How to kick your motivational slump in the butt!

This is something I think we all struggle with at some point in our life. I would say I am a pretty upbeat, positive and inspired person – yet I still face days where I could really use a kick of inspiration to get me excited about my life again.I don’t think this is because there is anything inherently “wrong” with our lives (though at times, there may well be things we need to change), because down time is important. So take your down time, and enjoy it. But what happens when you start thinking “well, that break was great, but now I really need to get going again”Well, you will probably find this blog post and begin implementing some awesome changes in your life.I am sure there are many other things that work, but these are the ones that work well for me.

1. Review your life

This is the most crucial step. You can’t think about getting ahead if you don’t accurately know where you are. And no, just knowing that you feel “bleh” about your life does not suffice. You need to be more specific. What doesn’t work right now in your life? Is it your diet? Your body? Your cluttered mind? Your family dynamics? Your school work? Your relationship? Your groundedness? Your groove?

It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed by all the things that are “going wrong” and “not working” in your life if you don’t cut to the chase and start getting really specific about what exactly is not working for you anymore.

Interesting story – the other night, I did this exact thing. I went through a list of things that were not working in my life and one of the items on the list was “I need help doing my laundry”. I know it sounds silly, but it really gets me down. I just can’t carry my laundry load all the way to the launderette, its too heavy and my little baby arms just can’t do it! Anyway, just talking about it made me feel a little bit better, because it was like I was “handing it over” to a higher power. Miss Prescot (my spirit guide) just told me that everything would be okay.

And then what happened? Only the most amazing thing ever. I randomly started telling my roommate Marie, about my laundry anxiety, and she said “….Look what came in the mail today!” and she handed me a flyer. The flyer was about this laundry service which comes, picks up your clothes, washes and dries, and FOLDS your clothes and returns it to you the following day – AND all of this is cheaper for me, than to actually use the one in my neighbouhood!


2. Set goals in the different “areas” of your life

.If you just start thinking “I need to change my life. How can I change my life?!” you’re being too broad and you are unlikely to be able to effectively make any true changes. Split your life into categories, and create some exciting goals for each one. How do you want each one to be looking once your life feels more like “you” again?I like to use:



My spirituality



Health and body wellness

3. Commit to a new fitness program.

Nothing gets me more exciting than committing to a new fitness program. It could be a schedule for the gym, the pool, gymnastics, running, dancing, aerobics, yoga, pilates, you name it! Just creating your time table and commiting to a few hours a week of some body lovin’ is very inspiring.

If you are not living in the body of your dreams, then this is the first and most important step you can take!Find a fitness program that truly resonates with you and have fun with it. Join the gym, sign up for classes, let your hair down! I started dance classes (and my yoga classes begin in November) and I just cannot get enough of them. But that’s a post for another day 😉

4. Fix your diet.

I’m learning now (the hard way) that a lousy diet can really effect your sense of internal peace and wellness. So plan your meals in advance, be conscious about what you put into your mouth, eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when you’re not. Lots of fruits, vegetables, water and vitamins.

Find a diet that works for you and maybe go on a 30 day detox! My roommate Michelle and I are cutting chocolate and junk out of our diet beginning on Tuesday. I’m kind of nervous (because the chocolate here is just so damn tasty) but I am more excited about how great I’m going to feel after!


5. Change something about your appearance.

This is a fun one and it is up to you how drastic you want the change to be. You could get a hair cut, buy a cute new outfit, paint your nails a different colour, wear a colour you don’t usually wear, change your style! Remember there is not guidebook for how you should be living your life, and just because you have looked a certain way all your life, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever! Who cares what people think? To be totally honest, they are probably more concerned with how THEY look than how you look. So do it! Be bold.

When you look in the mirror and start seeing a “different you” you start to attract that. You start to attract the you that you would really like to be.So, how would your dream self be looking like and dressing like? Mix it up!



6. De-clutter! Create your space.

How hard is it to make some real life changes when everything about your surroundings says “I’M STILL THE OLD ME!!”?

Very hard, i’ll tell you that much!So feng-shui up your life! Create your own personal haven. Candles, fairy lights, beautiful flowers, crystals, clean, minimalist, artistic, authentic – you. Whatever works for you!

