52 Things a girl should do in her lifetime

I am a huge fan of “Things to do before I die” lists, making them, reading them, and hearing about  other people’s lists tpp! I think it’s important for all of us to take the time to make one of these lists in our lifetime (ha! maybe we should put that on our list too). Just to get down on paper some of the cool experiences we want to, well, experience, in our life time at some point.

This is really so much fun to do and easy to get carried away with. My friend Jennifer even wanted to LAMINATE her list.

I decided to put together a list for women. I did my research on the internet for some kick-ass experiences we women could use in our lifetime, and also put my little brain and heart to work.

I hope you like it.



  1. Meet your teenage idol/crush/obsession.
  2. Get a drastic haircut.
  3. Develop your public speaking skills.
  4. Dance in public (while sober).
  5. Dance in your underwear, singing along to your favourite song, hairbrush in hand.
  6. Forgive your parents.
  7. Leave when it is time to leave. Even if you don’t want to, but because you know it will be good for your heart.
  8. Do something your friends wouldn’t approve of.
  9. Learn another language.
  10. Live in a foreign country.
  11. Attend a conference/workshop about something that truly fascinates you.
  12. Learn how to cook your partner’s/children’s favourite meal wonderfully.
  13. Date somebody younger than you.
  14. Date somebody older than you.
  15. Travel alone.
  16. Take yourself out on a date.
  17. Learn how to walk in heels.
  18. Learn, understand and enjoy a sport: either watching or playing – or if you’re a total rockstar – both!
  19. Fall hopelessly head over heels in love.
  20. Ride on the back of a motorcycle.
  21. Wear a dress and make it rock!
  22. Attend at least one yoga class.
  23. Spend a weekend at a luxurious spa.
  24. Give a talk in front of many people.
  25. Learn to breakdance (hehe!)
  26. Find clothes that truly flatter your body.
  27. Play an extra in a movie.
  28. Sing boldly.
  29. Write a love letter.
  30. Write a love letter to yourself.
  31. Learn to drive.
  32. Wear matching underwear.
  33. Do a striptease.
  34. Volunteer.
  35. Love yourself!
  36. Accept compliments gracefully.
  37. Go out regularly without make up on.
  38. Get professional photographs taken of you by a photographer you adore.
  39. Learn how to apply make up.
  40. Have a slumber party with your girlfriends.
  41. Compliment a total stranger.
  42. Embrace your role as a mother, daughter, sister, wife.
  43. Live by yourself.
  44. Go on a real dinner and movie date with a real gentleman.
  45. Get a brazillian wax.
  46. Learn how to flirt. And do it well!
  47. Read. Smart is sexy!
  48. Get to the weight you want to be.
  49. Decorate your own home.
  50. Learn to cook well.
  51. Do something you never thought you could do.
  52. Work.







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