great.” Then I wake up knowing just how tired I SHOULD be after only 4hours of sleep, where as if I didn’t look at the clock I might be able to trick my mind that I got more sleep than I actually did.

    …then repeat. hell, a good story before bed may leave you with some more interesting dreams that you otherwise may have

  32. I just wanted to say I love the title. I actually laughed out loud when I read that. My dad told me I was a nerd for laughing at it. I’ve been meaning to work on being more intellectual, which will be happening (I hope) since I’m heading off to college. But I have tried reading more, or rather, reading more books outside my normal preference. Perhaps I’ll try to fit some of these other into my schedule. I know learning a new language and reading classics is already in there. Great post 🙂

  33. Wow. I do most of these already! Thanks for reinforcing how much of a nerd (and therefore sexy) I really am! Congrats on FP 🙂

  34. you may not know…but the truth is that @ one time or the other i’ve tried doing a FEW of these things like learning a new word each day,visiting wikihow.com,learning a new language …..but as u said staying commited may be diff’….but now i’ll try to incoporate all of these and possibly more into mylife….tkanks a bunch!!!!!!!!

  35. hahahaha, by far this is best free advice i’ve ever got in my entire life, thanks for posting it, id like to know how u were inspired to do this and what were your sources
    loved the freerice game, its AWESOME!
    you should like become an adviser lol. BEST POST EVER! 😀

  36. your ideas are great, and I might check out some of those resources, but I wanted to let you know (and I don’t want to embarrass you) that you miss spelled report in suggestion #3.

    1. Thank you, but actually I did intend to use the word “rapport” and not “report”. I meant rapport in the sense of developing a a good connection and flow with your reading list.

  37. Way sexy! Plus, this descibes me, too: I’am “quick, easy, informative, and give you a glimpse of a subject that you may decide to do more reaearch on later!” Small world!

  38. Oh my gosh, this is the best post I have ever read on WordPress. It completely embodies everything that I want to achieve! Knowing that there’s others like me who solely want to ‘learn more’ has inspired me to actually dedicate myself to more of these (because I already do quite a few of them to fill my time). Thank you thank you thank you!!

    1. Yeah, I think writing this post made me realize how many nerds are actually out there in the world! Wow! I am very impressed and feeling pretty hopeful!

  39. I LOVE this post. I wish more people could get into this type of thinking. So few people care about learning more, bettering themselves or what’s going on in the world. As a college student it frustrates me to NO end to have conversations with people my own age. They’re so oblivious to the world around them and couldn’t care less about something unless it could be (A)Put on their resume (B)Get them bonus points in class or (C)Has to do with drinking, smoking, partying, etc.

    So little motivation amongst so many people…*sigh*

  40. Hello
    I really enjoyed read your post..
    It’s super helpful for me, and you provieded a few sites they are really amazing .
    Thank you so much

  41. #14 When you run into some point of dispute or shared uncertainty having to do with factual (or mostly factual) information either do a little research immediately or make a note of the topic, term, date, etc. and look it up when you are able to do so. So often in conversations we will come to an imp[pass with someone else or simply journey forward based on some supposed point and in this day and age there is little need to bicker about who in fact invented velcro or wrote the Loony Toons intro melody since most of us are in easy reach of a computer or some mobile device 24/7 and can fill in the blank.

    My suggestion may be less than sexy I confess. As someone in the habit of fact checking frequently, I have had friends who appreciate and share this inclination and others who have been quite nasty toward me about it (perhaps taking it as a criticism though I am often announcing that my presumption on some point was incorrect based on what I have been able to find). Still I have found pleasure in being able to learn more and back up what I think I know and do this as things arise and the interest and motivation are still hotly felt.

  42. Super interesting! And taking a class is a great way to continue educating yourself after high school, college or even graduate school. I agree that being nerdy is sexy 🙂

  43. One thing I love about taking the bus to and from work is that I get at least an hour’s worth of reading in five days a week (and I’m rereading 1984 right now, so there’s two! 🙂
    Putting more effort into a current hobby *shifty eyes* maaaaaybe I need to do that…

    This is a fantastic list! May I ask how many of these things you try to do each day?


