Photographs of flying in the sky

5:00 am Manchester airport. Empty. And blue.

These were taken as I waited for my last flight from Vancouver to Kamloops. Which I waited for for 5 hours by the way. Just saying.

Airports would be the best place to take photographs of strangers but I’m always too shy to do that. But after about 3 days of travelling (which should have taken one day) I started to leave all my inhibitions behind. 

Leaving Vancouver.

I think I actually know the route from Vancouver to Kamloops. It’s such a short flight – 45 minutes. I know the whole thing. If you want directions, you just go up, fly past the city, through the mountains, turn left just after the mountains, cross all the lakes and stuff, turn right, go straight for a while and BAM you’re in Kamloops. Easy.

These are the said mountains. There is snow on the mountains.

Does anyone else think that it is really such a shame that clouds are just water vapor? Water vapor is no fun. You can’t really play with water vapor. I wish clouds were as fun as they looked and you could play with them and stuff. 

I have faced pretty much every traveling disaster ever. I am a veteran now. Nothing phases me.

My first flight was overbooked and then I had to get a hotel room in London and spend the whole day and night. My second flight was delayed. Then it was longer than expected (10.5 hours UGH!) because we had to fly around the stupid ash cloud. This made me miss my next flight, of course. So I had to wait for 5 hours. Even when my parents picked me up and were driving me home, all I wanted was to be OUT of any kind of transport or waiting for any kind of transport for like a day. Then I’ll be good.

It was my first time taking pictures from a airplane window. You’d think I would have done it already, but I just never have. Now I ALWAYS will. *Evil laugh*

When I arrived, Devaki (my 8 year old friend) presented me with this “welcome home” gift. This was our conversation.

Devaki: Machi, this is a gift for you. I hope you like it.

Me: Oh…Wow! ….What is it?

Devaki: *Very matter of factly* It’s a paper clip all bent up.

Me:….Okay then! Awesome! Thank you!

Devaki: It’s meant to look like you.

Me: *Staring at the paperclip*…this is supposed to look like me? That looks great Devaki. Thank you!

Devaki: You’re welcome 🙂

She even added the little jewel herself! What a strange but awesome gift?

Oh, and she told me her first funny joke today. She really is growing up. It’s taken her 8 years to understand the concept of a joke. It was a long journey.

Before, she would always come up to me excitedly and be like “I have a joke for you” to which I would expectedly say “Ok. Go on…”

And I would get something like this:

Devaki: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Me: I don’t know. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Devaki: Because it wanted to be dead.


Devaki: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Me: I don’t know, why did the chicken cross the road?

Devaki: To get to the other side/ to eat some lunch/ because it wanted to/ to say hello to his friend.

I couldn’t even explain to her the concept of a joke. She just didn’t get it. But today, she asked me “Why shouldn’t you push an egg too hard?” and it was “because it will crack up.”

Not saying its funny but she’s getting there!

While I am ranting about my girl, Devaki – she also reads my blog. Like fully! (Geez, now I have to be careful what I write on here. Got to make sure its 8 year old proof). She knows everything thats going on, and hopefully learns a few things from these articles. She has it on bookmark and checks it about 10 times a day according to her mom. It’s strange when a little child asks you about your life to such a specific degree, because she follows your blog. But I like it. And I like her.

It was a kind of cloudy day in Kamloops.
This was so cute! I LOVE these custom made cakes from Safeway. I really do. And my mom and Salma (practically my adopted sister) bought me one 🙂

I ate my moms delicious cooking and died a little bit on the inside. April (my puppy) practically tried to eat me alive when she saw me. It was the best reception ever. The babies (Devaki and Ishaan) kept hugging me and kissing me. My mom and dad hugged me and told me “It’s good to have you back.”

(I’m going to bet it will take about 1 more day before she starts nagging me about stuff again.)

It’s good to be back!


  1. Aw babygirl!! It’s nice to see the photographs of your journey home. It’s kinda only just hit me now that you’re gone 🙁 🙁 Miss you lots and lots, come back soon!!
    Give your mom and dad a big hug from me! xx

  2. So glad you FINALLY made it home. It must feel great to be back home with family but I am sure you will soon miss your roommates and school. Such is life.

  3. Malu… I just love your Blogs. and the photographs are really good. Actually i would say your blog is Kind a Refreshing…I love it… happy to know u r Home..Enjoy lots.. Love u..Take care!!

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