How to meet your spirit guides through meditation.

NOTE: This is a very old post that I wrote about the meditation that I used to connect with my own spirit guides. Since then I have learned many new techniques and skills in order to perfect connection with the divine. Now, when I read this post I realize how primitive and basic this level of understanding and connection was. There are also some things to be wary of when trying to connect with your spirit guides in this way alone. I would like to redirect you to my my updated post on how to cultivate intuition:

 Click here: How to develop your psychic powers

Today I wanted to share with you a specific meditation I do to connect with my own spirit guides. I’ve broken it down into sections so you can not only see what I do but the purpose behind each part of it too. Hopefully this will help you in own your meditations to meet your spirit guides. My connection with my spirit guides has been one of the most meaningful and profound connections I have cultivated in my little life. It has balanced me, grounded me, lifted me, rescued me, nurtured me and loved me.

Take a few grounding breaths.

I usually begin my meditation to meet my guides (or any other meditation) by taking a few grounding breaths. It varies between 3-10.

I will take 3-10 deep breaths and focus on my breaths. If my thoughts wander, I keep bringing them back to my breathing. This is the only thing I need to focus on right now.

Taking these breaths helps me become present in my meditation.

This takes about 1 minute to complete.

Open your chakras.

The next step in your meditation is to get into a receptive state. We can do this by cleansing your chakras.

Your chakras are colourful energy centers in your body. We have 7 chakras – and each chakra is in alignment with a different aspect of your spiritual well-being. You can read more about chakras by googling it. I don’t think I am an expert in chakras, but I know what works for me through practice.

When something in our life is out of balance, the corresponding chakra also becomes out of balance. It is our job to fix this!

I go through each of my chakras by visualizing each one, beginning at my root chakra at the base of my spine. I visualize them as colourful glowing crystals. When I first see them, I can see them as a little cloudy, or dirty, or just kind of slow. Using my visualization and intention, I make them brighter and send them spinning in small circles. I will usually recite a particular appropriate affirmation for each of my chakras. For example, for my heart chakra, I could say an affirmation like “I am very loved.”

I do this for all my chakras.

This usually takes 3-5 minutes.

Raise your vibration.

Now you are in a receptive state. That’s awesome. But you still have a little bit of work to do before you’re going to get to talk to your guides. Our guides are of a much higher vibration than we humans are. In order to speak to your guides and hear their messages back, you must increase your vibration. You must tune into their frequency, or all you’re going to get is static.

If we were living in a 10 story building – we are based on the ground floor, and our guides are renting out the 7th floor. We make an agreement to meet on the 5th.

So how do we get to the 5th floor? We take the stairs, or the elevator!


Here my mind automatically takes me to this magical looking staircase in the middle of space. And I begin climbing. I count each step as I take it.

Keep climbing until you get to the top. You’ll know when you get there. Depending on how grounded I was feeling before my meditation – the number of stairs I have to climb to get to the top of my staircase varies. Sometimes it can take me like 200-500 steps (boy, those are good days 😉 ) and sometimes it can take me just 20.

If I do this meditation right after I do a reading, it can take me about 5 steps. Because I am already connected. So as you can see, it really varies.

So start climbing your staircase until you get to the top!

Go to your special place.

At the top of this staircase, I visualize a door. As I open this door, I affirm to myself that on the other side I will be taken to “my special place”.

For beginners you may want to have some place already picked out that you can easily visualize, such as a beautiful garden, or a beach, or a coffee shop.

Or you can simply open the door and allow your mind to fill in the blanks and transport you to wherever you want to be.

I have been doing this meditation for almost 5 years, so I have my own special place, although I don’t ALWAYS have to go here.

My place looks like an abandoned airport.

However, in my first meditation to meet my guide, I went to Yellowstone national park. For our first date!

But now I stick to my abandoned airport. It feels like home. When I first went to this place, there were more stairs to take me to the second floor, and on this floor I would go into a meeting/conference room where I would meet my guides.

Oh and there is always construction going on in my airport. I’m not sure why. But after a few years of doing this meditation to meet my guides, my stairs turned into an escalator, and now I have an elevator too. So it depends what I feel like taking!

So, enough about me and my experiences. I got carried away there. Anyway, open the door and take a walk in your special place. When you are comfortable there, you can ask your guides to meet you there.

