So you want a reading?

That which must be will be.

Accept situations so you can move forward.

This is a page from the book “The answers” by Neil Somerville. It’s a book where every other page has an answer. You hold the book in your hand, ask your yes no question and open it at a random page. The idea is that you will attract the answer that you need to see. I love this book, and the concept – filled with  many meaningful quotes and proverbs. Today I held the book in my hand and I asked that I would open it to a page that would have the perfect message for a random reader of this blog.

So this one is for you. I hope this is what you have been needing to hear. I hope it resounds somewhere deep inside you. This is for you.


So you want a reading?

I am now taking bookings for readings again, and I am very excited for it. I am back in action! It has been a very hectic transition for me since September where I moved to Ireland from Canada. Left my friends, family, home and work behind, and created a new life for myself here.

Now it is time to create space in my life for something that is very important for me; my work.

So I apologize that it has taken me this long, but it is something I needed to do. I am very grateful for all you who have supported me the whole way, always being so patient and understanding.

But now I’m back!

So if you are interested in getting a reading, here’s what you need to know:

What is a reading?

A “psychic” or “intuitive reading” is a way for you to check your spiritual mailbox. I’ll do it for you, and if you are interested, I’ll teach you how to do it yourself. (Give a man a fish, feed him for the day, teach a man to fish, feed him for his life!)

We all have spirit guides and angels – this our spiritual cheerleading team up in the ether. These are the guys who know you to your potential, they know your life plan, your life purpose, they know your future, know what you need to do to start feeling more authentic, more real, more happy, more YOU. They know what challenges are coming up for you, they know what blessings are on their way to you. Everything you need to hear somewhere deep inside of you – your guides have the answers.

And your guides are a part of you, so really, you have the answers.

An intuitive reader can help you hear and interpret their messages.

During a reading, I will connect with your spirit guides and your energy, and see what is in store for you. What’s coming up for you, and what changes you need to make in your life. I can see the highest potential for you and your amazing life- and your guides can help you find ways to get there.

A reading is a very positive experience.

What does a reading look like?

It will be like a conversation, and I am the translator. I use the tarot cards in order to help me organize all the messages I receive for you. The cards help me decide which are the most important ones you need to know, otherwise we could be there forever!

You are free to ask questions throughout the reading, about anything. And if I can answer it, I will answer it. And if I can’t, I’ll let you know.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for a reading?

It’s nice to be in a receptive state for a reading. I would advise thinking a little bit about the kind of questions you would like to ask. If you don’t have any questions, that’s fine – perhaps you have different “areas” of your life you would like a conversation about (eg. Finances, career, relationships, your spiritual growth and practice). Or perhaps you don’t have anything. This is fine too.

Just bring an open mind and an open heart. And positive expectations.

And your smiling face.

Will you tell me my future, omg!

You could say that. I will tell you the most likely outcome based on your thoughts right now. It’s more like “if you keep going on this path this is what is most likely to happen.” Or “if you make the changes you need to make, this is what is most likely to happen.”

So of course, if you change your thinking, you can change your future. So your future changes all the time, because you are the creator of it.

This is good thing, because that means that if what I see for you does not deeply resonate with you, you can make changes, and change the future.

And if you like it, keep on doin’ what you’re doing!

So can you see things that have not happened yet but will?


What if I hear something really scary or mean or that I don’t want to hear, that I am just not ready to hear?

You won’t. As I said, a reading is a positive experience. I can tell you about upcoming challenges, but that isn’t scary. It will be more like “you might want to look out for …financial struggle coming up in the month of May.” Or “try to keep things slow paced for the next two weeks”

If you have a dream that is set in your heart and you are afraid that it isn’t actually right for you and I will tell you that and crush your hopes – don’t worry, I won’t. Your guides will only tell me the messages you are ready to hear. And we can learn from any situation.

