April’s first time at the dog park!

Just a little bit of photography & blogging for my (and hopefully your) pleasure.

April follows my mom around like a shadow. Or like cattle. She has the large but gentle presence of a cow. So this is where her day begins.

She loves to chase and find patches of sunlight to sit in.

FThis is my little brother taking a nap on the couch.

Downward dog! We like to practice some yoga stretches together.

Which quickly ends in a wrestling match because she will find and steal either a sock, underwear or a hair bobble. Today it was a hair bobble.

I think she kind of looks like a big rat sometimes.

But hey, wrestling with me ain’t all that easy, and soon after, she’s out in the grass re-cooperating.

My mom and I sat on the deck for a while. We tried to get April here for a picture but she was too distracted with the prospect that we might be going on a walk that she was running around like a crazy puppy and not listening to us at all.

She isn’t usually allowed on the furniture.

GUESS WHAT APRIL! TODAY WE ARE GOING TO THE DOG PARK! April looooves going in the car, but after a few minutes starts crying. Well she can’t have her cake and eat it too. All we have to say is “Get in the car” and she runs to the garage and waits by the trunk.

I am so pleased with this shot. It turned out exactly as I wanted it. I wanted the sky to be illuminated and the mountains to be dark.

At the dog park April made some friends! Look at her leading the pack – which is kind of deceiving because she is actually a very submissive dog and is scared of stupid things like a carton of milk.

See how the lighting changed? This is my favourite time of the day. I call it “The golden light”. 

I love the contrast between the stilness and the motion in the photograph.

Cleaning poop. It’s what I do.

This would have been a great photograph if you didn’t know I was carrying a bag of dog shit in my hand.


“Look April, you’re supposed to get inside this thing like this!”

“Whatever, loser. I ain’t goin’ near that.”

Kamloops at dusk.

I went shopping with ma today, and I bought this! I love Escada and I can’t wait to wear this. I love sweet and fruity scents. I’m going to enjoy this one for the summer before I go back to my regular, embarrasing yet favourite of all time – Britney Spears Fantasy.

That scent is SO ME.

Just because 🙂

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  1. Fantastic post! Yeah, April had a great time at the park. She was so tired and dead to the world after using up all her pent-up energy! Good pictures, Mal. Your pictures and the captions will certainly bring a smile on my face every time I read this blog in the future.

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