As Oprah says “Your home should rise up to greet you.”Get rid of everything you don’t need, won’t need, don’t use, don’t love.



7. Wake up earlier – find a sleeping pattern that works for you.

Make better use of your time by waking up earlier and getting in the habit of being productive! Try just waking up an hour or two earlier than you usually do and notice the amazing benefits it has on your life.



8. Spend some time in meditation.

Many times when we are feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to spend some time alone, quietly, in meditation and contemplation. At first, it’s going to be hard – especially if you are not feeling very grounded – but keep at it, and over time, you will master it. It will bring you more peace than anything in your life – ever.And you can do this for yourself. And I think that is amazing.



9. Organize your life – collect all your “incoming tasks” into one place.

Another reason we feel overwhlemed is because we are not effiently and effectively collecting our “incoming” tasks.

By incoming tasks , I mean our neverending to-do list. Go grocery shopping, take out trash, write blog post, finish physics assignment, figure out what the hell is going on in physics, write up lab report, buy socks, change sheets, eat, oh…cook first, then eat, meditate, call mrs. bla bla about bla bla bla bla.

If we do not keep track of each and every single one of our incoming tasks in an approiate way we instantly feel overwhelmed, and even when you do get something done, it won’t feel very great, because you don’t even know exactly what you exactly you are working with.

I recommend writing things down, it could be hand written or on a computer – it doesn’t matter- but it should be in one place. A lovely moleskine journal (my favourite), or on your computer. Whatever works for you.Sit down, and make a list. Right now. Of everything you have to do, that needs to be done, that needs your attention, that needs your acknowledgement, or for your to delegate the task to another person. Just putting it all down on paper helps your mind relax instead of trying desperately to grasp onto these random fragments of information and to-do-listness.


10. Be productive with your time!

Nothing will give you a surge of inspiration like taking daily action towards your goals. I notice that I tend to fall into a slump when I don’t do the things I need to do. When I don’t prioritize and do what is important when it is important. I quickly fall into this habit, and before I know it, I’m doing useless things that are wasting my time, and I lose sight of my goal.

So, set yourself a challenge every morning to name your top three MOST important tasks of the day. What are the three things that you must absolutely get done? And then, the second half of the challenge is to ensure that you try your hardest to complete these tasks before 12:00pm that day.If you don’t feel that is enough time, waking up earlier is probably a good idea for you 😉


I hope these help you guys 🙂

I’m going to London this long weekend, where I will be reunited with my best friends EVER after over 3 years apart. I will take lots of pictures, eat lots of mind-blowingly good food, and do a lot of shopping in true malavika-style.





  1. Have a great time with your friends, sweetie. You deserve it. A big hug to all of them from me. God bless. Take care. keep yourself warm.
    Love you tons,

  2. Thanks 🙂 for the motivation. I really needed that kick of inspiration.

    Have a blast in London

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you are back.

    Love Sabina

  3. I feel motivated to ask your opinion about #4. With so many vitamins out there how do we know what one’s to take?
    I want to do a detox but don’t know where to start; do you think just eliminating the junk foods will work (which I am sooo nervous about and I’ve been trying this for years but haven’t succeeded yet) or with so many choices of herbal detoxes in boxes sold at the health food stores which one should I use that will work for me?? I’m so confused!
    Thanks again for your beautiful words. I needed to hear them!

    1. Jenny,
      It’s so wonderful to hear from you! How are you?

      Unfortunately, I am not very well-versed in vitamins (yet), but this is something I feel an increasing urge to understand. Personally, I went to the heath food store and I talked to the people there for a while trying to understand what was available for me.

      I ended up buying three bottles of the stuff- based on what was important for me to try to balance out first.
      I bought one for skin, nails, and hair.
      One called “omega advance” which provides Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids.
      And finally one (that I actually just recently finished) that was a general vitamin booster that helps with concentration too.

      The best advice I could give you is to book an appointment with a nutritionist in Kamloops. I’ve heard of a couple of good ones!

      Or just take a trip to your local health food store and ask around.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more Jenny, but I am totally new to this too!

      Lots of love and cuddles,

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