How do you do that? You literally say “Hello spirit guides, would you please come and join me for our first date!”

And then what do you do?

You wait.

A meeting with your guides.

Then someone is going to show up. This is when it gets really exciting.

You might be able to “see” them.  You might be able to see what they look like, who they are, what they are wearing etc.


You might be able to “hear” them. You might be able to hear their voice and their messages to you.


You might be able to “feel” them. You might be able to feel their presence around you.


Your might be able to “know” them. You might be able to just KNOW they are there, and just have a mental conversation with them out of “knowingness”.

Just be open to whoever shows up and in whatever form, and have a conversation with them. Sit down and talk.

Say hello. Introduce yourself. Ask them their name.

It’s going to feel like you are making everything up. But that’s okay. That’s how it feels at first, but you must persevere. After you get more experienced with your guides, the stronger your connection will be, and the more you start trusting that it is THEM and not just you making up weird stories in your head.

And besides, this is not the time for you to be judgmental. You can be judgmental and consider the validity of this experience (and other fun stuff your ego loves to do) after your meditation is over. But for now, just try to remain receptive.

If this is your first time meeting your guides, keep it short and sweet. Just introduce yourself and find out who they are.

But if you want to ask more questions , here are some suggestions

–          What changes would you like to see me make in my life right now?

–          What is my life purpose?

–          Am I making the right decision?

–          What can you tell me about my relationship with ___?

–          What is the purpose of this particular conflict in my life?

–          Should I quit my job?

–          How can I heal this situation in my life?

–          What can I do to achieve my dreams and goals?

–          What do I need to let go of?

There’s tonns more.

It’s just like a conversation with someone who knows everything.

Or maybe you don’t even want to talk. Maybe you want to spend some time in this space, just knowing you are not alone. Ever.

But always remember, that you can ask all the questions you want, but you’ll never get the answers until you learn how to listen.

This is the hardest thing to learn in the whole experience. Even meeting your guides, seeing them, and talking to them is easy. Hearing their messages back – that’s the hard stuff. That’s what we have to learn how to do.

My Meditation Experience.

I thought I would also share my own personal experience of this meditation so you can have an idea of what it kind of looks like for me – as an intuitive reader and a girl who likes to get messages from her guides.

I do everything as I have stated here. I begin with a few grounding breaths, then I open and clear my chakras. I then climb my staircase (which is usually the most annoying part of the meditation for me 😛 but alas, I have learned well over the years. Sometimes it takes soooo long and it is just annoying! But Miss Prescot always cheekily reminds me that if only I would be more grounded in my day to day life I won’t have to work so damn hard during my meditations. Hehe, maybe one day I will listen to her! )

Once a week I will go to my conference room in my abandoned airport. Inside this room I will find the following people usually:

Miss Prescot + any other guides I have working with me at the moment.

My future self.

My angels

It’s a party up there for sure.

I will sit down with them and talk to each of them about what I need to work on and what changes I need to make in my life. They also let me know what kind of things are coming up for me this week. We also talk about experiences I had in this last week and what they mean and the lessons I SHOULD have learned from them (though I don’t always ;))

And that’s it, afterwards, I thank them for their time, and slowly come out of my meditation. I write down my messages because let’s face it, it’s easy to forget.

I meditate every day. I do this particular meditation at least once a week. It’s my “weekly check up”. Otherwise I do different variations and meditations. Sometimes I choose just to sit in stillness and not think (This one is my hardest meditation but it provides great clarity and peace).

I hope this helps you in your own meditations for meeting your spirit guides, either for the first time or just in general. Let me know how it goes and what neat experiences you have!

Let’s share stories!

love and cuddles



      1. Hello miss I have a question… When I miditate (or try to anyway) there I’s a point in which I feel a deep vibration go over my body and I have to move for some reason can you explane thst to me?

        1. Hello there,

          In my experience, when we reach a new energetic level through our meditation/kriya our body can respond in a number of different ways. The deep vibration you describe is one of them. For me, I see a bright deep purple colour at my third eye that I cannot normally summon up. Other people have reported feeling an electric shock going through their body, an intense build up and explosion of energy. At times I too have felt this sense of energy inside me and that I need to move something or it just feels too intense! -It really varies from person to person. After some time to maintaining this energetic level, it tends to subside. Until you reach the next peak of your spiritual travels, that is!