    1. Totally! It’s so important to utilize whatever time you have to read and incorporate these learning techniques. We don’t all have hours and hours of free time to sit and “study for fun”. So we have to use the time we have – long commutes, waiting for appointments, etc!

      1. I do not do all these things every day. That would be impossible! I do do everything on this list however, at the appropriate times – and when I am inspired to. I am always inspired to learn, so it depends what way I am inspired to educate myself!

        I do some items of these things every day for sure!

  44. I love this list! I always tell myself that I’m going to try devoting more time to bettering myself, but it’s so easy to get distracted by the things that potentially make me a worse person: facebook, trashy television, etc. I love that you spelled everything out – I’m thinking about condensing your list and posting it somewhere in my room as a reminder of things that I can do instead of turning to social networks or TV. =)

    1. At the end of the day, all of these things are just habits we have to create! It won’t always come super naturally, even though you naturally have the inspiration to learn. It’s all about finding time in our day (and yes we have time for it!) and being committed to it.

      You should totally keep this list somewhere you can see it. When we create new habits, we must always remind ourselves of the habit we are creating, or we are very likely to just forget it and therefore fail in implementing it into our lifestyle. Good luck!

    1. Ugh, when I figure it out, I’ll let you know!
      I guess as my mom says…READ THE HEADLINES!
      After a while of just reading the headlines, we will have some kind of base knowledge to start some further research in areas that we don’t know much about or understand much about!

  45. I agree! Anything we can do to improve our minds is definitely a good thing. One thing I like doing is searching the internet for professors who have put college curricula online. It’s an amazing way to pass the time! AND, you end up learning skills for free that other people have paid to learn in a formal classroom.

    I have lived by that my whole life…a year ago I made it a life goal to hit on Mark Zuckerberg……………………………………….I now realize only I would make that a life goal.

  47. i am gonna try every single thing which you have mentioned although i do read a lot!! Lovely post! congrats on making it to Freshly Pressed!!!

  48. Very interesting short-list. So much better than doodling and staring in space which are not on my list but I always end up doing. Totally agree with TED talks and stumbleupon. I have stumbled upon some of the most amazing stuff on the internet. Congrats on FP!

  49. wooww..!! very nice and informative, i try to check out tedd.com every day as well.. thanx for your great post..learning truly is an everyday thing.. 😀

  50. Thanks for sharing this – awesome and informative read 😉 I love learning and this inspires me to start working on some of the suggestions you gave!

    And congrats on freshly pressed!

  51. Hello Malavica!
    I’ve just read your post and found it magically. That’s what I need now. Thanks for your awesome sharing.
    I’ve copied it into my blog to easily read everyday. Thank you:)

  52. Malavika; I enjoyed your post and the fifty or so comments I read. Because I didn’t read them all, if someone suggested this I apologize for wasting space. Write every day. Writing will incorporate your learning into your life in a way you can track. It needn’t be for public consumption and you can start small. A short description of your thoughts on what you’ve learned, perhaps? Jen

  53. WOW! I just watched EAT. PRAY. LOVE for the 3rd time and one line keeps jumping out at me “Ruin is the transformation to change”….

    Reading your blog just solidified that statement. Knowledge is power. And when you know better you do better, I am a firm believer of this philosophy! Your post is awesomely informative and stimulating for those of us trying to conquer the quest of living a purposeful life amongst the chaotic mayhem of everyday living in this “HELLISH” place called Earth.

    I want to thank you, again for being brave enough to walk to your own beat of the daily drum in this contradicting society called USA….

