How to clean your room


The title of this post may make you giggle, but I’m serious – it has taken me a long time to figure out the importance of keeping things clean and organized.

I have years of experience with messy rooms. Ask my mom. She’ll be my reference. But now that I am in my own space, it is more important to me than ever to have a good cleaning routine. I think the trick is, after your “big clean” to being maintaining the cleanliness, rather than having to clean things over and over again. That’s exhausting.

So I finally figured a fool proof plan of attack on your messy room! Use it well.


1. Music.

First things first, let’s make this fun. Put on some music that you love to dance to 🙂 There’s no reason why cleaning can’t be fun!

2. Garbage round.

There’s no point attempting to organizing anything if what you are organizing are piles of crap. So, the first thing I do when I begin my “cleaning my room” endeavor is to run around my room frantically (just kidding – with ease and grace) and pick up all the random garbage that has accumulated over time. Papers I don’t need, chocolate wrappers ( :$ ), broken pens, receipts, empty bottles, plastic bags, crap on the floor. I Put all the garbage into a big black garbage back.

3. Move the things that belong in other rooms.

I’m not sure how this happens but I always tend to accumulate tons of items from other peoples room. From my roommates hair straighteners, to jewelry box, to laptop chargers, to things from the kitchen, like glasses and plates. So the next thing you do is move these things out of your room. So long!

4. Put things in it’s place.

Now I come back to my room and I systematically scan even inch of my room, and pick up any object I see and put it in its place. Everything must belong somewhere. Otherwise, I’m not sure why I even have it. I’m not very neat or organized about this at this point. I just put it in the general area where it has to be, not taking too much time to make it look perfect (come on, let’s save some of the excitement for later!). So for example, I will find a book on my desk, and I will put it on my book shelf, though I won’t really organize the bookshelf (YET). Or I will find a binder from school, and will put it in my cupboard.

5. Dust/clean the surfaces.

This is a good time to dust and clean your surfaces. I don’t have anything more to say about that.

6. Begin organizing your room section by section.

Here I tend to split my room up into sections: cupboard, desk, wardrobe, book shelf, floor, clothes, bed. I systematically work through one area at a time, taking it a part and RECONSTRUCTING (I am laughing at myself at how technical I am getting) it to how you like it. Organize everything – by size, colour – topic. The options are endless! When you work section by section, you can avoid being overwhelmed by the mess, because for me – when I am cleaning my room, things usually get messier before they get cleaner. This is why I work in sections. In the past, I used to just do everything at once, and it was just a disaster. Everything was messy and disorganized, and even though I eventually got everything how I wanted it, it just wasn’t worth the terror of seeing your room like that. Haha.

7. Change your bed sheets.

This is a good time to change your sheets.

8. Vacuum.

Now that everything is clean and organized, you can begin vacuuming. Hopefully your vacuum won’t smell like something just died like mine does.

9. Light candles, burn incense, make pretty.

This is the best part! Take the last part of your clean-fest to make everything pretty like you like it. I like to light candles and burn incense. You may want to bring in fresh flowers, or put up posters of things that inspire you. The options are endless, and it’s all about creating yourself, and allowing your space to speak for itself.


**EXTRA TIP: I usually do a quick “garbage round” after ever step or two. It’s surprising how quickly shit accumulates.




Having a clean room feels soooo good. I’ts hard for us to feel organized in our mental clutter, if our physical surroundings are showing the total opposite. Remember that the world is a reflection of you. Change yourself, change the world. Change the world, change yourself.

This is just how I do it, and Marie laughed in my face when I told her I had an actual plan for how to clean my room. But I think it’s necessary. I’ve been cleaning all wrong for too long!

Speaking of cleaning – my room could use a quick clean right now!


How about you, how do you clean your space?




    1. I LOVED YOU.
      ….and I still do.

      I’m glad you enjoy cleaning. I don’t mind it. You can come clean my stuff if you want. I’m down for that.

  1. Ioan had us add each other on facebook a long time ago, and I read your blog every once in a while. I must say, you’re a great writer! I especially liked the one about waking up at 7am every morning, and of course this post. My life is on a road to improvement already!
    I will follow your step by step plan on tidying up religiously!

    Take care 🙂

    Ps. Love your photography too!

    1. What a lovely comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you think. I’m really happy you find something worthwhile for you here.

      <3 love

  2. Hi sweetie

    Enjoyed this post a lot. I am glad you are discovering the art of cleaning! Anything that is clean brings so much positivity. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A clean mind in a clean body in a clean environment is the recipe to success.
    Love you lots

  3. What a neat post about cleaning a room!
    Honestly, I had been procrastinating this task for too long, doing a partial cleanup once in a while. Your writing inspires me to go do that job. Do it dancing to music idea is great! I love it.
    Off I go to clean my room 🙂

    1. Hello!
      Nice to see another comment from you, and I am glad to see you came back to my blog!

      I received your other longer comment and I am looking forward to responding to it. I just would like to put some thought into my response, which is why I have not responded yet.

      Get cleaning! It’s the best feeling ever! And the key after that is to maintain the cleanliness and occasionally do a “big clean.”

      Good luck.

  4. Thanks for responding, Malavika.
    Reading your blog is such a pleasure; each post is filled with positive energy, and is uplifting for the soul. It is natural I had come back to immerse myself in that blissful experience. Of course your RSS feed has found its way into my feed reader 🙂

    Yes, the feeling after cleaning is great. I found that it gives me a good feeling even while doing it; It’s like I am doing something nice. But the hard part is getting started. There always seems to be a better thing to do, or some other excuse to keep postponing it. Music idea seems to help ease the starting trouble though.

    Thanks for your insightful response to my questions on the other topic. You have raised some very valid points. Many of those topics, I had been thinking about for a long time; but I don’t have clear answers. I will certainly share my thoughts and experiences. It may take sometime before I respond to you though.

    Have a good time.

  5. Well I will share my personal secret: All you have to do is pick up a piece and land it in a place where is should be. Passing it from one location to another is simply not accepted. Rest I am sure this wonderful post will serve the purpose..:) Thanks sharing!

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