          When I have not practiced my Kriya in some time, when I go back to it, the first session always gives me the deep purple light. By the second time, it lessens as my energy body acclimatizes to the changes in my system.

          This has just been my experience so far. I hoped it has helped in some way.


    1. Agreed, this is great stuff. Sadly, it seems nearly impossible for me to accomplish meditation. Getting calm enough to even begin is tremendously challenging. I don’t know why. There’s a strong sense of fear also that throws any attempt off track. I’ll keep trying.

      1. I also have a hard time relaxing. I find stretching every day or yoga helps my nervous system to relax. I have used Yin Yoga by Mimi Solair for 10 years (it’s at Amazon). I wish you well in finding relaxation that works for you.

    2. I actually met up with my spirit guide and she was really nice! I asked her where her and the other spirit guides lived/stayed when they weren’t helping people but she had somewhere to go and promised to tell me next time. When she left it felt like a presence leaving a room, it felt so real!

  1. Dear Malvika,
    Meeting with your spiritual guide meditation is just as it should be ! However you have not written anything about the period(a week or a month) which shall be necessary to succeed for the first meeting. How long did you practice your meditations for meeting you SPIRIT GUIDES for the first time? Please mention this.

    As far as I do remember, when I was in a PRATIPRASAV SADHNA(roughly translated as past life regression but it is much more than that) IN RISHIKESH, I learnt the same technique with variations and was able to see my one of the guides who was clad in white cloths and was young(not so young). This happened during the first learning meditation. After coming back home whenever I repeated the meditation, I could feel his presence but sight was lost for ever and hearing was never possible since the begining.

    May be you will be able to review the situation and guide me further. If you couldnot, then also I thank you very much for I came to know that I am on the right path. May SHIVA BLESS YOU AND YOUR LIFE MAU BECOME FULL OF BLISS. NA MA H SHI VA YA, VA SHI MA NA YA OM(FOR YOU ONLY)!!!


  2. hi there Malavika…..
    Enjoyed reading this!
    I am a student of computers….nd I meditate every day….it mainly involves cutting off the thoughts and concentrating on my third eye. Some times when the thoughts are cluttering too much……i chant ‘OM.’
    All i want to know is the ‘truth’ malavika. And I desperately want to meet my spiritual guides or guru. I’ve been failing to do so. I request them to meet me in my dreams….but they do not oblige.

    I will try the technique which you’ve mentioned……i am positive i ‘ll meet them.

    Thanks a ton:)

  3. hi there Malvika…..
    Enjoyed reading this!
    I am a student of computers….nd I meditate every day….it mainly involves cutting off the thoughts and concentrating on my third eye. Some times when the thoughts are cluttering too much……i chant ‘OM.’
    All i want to know is the ‘truth’ malvika. And I desperately want to meet my spiritual guides or guru. I’ve been failing to do so. I request them to meet me in my dreams….but they do not oblige.

    I will try the technique which you’ve mentioned……i am positive i ‘ll meet them.

    Thanks a ton:)

  4. I’ve only done this meditation twice and it was really amazing actually. The first time I did this, I visualized myself going down 10 stairs and at the end of the stairs was a red door. When i open it, it was still black but overtime I started to see the place to meet my helpers. When things became clear I was in a smallish green house and there was a bench infrount of me with plants hanging from the ceiling and on the side of the walls. When i looked through the green house i was in the middle of a desert with miles of sand. Even though I didn’t see anyone there it was pretty cool that my place to go was a greenhouse full of life in the middle of a dead desert with no life. I know that soon i’ll be able to see them because I already know my main guides name.

  5. I must try it I tried many meditation and felt peace and i m sure this time i will also feel the peace and spend my boring time on meditation and then enjoy it talking to guide.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Malavika! I loved reading your experiences and thoughts. Is there anything new you can add? Do you do readings? thanks. Kristi

    1. Hello Kristi,
      Yes there is a lot of new things I have to add since this post – as I have kept focusing on developing my spiritual journey and also my intuitive experiences! If you go to my home page: you can see some of my more recent posts that reflect what I am experiencing these days. I am not currently accepting reading bookings but i can let you know when I am! 🙂

  7. I tried but unfortunately nothing happened can you please tell in a bit detail how to proceed, my mind is not at all in my control……..