    Good day,

    AKeys, the unruly one

  54. I love TED!! recently watched one where a man was giving a VERY convincing talk about why the washing machine is man’s greatest invention! awesome blog btw, congrats on being freshly pressed 😀

  55. Nice article! I was already doing most of the things but FreeRice and AGoogleADay are new. Keep up the good work.

  56. Thank you for sharing and yes, it is never too late or too early to learn something new. It is okay to keep on educating ourselves regardless of age and education level.

  57. This is definitely a great article for self improvement. While I do some of these already, I found others that are really interesting ideas and I look forward to implementing them in my own life! 🙂

  58. I love this post! I already do most of these things, but I need to keep this list around as a reminder, and I think I’ll pass it on to my students. Congratulations on the FP!

  59. I have never thought of doing something like this I want to thank you for taking the time to put this together for others. It is avery good idea and I am going to start trying some of these suggestions for myself.

  60. I love Mike Dooley’s inspirational notes from the universe on tut.com. They’ve changed my life and they’re coming to Kenya!! I also write health tips and inspirational notes on facebook.com/healthretreatsafrica. Thanks for the tips – I love TED.com as well… always positive direction, that’s learning and letting go – better assimilation of knowledge that way:). Ameet

  61. I love Mike Dooley’s inspirational notes from the universe on tut.com. They’ve changed my life and they’re coming to Kenya!! I also write health tips and inspirational notes on http://facebook.com/healthretreatsafrica. Thanks for the tips – I love TED.com as well… always positive direction, that’s learning and letting go – better assimilation of knowledge that way:). Amee

  62. Good for you to start your pursuit of intellect. If you should know something, then get to know something about your self.

    As one of the Great Masters said, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

    My Motto ” As long as I learn something everyday, it doesn’t matter how big or small that something is, because I didn’t know it before, and it all adds up in the end”.

    But you have to have the WISDOM to use what you learn to make a positive difference in your own life, and our fellow humans life as well.

    Free Spiritual and Personal Growth teachings please goto http://palmtreelifestyle.wordpress.com

    Enjoy your journey to your destination…

  63. Excellent post! Thank you for the great reminders.
    I would add learning and playing a musical instrument because of the global brain connections this creates and some form of regular movement/exercise because there’s nothing better for the brain than the free-flowing oxygen or one’s energy than muscle (that’s the tissue that produces energy.)
    Thank you so much for this concise list and congratulations on your 3rd stint on freshly pressed!

  64. The beauty of having a child…when he starts learning, you learn all kinds of “nerdy” facts and have an excuse to play with those puzzles, logic diagrams and know that the human body has 206 bones!

  65. Clever and provocative advice. I will be sure to look into your suggestions – awesome statistic with the books! You’re right, that really will leave a dent.

    One thing that occurred to me as a possible addition to this list is messing around on an awesome website called SoulPancake (http://www.soulpancake.com). It was created by Rainn Wilson of ‘The Office’ and is essentially a philosophy and spirituality forum where you can “chew on life’s big questions.” Just an idea.

    Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  66. This sounds a lot like my annual New Year Resolutions! Will have to get round to doing some of them now… And I agree stumbleupon is amazing!

  67. Love your blog–have just subscribed to it. Congrats on being FP three times…I’ve made it twice now, and am thrilled about it…always nice to be recognized for something we love to do anyway! Best of luck in Ireland, and keep us up-to-date with your adventures.

  68. Hmmm. Maybe the fact that I used to read my parents’ encyclopedia for fun (back when they were actually paper books) is not such a bad thing after all. Thanks for making me feel sexy!

  69. Thanks for the thought-provoking list on self-educating 🙂 I especially like no.3 and no.7 – an avid reader myself – but also no.9 and no.5. And no.18 is simply brilliant. I’m so glad to hear that there are others out there who are unashamed to have a thirst for knowledge, an awareness of their ignorance, and at the same time an awe of, the world around them. If I could add something, it would be to look into the big questions of life more. In fact, that’s why I set up a blog, to explore some of these themes through music and poetry reviews. Feel free to have a read and let me know what you think: http://www.calminthechaotic.wordpress.com.

