How to be grounded.

How to get grounded?

Woah, there. Firstly, what does it even mean to “get grounded?”

Perhaps it’s easier to figure out what it means to not be grounded.

Not feeling grounded in your life feels like waking up on the wrong side of the bed of your life. You’re not necessarily always in a bad mood (although, this is possible too) but everything just feels weird.  The lights are on, but nobody is home. You’re spinning your wheels, but not getting very far.

Emotionally, you don’t feel stable.

Your inner dialogue – the way you talk to yourself in your head – is not very nice.

You feel indecisive in your life. From big life decisions (should I stay or should I go?) to the smaller, but equally important, ones (Chocolate ice cream or strawberry ice cream?)

People keep hurtin’ your darn feelings!

You feel very sensitive to other people’s energies, often finding yourself riding their mood swings, trying to keep afloat.

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, uninspired, lazy (even though there’s a voice in your heart telling you to get up and get going).

Everything is just so unsatisfying.

Physically, you feel like blah blah blah.

You’re over eating, under eating.

You’re tired and lethargic.

Or you have energy, and no active channel for it.

You are not happy with your body at the moment.

You’re sick.

And keep getting sick. What’s up with that?

Your “ugly day” has transformed into an “ugly week/month”

You’re breaking out.

You’re just not getting enough done.

You don’t even know what you need to get done.

Spiritually, you feel disconnected.

Your sense of inner peace no longer feels like it’s coming from yourself.

It’s fluctuating.

You never have time to meditate, or connect.

You don’t get to do what is truly fulfilling for you.

There are areas in your life you feel truly alone – your emotional compass feels broken.

Your mind is like blah blah blah.

You just can’t hear your spirit guide.

Hello, welcome to the world of not being grounded. It isn’t a very nice world and we will not be staying here long.

As an Intuitive reader, it is very important for me to stay as grounded as possible in my life. Especially in my “spirituality” category – and even that is tricky at times. It is definitely easier when I am actively doing readings, because I’m forced to be consistent and grounded. But when I am not, and when life is happening, and finals and coming (next week EEEK) – believe me, I feel your pain.

Moving to Ireland has rocked my ship a little bit. There were many new experiences thrown my way, that I had to put all my energy into in order to make the most of them. This is natural 🙂

When big changes happen in your life, it is a challenge to be grounded – but it is not impossible. It just takes some conscious effort and practice.

And as with anything, it takes time.

I don’t want to be all “floaty” and “conceptual” (though I love to be) about getting grounded, because in reality, it is not floaty or conceptual. There are very real things you can do to get that feeling of whole, and completedness.

And to start feeling real again.

Be real.

Here are just a few things I do when I feel a bit out of place in myself. I have highlighted in RED, my TOP two things to do in each category.

So here’s how you can get grounded in your life today:


  1. Let go of toxic relationships and things.

You know who I mean. The person you thought of when you read this. That’s the one. It’s time to move on. Adios. Hasta la vista, baby!

Don’t feel powerless. Reclaim the power in your life by making some decisions about what you want. Don’t know what you want? Decide. Just make sure you have your GPS on, so that you can be re-routed if you feel like you would like to go in another direction.

  1. Focus on love, love, love.

How can you be more loving? What does being loving mean to you? For me, it means baking cookies, looking pretty, giving hugs and kisses, listening to a friend, being there for someone, practicing thoughtful gestures, giving sincere compliments, telling someone how you feel, wanting the best for someone, doing the best for someone, making someone their favourite meal, making yourself your favourite meal, practising random acts of kindness, smiling, just being NICE!

  1. Practice random acts of kindness.

Do it. Your life will change. I promise.

  1. Write down a list of everything that is truly bothering you.

Now take a good long look at that list. Not that scary, huh? It doesn’t even have teeth. Now go through that list, and decide that you are not going to worry about these things anymore. You really don’t have time for that. Eliminate the things that don’t even deserve to be on that list anymore, and focus on what you have left. You’re not even going to worry your cute little head about these things either. You’re just going to take appropriate action .Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  1. Take some time to meditate and hand over any really troubling issues to your guides and angels.