    1. That’s the key, you have to gain all sense of control. You have to ignore all that is around you and focus on you and your breathing. You will eventually get lost in what you are doing and everything else will tune out. Try relaxing, and forget the clock and commotion. Completely let go of all feeling and just breathe.

  8. This has been more than helpful, did you meet your spirit guide on your first try?

    I’ve been seeing and sensing spirits my entire life, this stage of my life it’s getting very dominant. I basically want clarity on who is coming forward and why me?

    Thank you sincerely for your help.
    Lots of love,


  9. I’m going to try this…I’ve been wanting to do it forever. I admit I’m a little scared. Fear is such a foolish feeling and yet, I can’t help but feel this way. I think it’s because I’m unsure of what it is I will see or meet, if anything at all. But, I have heard such great things from a mentor, and I figure now it is time. A question, am I aware of my surroundings around me when I am doing this? Ex: my bedroom? OR do I completely tune everything out and just focus on my breathing? Also, how do I know when to leave? Do you lose your trail of time? And how long does your meeting last? Does an hour go by quickly? IT all seems so surreal…But, I’ve got nothing to lose.

  10. I enjoyed this meditation practice very much, thank you! It helped me a lot and I had a good session, more so than I’ve had in days. Once I was in my happy place i felt my guides with me. I’m still working on the communication part but feeling them is easier for me. Thanks again, Malavika.


  11. Wow, I can’t believe I found this on WordPress. Maybe it is a message from my
    Spirit guide(s)? Leading me to you! I just recently made a blog on here for my “photography” and soon to be other things, then I come across this post by googling sort guide things, to educate myself more.

    This post was extremely helpful & I actually Planned on giving that meditation a go! So thankful, lots of information that helps.
    Cheers! And have a good day 🙂

  12. I would like you to mentor me if u don’t mind,I found your article very insightful and I would like to communicate with my spirit guide,iv been wishing to do so for quit some time now but didn’t knw how to proceed with it.

  13. Hi Malavika,

    First of all, Thanks for sharing the wonderful knowledge on the spirit guides through meditation.

    i tried ur breathing exercise to focus on the meditation and to open the Root chakras (Googled as per ur instruction). But i get lost over hear.

    As per the google image, i imagine the chakra to be a Red Star with the Pentagon on top of it. when i try to visualize the chakra, i get lost… and it becomes blank.

    Let me know where i did mistake and what needs to be done further.

  14. Greetings Malavika,
    I was curious how you see things when doing your meditations, like are you seeing things through your eyes, or overhead like an outer body experience? Also I was not sure if one should speak outloud while doing this or only in your head.
    Thank you much

    1. Hi dixie. i experience seeing through my third eye, so it is a subtle but strong inner vision. You can speak out loud if it feels more concrete for you, but you have listen from the inside. The voice inside you is quiet, but can be strengthened.

  15. Thank you! Excellent post 🙂 The steps you outlined here, except for the chakra balancing (though this is awesome and I will do it now), remind me of the meditations my teacher would lead us through during my first year intuitive development course. I would connect with Spirit much easier then too! This tells me that its back to basics, and that all meditation is good, but that there is specific steps that are needed to connect with Spirit.

  16. Hello Malavika, I’m all the way from Nigeria. I’m lost and really need help I tried this techniques but failed maybe there’s something I left out. I’m confused really. Sometimes I get images, flashes, like someone or some people trying to pass a message across to me. I’ve read tons of book I get from the net on spirituality but I’ve got no answer of what’s really happening to me. I think I’m not normal and I can’t tell people around they simply won’t understand me.