  70. #13 Learn a new language, is the one I can speak of from experience. I have studied several languages on my own and college (French, German, Russian, Dutch) and I know how rewarding it can be to at least have a basic understanding in a different language. I definitely enjoy your list and will come back and take a look at it 🙂

  71. When I was finally cut off from free cable 3 years ago, my intellect expanded a lot. I recommend turning off the television b/c it freed up enough time for me to learn how to paint, realize I love reading about social economics, master two new sports, and start blogging.

    I’ve also learned the fine art of internet fuckery. That’s probably my favorite so far. <3 B

  72. Just happened to “stumble upon” your article. It’s enlightening, original and well written! I’ve only started blogging recently and it’s good to find creative writers like you.

  73. Wow how numerous are the comments ….so positive and uplifting. You just dont know how many people can be touched by your blog. Love it and very inspiring! Keep up the good work! Fly high!

  74. Nice post. And you word for the day is: Defenestrate – This means ‘to throw out a window’, as in ‘I got mad and defenestrated my boss today.’

  75. These are really great ideas. It’s great to see people appreciating the idea of being smart. I love to read biographies or nonfictional books. Find something you love and go for it! I love travel so I throw myself into reading all sorts of articles about travel, anthropology, geography and all things associated. Congrats on being freshly pressed!


  76. This is an awesome post! The ideas about doing puzzles, taking classes and learning about your work are awesome suggestions that I try to incorporate daily, and of course I watch TED all the time! Thanks for sharing these! I would also suggest purposeful social interaction, through activities like network marketing or club activities, as social interaction could contribute to improved cognition (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/12/041220004234.htm talks some about that, if you’re interested).

    Again, thanks for the ideas!!

    1. Actually, I am a big fan of lucid dreaming, though I have not been maintaining my lucid dreaming practice much these days, I used to a lot 🙂

  77. Great list and definitely unique too. One way I like to stay nerdy is reading up on insect/animal/biology books. I used to do it a lot more but with work and all that, it’s hard to find free time to read, let alone blog and all that. Thanks for sharing!

  78. Studies have also shown that continuous education decreases the chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Unless it’s in your genes… that just sucks.

  79. Loved your post and I love that you are young and you know these things to be true. In fact, I’m sending your link to my grown children. As an x-elementary school teacher, I grew up as a foster kid in the inner city and didn’t start reading until I was 14. I started reading 3 books a week and memorizing 5 words a week. (See my short story: “Into the Woods” on my blog.) Reading is the key to the world and understanding others — reading everything! Reading got me out of poverty and allowed me to travel the world. I still read 2 – 3 books a week at 63, and have started my own storytelling blog just to keep up my “worship of words.” http://www.howthehelldidienduphere.wordpress.com. Thank you for your excellent ideas!

  80. Impressive, inspiring stuff. The one word a day, simple as it sounds can make a lot of difference if like you said we use it in our sentences that day. Thanks for posting. I was laughing at the irony of it all when you mentioned ‘Stumble upon’ coz I had stumbled upon this post of yours on the very first day I started using it.

  81. awesome awesome awesome……somewhere back in our mind we all think of doing all these things….but all of it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life…great job that u put them all together in one place…it was a good read 🙂

  82. Wonderful suggestions. I immediately started on watching a few TED talks, and I have to say, I’m loving it. I’ve also started spending a little bit of time on Free Rice. I’ve donated 500 grains of rice so far! It feels good knowing that by educating myself, I can feed hungry children in another country.

    Thank you for these suggestions. I hope that you’ll do more wonderful posts like this soon. (Also, congratulations on being freshly pressed!)

  83. I totally agree! Your list is great! I am a bit of a nerd myself. I believe that if you don’t learn something on a certain day, then it is a wasted day!

  84. Pretty excellent post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have incredibly enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing for your feed and I hope you write-up once more soon.

