Your business: You are the product.

I started my work when I was 18 years old, although I probably wouldn’t have called it a “business” back then – but that’s what it was and that’s what it is. The whole creative process generated such a huge learning curve for me – and I realized how much fun it can be to commit yourself the most important project of all in your life – project you!

As time went by I realized that my business gradually transformed into my brand – and our brand is a very integral and important part of our business. My business coach Heather White defined brand as what people say about you when you are not in the room. What do you want your brand to say about you? What are the three qualities or attributes you want yourself and your work to embody – that you want people to associate with you and your product?

When I started my business I sometimes would worry about attracting clients or even the right kind of clients. There are so many “unknowns” in the creation of your business. How will I get the right number of clients every month? How will I attract the right kind of people to work with me? How will I make enough income every month?

All these questions have one answer.

By being great at what you do, and having a great product.

If you are great at what you do, you generate consciousness and confidence. People are drawn to this.

By having a great product you will believe in your own self, and you generate faith and belief. People dig this too.

(And it would be redundant to mention that also, by having a great product people will obviously love it because it’s….great and it works and people need it!)

These are the only two things you need to ever concern yourself with in your business. EVER. All the other growth tips are great to garnish your business but should never be used as a substitute for the actual product.

If you feel like you are not attracting enough people/the right kind of people (because lets face it, every business needs people to survive and thrive) you need to ask yourself if you are

  1. Doing great work.
  2. Maintaining a great product.

If you are not doing great work – what can you change about your process? You need to be the best at what you do, because people seek out the best. If you are not the best, you’re going to be overlooked – even if your product is pretty awesome.

If you are not maintaining a great product that you believe in – ask yourself why you are trying to sell what you are trying to sell. If you can’t improve it and make it great, then maybe its time to find something you really do believe in.

And if you are doing both these things and you’re still wondering why the heck people haven’t found you – keep faith, because it’s just a matter of timing.

I remember when I hosted my first ever workshop when I was 19 – a year after I had started giving readings. I worked so hard to develop the content because that was my primary concern. 6 people came to my first workshop and I was delighted. It certainly wasn’t a crowd but I was comfortable because I knew I had something good to give. I believed in my product.

It was held in my living room and my mom made food for everybody. It was intimate and welcoming for me. This was the first step.

I was never disheartened, even though in my heard I knew that one day I wanted to talk in front of big groups of people (because that’s what I like to do – sharing ideas + public speaking = love). All I knew was that this was my first step and as long as I was the best at what I did, that I offered a great product and great service to people – then the only direction to go from here was UP.

I never faltered with my product and my service. I am my own biggest (loving) critic. I set a high standard for myself and believe me, I am the first to notice if I am dropping below par.

Overtime my workshop numbers increased. In my last workshop over 60 people signed up and I was able to hire a chef to cater the event. I even had a projector and a powerpoint presentation, y’all! The local metaphysical store sponsored me, and provided great material for the workshop. Everything came together seamlessly and I was full of gratitude.

When you can be confident about your product and your service, you notice that people are magnetized towards you. They want to know you. They want to buy your product. They want to listen to what you have to say. They want to support you. In this regard, it is a totally effortless process. The only place where some effort has to be inputted is in the generation of the product itself. But even that’s easy if you believe in it yourself.

If you have a great product and if you are good at what you do, people will look for you. The universe will practically set up your business for you.

It’s that simple.

A successful entrepreneur realizes that not only do they have a great product, but they are ALSO part of the package deal. You are the product. Whatever you are selling or trying to put out into the world, given the size of the world – there’s likely to be a few other people selling a similar or if not – exactly the same – product or idea. So what makes you different?

Well, you make you different.

Use that. Own that.

And don’t forget to enjoy the creative process, because you are doing something you were born to do – create! Enjoy creating and recreating yourself and your product until you find something that totally fits.

And then go out into the world and sell the best version of yourself. Because YOU are the product.




  1. good article, some change from the spiritual stuff on the blog. inspirational for me too. to think about what i do and how i do it… and i got the idea… keep doing what you do and be good at it 🙂

    though, it’s can feel watery for people with some knowledge of economics.

    1. Pupsik,
      🙂 well, once I gain some knowledge of economics, I’m sure it would be better. This is just written from my own perspective and level of economic-less experience.

      I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Another fantastic post Malavika!! And what great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?!?!? I’ve just spent half an hour on your blog and with all the amazing inspiration and food, glorious food, I’m off to make dinner….nom nom nom! Thanks for being such a beautiful light – lotsa love!!! xo

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