If you are in a relationship with this dude you really really like but you’re really scared I’m going to tell you it isn’t going to work, don’t worry, I won’t. Why? Because

  1. I’m not an idiot.
  2. All relationships can work, and I realize this. But both people have to want it.
  3. Sometimes a bad relationship is something we have to go through in order to learn our lessons.
  4. If I tell you it is unlikely to work, it will be because you know it already.
  5. If I tell someone that this is their soulmate relationship, that person may take it very seriously. Maybe he or she will avoid a break up that needs to happen because “that psychic told me that they are my soulmate”. Or maybe if they do break up, it will always feel “Wrong” because “that psychic told me that they are my soulmate!” And if I tell someone that this is not their soulmate relationship, if the couple are staying together, that someone may be thinking “but that psychic told me that they are not my soulmate – what if there is someone else???” I’m not an idiot.

I can tell you the challenges in the relationship, and also the blessings. I can tell you what I see coming up for you. I can tell you the changes you both need to make in order to learn what you have to learn from this relationship.

Don’t be scared. Seriously.

And as for other scary things. There will be none of that. So relax.

AWESOME! So how much do you charge for a reading?

A one hour reading is $100 Canadian dollars (I accept cheques, Interac, and paypal (soon))

A half hour reading is $50 canadian dollars.

A one hour reading is 70 euros.

A half hour reading is 35 euros.

What if I am a student and I cannot afford this?

Here are some options:

–         Find another intuitive reader that is charging a rate that is more comfortable for you.

–         Hang around, because I like to give out free readings a lot!

–         Consider getting a half an hour reading for 35 euros/50 Canadian dollars.

–         Budget! 🙂 If you really would like a reading, you could make it happen.

Do you do e-mail readings?


Do you do telephone/skype readings?

I normally do both telephone and skype readings, but I have a very unreliable internet connection at the moment, which means I am only able to do telephone readings.

I also cannot make outgoing calls from my landline, so you will have to call me. Long distance charges may apply.

I’m really sorry about this. I am manifesting a better skype connection.

Do you do in-person readings?

Absolutely. If you are in the area (Galway, Ireland) we can arrange an in person reading.

Is there a difference between getting a telephone reading or an in-person reading? Which is better?

Neither is “better”. It feels the same for me. Some people prefer in-person readings because you can feel “closer”, but that is just a personal preference and does not really affect the quality of the reading.

What if I won a free reading with you through this blog?

I have not forgotten about you and we will be in touch 🙂 Congratulations.

OK so what do I do to get in touch with you now?

e-mail me at

What if I have more questions about readings in general?

e-mail me at or submit an anonymous question at and I will respond to the questions and post them in a new Q&A post here on the blog.

What if I am unreadable 🙁 ?

Let me be the judge of that!



In other news, I went to bookstore and bought two new books:

Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov

Fight club – Chuck palahniuk

I just seriously miss reading. Reading for fun. And I want a book I can really sink my teeth into.

If you haven’t read it already, you should read The Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s my favourite fiction! IT IS SO CAPTIVATING AND AMAZING. And if you happened to see the movie, please realize the movie was just an awful interpretation of the book. Read the book!

Oh and check out my new pillow cases. Pretty, pink, light and luxurious! Perfect. I loveeee new sheets. Slipping into new sheets after a shower = heaven.



You know what else I love? Having roommates who I can do readings on. We usually do it around once a week. The three of us cuddle up on my bed and get my cards out. And then I read them both.

And then I train them to read me! Marie is in training at the moment and she’s already very good. It makes me sooooo happy and soooo proud to see my girls do that for me 😀 They are very quick learners and soon they are going to be VERY good! Oh the perks of living with a psychic 😉

I just had such a “PROUD” moment when I was sitting on the bed a couple nights ago, listening to Marie telling me what she “see’s happening for me in the future.” It was Marie’s turn last time, so Michelle didn’t say much but she would agree and offer support if she saw a similar thing too.

And for myself, it’s great to have people close to me that I can practice on all the time without feeling weird or creepy. So it works well for all of us.


And on that note I’m going to get back to my saturday, which involves:

cleaning, studying (*YUCK*), grocery shopping, reading, and friends.

Have a happy weekend everybody 🙂


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