  85. wow O.O .. what a list ..
    Well, Zeitgeist is really good to watch on… last sem, our prof asked us to make a movie analysis on that. Yah.. its lil hard to make some.. but Zeitgeist is really an awesome topic to tackle in. 2pages aren’t enough to say what you want to say about that. Much futuristic…. its all about global economy.. so interesting indeed….

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  90. I’m extremely pleased to find this web site. I want to to thank you for ones time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and i also have you bookmarked to check out new things in your website.

  91. I have really learnt a lot I just pray I remember everything and put it to use,learning words from d dictionary at least 2words everyday is a very important point

  92. Wacky idea, but just gonna throw it out there (grad students in sociology, political science, psychology, physics……ok, any grad student…need not respond)…perhaps an advanced degree…….if you’re that fired up about learning stuff…..then go learn stuff, get a degree, get a productive job, create something, and stop consuming knowledge simply for the sake of consumption.

  93. Anyone being sexy to you is just your perception, To something that most people respond with a YUCK you can respond with WOW. Like they beauty lies in eye’s of the observer. Any ways you can get some great Essay Writing Tips On my Article Check it out might as well help you become a nerd 😛 .

  94. So far this site has really changed my outlook on life. Thank you for helping to open my eyes. It is important that we always improve ourselves a little every day. I believe that this site is a wonderful way to do just that.

  95. 13. Learn a new language. Duolingo.com is a free online language learning program comparable to Rosetta Stone. Again, emphasis on FREE. I’ve started back into French and LOVE it. There’s no easier way to pick up a language.

  96. Reblogged this on Spinster's Compass and commented:
    The title speaks for itself. This can also be helpful for expatriates who are having challenges with living in another country. Work on yourself, and you’ll begin appreciating your adopted country even more.

  97. I recently started my on my goal to read 15 classics over the summer and was trying to find other ways to make myself a more well-rounded and intellecual young-adult. I feel like high school leaves out many important subjects that can make a person more well-rounded and this article has some great suggestions. I have watched TED talks in the past, and they are very interesting… I also recently took an art history class for fun and to learn about what I should be looking for at museums (it helped a lot with the vocab).

    Ps. I have a suggestion to add watching Jeopardy to this list… I learn so many quirky facts and I love yelling out the answers against the players on tv (:

  98. And…here is another one…from me:
    Learn quotes, proverbs, adages, and maxims​ and use them in your conversations and writings occasionally.
    This habit makes you deep and right thinkers.
    Good luck! 🙂

  99. Reblogged this on Health Food Store Girl and commented:
    Learning today is easier than ever! We have access to the world’s greatest teachers, gurus, and all sorts of experts at our fingertips. You think you have no time, but I bet you can easily pass a college course’s curriculum while driving the kids to and from afterschool activities or during your commute to and from work. You can subscribe to the podcasts of individuals that you respect, or simply search by what you are interested in. Podcasts and free and informative. The ones I recommend for everyone are Achieve Your Goals with Hal Erlod (the author of Miracle Morning), The Tim Ferris Show (Choose interviews with the guests you admire), Operation Self Reset, Tara Brach (for meditations), The Startup School with Seth Godin, these are just a few I follow on my phone and I have to say they keep me inspired and on my “high flying disk” of being aligned with universe and promote the flow of creative juices. Morning meditations are a breeze as you can look up and find any type of guided meditation and music on youtube. My kindle gives me samples of books I want to explore and purchase if I like what I read. If a choice is between playing candy crush which teaches nothing and is a complete waste of time using the same technology in my pocket and learning something new which in turn stimulates thinking and creating, I choose the latter.

  100. I loved this very much you motivated me to do better and try my best in life to find the things that do mAtter and build me as a person THANK YOU ! ^_^

  101. Thank you so much for giving us alot of new great things to do in our life , but I’ve a question, what is the Ted talk !!! I have no answe for my qus maybe because I’m from another culture or stuff like that

  102. Really nice article & but some improvement is possible so please do favor for all the new searchers & improve this & do some changes

    THanks Malavika

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