The Rockstar’s way of coping with stress

♥ My beautiful roses ♥


♥ Choose to think positive thoughts.

♥ Avoid the rush: wake up 15 minutes earlier.

♥ Learn how to say “No” to other people’s demands on your time and energy.

♥ Prepare for the morning the night before.

♥ Get enough sleep.

♥ Write down your to-do lists and plans – Don’t rely on your memory to keep track of what you need to do.

♥ Set priorities in your life. What is important to you?

♥ Avoid spending time around negative people.

♥ Play.

♥ Take power naps.

♥ Give more kisses and cuddles.

♥ Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself.

♥ Buy a whole new outfit.

♥ Take account of all the things that you have achieved in your life.

♥ Dance.

♥ Remember that you always have options.

♥ De clutter your home.

♥ Rearrange your furniture.

♥ Find a mantra for yourself and your life.

♥ Become a better listener.

♥ Exercise a little bit every day.

♥ Take a different route to work.

♥ Go on a bike ride.

♥ Go roller blading by the ocean.

♥ Take more photographs. Get your photographs printed and put them in an album.

♥ Do things today.

♥ Strive for excellence – not perfection.

♥ Always have a plan B.

♥ Practice breathing slowly and consciously.

♥ Meditate.

♥ Set aside time to read for fun.

♥ Subscribe to a magazine that you can look forward to receiving every month.

♥ Look at something beautiful for a long time (like a piece of art, or beautiful scenery)

♥ Go for long walks.

♥ Spend time alone (and be okay with it).

♥ Believe in you.

♥ Take a bubble bath.

♥ Ask yourself “What can I do now to feel better about my life?” and do it.

♥ Start a blog as your creative outlet.

♥ Do brand new things.

♥ Quit a bad habit.

♥ Change your look – get a hair cut.

♥ Break down large tasks into smaller chunks.

♥ Maintain your weight.

♥ Practice gardening.

♥ Stretch.

♥ Learn to meet your own needs.

♥ Keep a journal.

♥ Keep a gratitude journal.

♥ Pick fresh flowers and bring them home.

♥ Do what you need to do.


Because I think we can all live a little easier.

If you try to live your life as though everything is an experience; then everything that happens to you is beautiful.

“Some people feel the rain, other people just get wet.”

-Bob Marley


Good luck with exam season, people! 🙂

Don’t study too hard.


  1. I love, love, love this post! Thank you!

    Are these your words or is it a quote- “If you try to live your life as though everything is an experience; then everything that happens to you is beautiful” ?

    1. Thank you Dacia! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      That was my own words 🙂
      If I am quoting somebody I will use quotation marks and try my best to name the author. 🙂

  2. Wonderful. I don’t get much traffic to my blog but I know the few who read mine would enjoy your words and blog! I will let you know when I post. Thank you!

  3. This is the first time I am visiting your blog and I must say that you are good in blogging. Amazing stuff and a lot to learn from. will be visiting too often now on. Thanks for the inspiration!

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