just photographs

I don’t really like it when I write a blog post that doesn’t have any photography in it 🙁 The last few posts here have been eye-candyless, which made me sad, so I wanted to make it up to myself and to you. Here are some of the photographs that I love. And each one has a story.

I hope you remember that there is always something beautiful, someone beautiful, or some place beautiful, and i hope you remember that you are never far away from it. You just have to open your eyes and see all the life that is happening around you. The sky that is changing, your friends that are laughing, the love that you are falling in, the trees that are standing, the children who are sleeping.

Use your camera more, and capture something beautiful. something real.

this is what is beautiful for me:

A winter morning in Kamloops. Just before the sunrise.

girl sleeping on the concrete

waiting in airports.

girl in the blanket, in the night time.

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