Dinner at the G hotel: red wine and red dresses.

Yet another installment of my weekend birthday celebration was dinner with the girls. We wined and dined at The G hotel here in Galway. Great  food, wine, company, and red dresses. What more could a girl ask for?


This is how the night started. Becky did my hair. She’s very good at hair stuff, unlike me.

The theme was RED. Can you tell? 🙂

I bet you can now. Group shot.

This is myself looking a little bit grumpy.  I love what becky did to my hair. 

My roommates Marie and Michelle had bought me this wine glass with fairies and the number 21 written on it. I thought it would be very appropriate to drink my peach flavoured champagne from it.

I love this photograph of Becky. 


Becky and her hair in the wind.

Becky got so carried away by the “niceness” of the restaurant that she accidentally responded in french to the waiter.  We all laughed about that for a long time.

I love how everything but Emma’s glass is out of focus in this photograph.


Getting ready for the big finale.

Here it is. The action shot. My 21st birthday wish.

This year I wished that I may always be able to feel and express gratitude for my beautiful life.

Washroom break. Because girls always go to the washroom together. It’s just how we do.

I hoped you enjoyed the photographs.

Life is good.



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