Coffee and Crêpes with the girls

We “brunched” at Mr. Waffle. The girls had heard me talking about it so much that they themselves suggested going there – and they were not disappointed, believe me! I should be the spokseperson for Mr. Waffle, seriously.

You know you go to Mr. Waffle too much if, when you walk up to the cashier, she simply says “5.20 please” without even having to hear your order.

It was nice to sit with the girls and talk about life like we used to. Now they are gone, and I miss them a lot 🙁


Coffee art 🙂 Emma did not want to drink all the pretty! 

This is what girls do. We apply lipstick in public places.

This is my usual. The Chocolate Special Crepe with belgian chocolate and no whipped cream. TO. DIE. FOR.

 Emma’s om nom nom.

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