  17. hi Paul i had a nice experience today and thought i shuld share it with you…Today for the first time of my life i did a regressions..i had my little part of research done and many YouTube videos but never did a today I got hold of mira kely CD where you can do it by your this WAS MY my experience!
    So I started relaxing and cold chills was going all over my body may be I was nervous ..i don’t know but then when the moment came for me to step in to the past life I saw (NOT VERY CLEAR) a old busy business road..Where plp use to do business and plp use to have people vehicles(you sit on the cart and one man pulls it and runs) soooo wird!!i looked at my hand I had a feeling I was a man..but I don’t know why but i was not very keen to know…and at the same time I was thinking is it imagination am I desperately making up a story? Anyway I wanted to continue but it was all back..i think I did it willingly..and then by surprise there was a moment to meet the higher self..that very moment I saw a long thin white light appeared in front of me and at the same moment I felt a light from my forehead just rushed jumped out and (DIDN’T EVEN HAVE one MINT TO ThINK)hugged the figure..i was so warm and unconditional love I have never ever felt before…till today I thought mothers love is the most love anyone could feel the most..i was wrong. It was a fatherly wise..My tears started trolling falling like was the feeling of missing him..i cried a lot..Mixed feeling of missing him (THE WHITE THIN LIGHT of fatherly figure)and I had the feeling he missed me too..if I have o explain the feeling in other way its like ur waiting for ur most respected most loving friend or lover or…someone toooo close at the station and you see that person getting down and you hurry and run and jump and hug! We were both alone!i was surrounded by white brit light..our two lights came together while hugging !!!BIG BAL OF LIGHT!It was such a loving hug I can go on writing about it for 10 OR MORE PAGES….i was loved unconditionally..i felt like his own daughter by pride he has sent me down to do something ..i don’t knw… may be I’m thinking too much !LOL its was too much of love!!!ANYWAY while hugging I had a feeling he was asking me why asked him a question about a person that have given me so much of mixed feelings..And the answer was
    “Cut contacts” cut contacts and cut contacts I think I had it said 3 times..Then I asked why why did I have to go back..Why did you send me???he answered …”SHARE” I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE MEANT BY SHARE! AT LAST I ASKED IF I WAS DOING IT RIGHT;;;;he assured me that I was in the right path and doing to all right….and while saying that he said he is watching me very close and I’m once again loved!!!! The man was smart AND WISE!!WHILE ASSURING ME HE JUST DISTANCED AND DISAPERED!
    I slowly open my eyes..suprised abt what I just went through…being a BORN buddist I believed in reincarnation AND meditation (practiced by age 6°)and I belived in my self..but never thought of meeting this white wise light,,,,,?who was that?plz explain me what I went through in your now confused with higher self and spirite guide?was it my higher self or guid?thank you for your time

  18. It’s excellent and very informative. I am into this form of meditation not exactly the same but similar. I am learning how to hear them or get answers. I am a beginner but who knows when my guide would show up.

  19. Before I read this article, I had an amazing experience. When I went to bed, I focused on my breathing. Then I used my mental energy to rise up on the next level. My whole body was vibrating and I could feel my spirit separeting from my pshysical body, floating in space. Than I saw a person, very old, very wise, whery bright. He was talking to me, on language that I couldn’t recognize. Every word would be written, but I also couln’t know it’s meaning. Then I felt my inter me talking to him. Suddenly, we were talking on the same freqvency. At the end, I just knew that he told me to keep my eyes open, because signs are everywhere. Then I bumped on this article. Thank you. Now I know that I’m not crazy. 😀 Greetings from Sebia!

  20. I am yet to try this meditation, partly because my ego needs to go. I am scared. I’m not sure why. I have felt the truth, the light, and the love and peace. I have had answers to my questions while looking down over mother Gaia. But I can never see anyone. I just feel them and hear their message. That was when I had my spiritual awakening. Which was the most beautiful, loving feeling I have ever felt. I so want that back. I have strayed away from my path of enlightenment due to negative events in my life over the past year. I want that feeling back. Does anyone on here have any suggestions whatsoever? Please email me. I sure could welcome souls of the same path into my life to better help mold and keep me going toward my nirvana.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Dear Sarah,
      You are walking the path that many have walked before you and many will walk after you too. It is so easy to stray, and it is okay to stray, and it is okay to come back. Spiritual practice is often begun by people following adversities in life, because they are looking for a deeper meaning for the suffering. You have a wonderful opportunity to begin again now. Make your life into a living, breathing prayer. I recommend reading this blog post, where I touched on how I too became reconnected after dark times.


  21. I know my spirit guide helped me once in the past, and I know it will take some time to get to know my spirit guide. I do know he is a male and his name.

    I am glad I have someone helping me through life. Life is hard as it is. We all need some help in some way. That they are here for us.

    Thank you for posting this. I am learning as much as I can.

  22. What are some things I should be wary of when trying to contact my spirit guide ?…… I just stumbled upon your web site . and am intrigued . Please get back to me thank you , Aldrin

  23. Oh, how wonderful it was meeting her! My angel was beautiful, young, and I already love her. I already know her name!