They will probably do a better job dealing with it than we ever can, because they always see the bigger picture. If there is something in your life that just seems “too big” for you to handle, maybe it is. But remember, your angels and guides only intervene if you ask them to. So ask.

And then forget about it.

  1. Get inspired!

Stop waiting for inspiration to come to you. This happens only 10% of the time, despite what everyone else thinks. We all seem to think that inspiration has to come knocking on our door for us to get up and do something. Nope. This rarely happens. Yes, it happens, but not that often. Not as often as we would like. The prerequisite for inspiration is action! So get acting. Take the first step. Which area of your life do you want an extra dose of inspiration in? Is it your love life? Well, take the first step. Do something. And the rest will follow. Is it in your career? Take the first step. Apply for that job you’ve been putting off. Speak to your boss. Do your research.

Doesn’t matter how small or insignificant that step feels, it’s enough to flick the “on” switch in the universe, that allows true inspiration to rush into your life.


  1. Spend some time near a body of water.

When we are not grounded, the natural “cycles” of our body fall out of sync. This is why we feel so lame all the time. The best way to reset these cycles is to spend time out in nature, where the “natural cycles” of the universe exist. Just spending time immersed in nature, allows our patterns to reset. Does that sound magical? That’s because it is.

The cycle of the water – the tide – is a powerful one. And water is a big part of our bodies, so it makes sense to be around it. You don’t even have to do anything. Just sit there. Look pretty. Feel the wind in your air. Play.

  1. Spend time in nature.

Go for a long walk. Spend 5 minutes sitting or standing in the moonlight. Breathe that beautiful fresh air.

  1. Get exercising.
  2. Go grocery shopping and buy lots of fruits.

And other yummy things for your tummy! Sometimes just switching up our diet is enough to get our body feeling great again.

  1. Rest well.

Go to sleep earlier. Get those Zzz’s! Go to sleep earlier, but wake up earlier too.

  1. Remember to take your vitamins!
  2. Clean your home.
  3. Get organized.
  4. Avoid procrastination by just DOING.


  1. Meditate.

Make time. Just 5 minutes a day (at first) to clear your head. Maybe listen to a guided meditation, or just sit in silence. Smile from the inside out. It doesn’t matter if your head is clouded with thoughts, it wil probably be like this if you are ungrounded – just observe and notice your thoughts. Do not judge them. Do not get involved in them. Just let them go and do their thing.

  1. Balance your chakras.

Using visualization, go through each of your chakra centers and affirm that they are healed J

  1. Read an inspiring book.
  2. Book a reading. Get all those questions answered!
  3. Do a reading on your self!
  4. Practice automatic writing.
  5. Create a special space for meditation.
  6. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
  7. Ask for signs.
  8. Pick up your yoga practice. Yoga is very spiritually grounding.
  9. Light candles often.
  10. Imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful white light – protecting you.
  11. Tell your guides you want to be grounded.
  12. Act from a place of love at all times.

Become very conscious of where your decisions, words, actions are coming from. Love, or fear?



And remember that being grounded is a very natural thing. It is how we are supposed to feel. That’s why it feels so sucky when we are not grounded 🙂

It’s simple.

It’s natural.


Get grounded today!


  1. Thank you. I feel like I should write so much more than thank you but I think that specifying my feelings for your beautiful words would detract from their meaning and impact, so I’ll keep it simple: Thank you, you are inspiring!

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful post.
    I love the way you emphasize the importance of getting things done.
    You mentioned several times about asking for help, or giving a problem to the guides to work on. I have never really known what to ask for; When I did have something specific to ask for, it always had something to do with other people. It doesn’t mean I don’t want anything, but somehow everything that I need, even my worries seem like trifle matters in the bigger scheme of things. All that I could ever ask is “Take me where I need to reach”. Sometimes I wonder if it even means anything to ask for such an abstract and aimless thing whatever it is.

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