    I have just started my spiritual journey, and I felt unprepared, not ready to meet her. At first, I just wanted to be comfortable with my happy place so I would feel prepared to speak to her. When I found the door, it was first velvet and red, but changed to a old wooden door. When I opened it, I was in a green field with butterflies and flowers. There was a lake, and bridge leading to the other side. The other side had an old 90 California apartment. I love those houses. I went inside, and there was old style furniture, like a hipster room. I just sat down on a blue leather couch, and tried to connect and tune in with her. I told her that I felt like I was not ready, and will try hard to evolve to meet her, and asked when the time was ready, to please come. immediately, my body begin to feel light, and strange, There was a fuzzy sensation all over my torso. I then saw her. She had red hair, and was BEAUTIFUL! I could not believe it, and it is true, I felt like I made it up. I spoke to her in words, and she gave me the best advice. I felt so happy and at home with her. I felt warm and just. . . good! I told her that maybe I will come back later, and said goodbye. I left the house and walked back to the wooden door. Instead of walking down, I somehow slid all the way down to my vibration. It was a wonderful experience!
    Thank you soooo much! This thread helped me so much! I can’t wait to learn more and enjoy my journey!

    Blessings always,

  24. Hi. I just surfing on net I got your blog. Your blogs is really good one. I just want to ask you. If your blogs will be in audio mode. It will be helpfull to lots of people.

  25. Does drinking alcohol or smoking up lower ur vibration or makes it tough for u to tune into their frequency?

    1. In my experience, drinking alcohol and smoking disturbs my system and makes it difficult for me to connect with my inner self. I am not speaking specifically about meeting my spirit guides, or if I would even call it that these days (it’s been a few years since I wrote that post, and my understanding has changed completely), but in general about my connection to my own divinity within me.

  26. Hi brilliant description in meeting your guides… there is 2 things however in which i would like to point out. Once you have finished meditating you need to shut down your chackras and also when beginning to ask for protection from your guardians and use incense xD

  27. I tried it today. I was relaxed and visually saw a place. Went down stairs to a door that changed color. But I looked behind me and saw a white woman wearing black, eyeliner messy as if she was crying, short blond bob. She went past a door way behind me. I didn’t know if she was trying to do something and I was trying to open the door that was supposed to be open. But she came out again closer and then I had this suffocating feeling. I was trying to open my eyes and return to my reality but it was tough. I opened my eyes for a second and closed my eyes and was back in the room. The door wasn’t opening, the place was fading around me and o was getting out of meditation. I’m not sure I want to experience again.

  28. hi malavika , my question to you is , when meditating i feel an intense , powerfull stream of energy in my body , for a few seconds and then it goes away , this happens a couple of times and then it dosent comes back , what can i do to continue increasing my levels in meditating and contacting my spirit guides ?? cause i feel like I am stuck in this stage and cant go to the next level , i have felt my spirit guide several times with this sensation , even seen it one time but not been able to talk to my spirit guide . please help and advice i will really apreciate it.

  29. The first time I meditated, it was very easy for me to clear my mind and focus on my breaths. I called a guy that I liked to my meditation and i felt my soul lift from my body. The second time I meditated it was at this beach and this guy was there too. I felt really comfortable with him and it feels really peaceful. I didn’t ask any questions, but I felt like he is my guide because I have learned alot from him. And I also feel like this guy is my twin flame. It sucks cuz he happens to be married. 😔

  30. Thank you . You are one of the few that sill give out the secret on how to be a medium and talk to spirits.
    I read so many books and spent a lot of money but at the end they will still not tell hos to raise the vibration and create a space to talk to spirits. They will keep it a secret. I am happy to learn more. You are a very straight forward truthful person. I love you for this. We can all learn from e h other experiences.
    If you have anything on how to do a psychic reading please email it to me. I would highly appreciate as i am still learning.
    Thank you very much

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  32. Hi quick tips for anyone becoming “aware” and learning…. look in the mirror before “meeting your spirit guide” and look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself outload or in your head that when you go to lay down or sit down whatever… “this will work and everything will be ok, I have complete control And I can stop at anytime. I will close my eyes and I will meet my spirit guide through this meditation technique and everything will be fine” hope this helps 😀

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