Asking for signs from your guides and angels

Do you ever wish you could have some kind of tangible proof that your guides are really there, and that they are really looking out for you? Of course you do. Welcome to being human.

I have total faith in my guides, and yet I still ask for signs. It isn’t a symptom of lack of faith – it’s simply a process we undergo to strengthen our faith.

Do you ever feel that spiritual support is just one area of your life that you just can’t really get any REAL kind of proof in? And that you just have to kind of deal with it? Well, you’re wrong.

Asking for signs is a sure fine way to hey – receive signs and messages from your guides and your angels. Remember that your guides and angels work under the premise of free will. Only if you call them  into your life, can they come along and make magic happen in your life. Only if you send them an invitation to your party of a life, will they drop by, do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight.

For those of you who are new to this whole world, and you’re wondering “well, how the heck do I do that!”, I’ll tell you.

First of all, I want you to devote the next 2 minutes to asking for your sign. Yes. Right now. Don’t make excuses! Take 3 deep breaths to just ground yourself in the present moment. I then want you to say silently, or out loud, “I ask my angels/guides to come through and surround me right now.”

Spend the next 10 seconds or so, simply just “Receiving” them. Notice any sensations, thoughts, images. Enjoy being in a totally receptive state.

Now you can ask for a sign. There is no right way or wrong way to do this. But usually, you will do one of the three options below:

a) Ask a specific question, or ask for a sign about a specific area of your life. For example, you may say “Should I leave my job, or should I stay? If leaving my job is for my highest good, I ask that you show me a clear sign in the physical world that I will understand easily.” You can then continue to ask for a very specific sign such as “If leaving my job is for my highest good, please show me the number 777 in 3 distinct ways within the next 2 days”

And then for the following 2 days, keep your eyes and ears open for the magic numbers. I usually ask for 3 sets of 777 to be seen within a day (because just one set is not good enough for me!!) and it works. The last time I did this, I received a call from a number 777-777-7777 (creepy!), stopped infront of house number 777, and saw the number 777 written on a wall in a new classroom at school.

b) You could also be open about a sign, requesting that a sign is shown to you that will be clear to you upon receiving it. In this scenario, you do not necessarily have to specify what kind of sign you want. For example, I may say “If leaving my job is for my highest good, please give me a clear sign that it is so.” I will then be on the look out for some kind of sign. Sometimes I will see the sign, and it will only register a while later that that was in fact my sign. Other times, it will be right bang in my face that I simply cannot deny it. Sometimes I will ask a yes or no question, and later drive past a billboard that says “YES” on it. Stranger things have happened.

c) Finally, you may choose to not ask about any specific area of your life, and instead ask for some kind of confirmation that your angels and guides are infact around you at all times. I do this one the most 🙂

So, once you have asked for your sign, I want you to spend the next 15 seconds simply picturing the sign you asked for (or if you have not asked for a specific one, just spend a few seconds in a totally receptive state).

And thats it. Open your eyes. Take a deep breath, and go on with your day. (after you finish reading this blog of course!)

I will share with you a story of something that happened to be today.

Usually, my favourite sign to ask for from my guides is a simple white feather. I’ve found many in many strange and unlikely locations (but that’s a story for another day), and it has sort of become like my marker. My signature sign. I see white feathers when I am about to do something exciting and scary, kind of like “Knock em’ dead, kid” kind of thing, or sometimes I will receive one when I am sad and lonely – sort of like a “We love you. Keep your chin up. Things are going to get real good real soon.”

While I have been here in Ireland, I have had the pleasure of seeing many white feathers. Almost…too many. It got to the point that I started to doubt my signature sign. I thought “Maybe it’s just really common to see a white feather. Maybe I should try something really strange!”

And so I took a moment to really conjour up some kind of interesting image in my mind – one that if i ever saw manifested in the physical world, I would just KNOW it was not a coincidence.

I drew up a feather. But not just any feather. This feather had three distinct sections. A grey section, a white section, and a black section. There. I took 2 minutes to do this, as I told you to do, and then I sent it off.

Well guess what I saw today on my way home?

🙂 I love my universe. Thank you Miss Prescot, and my new guide – Christopher.

Today has been a looooong day. A group of my friends and I went and practiced taking blood pressure again. I sucked the first time. I couldn’t hear anything. But this time was much better 🙂 I feel very privileged to wear my white coat, even though I almost drown in it.

I also signed up for 3 dance classes. 2 of which were today – hip hop and break dancing.

I sure miss dancing, and I sure miss feeling physically challanged by something.

I hope your days are filled with love.



  1. Hi. I just heard about you last week and had to come and see your blog. I love what and how you write. You seem like a very kind, old soul. I am looking forward to growing with you. I, too, have a connection with feathers and some of the experiences I have had with finding them cannot be explained any other way than devine, magical, feeling loved, blessed, etc., but I know I am being given a message and I am not alone. I will send this now but I will be back soon!! Linda

  2. Sweetie, thoroughly enjoyed your post. You have this amazing ability to make your self receive what ever you wish for. Most people find it impossible including me. Maybe we block ourselves and have trouble in opening up. Should practice more.
    Taking blood pressure- I am glad you are getting better. It takes time. I am glad you are enjoying it. Don’t worry about your white coat. I’ll alter it when you get here.

    Love you lots

    1. I asked my guides to show confirmation that they are around me. I asked for that three sets of 777s in a day that you said you ask for the most. Voila! I did spot three sets of 777s today. They were less dramatic than the ones you mentioned. They were there nevertheless. I was probably looking for them constantly, but they appeared when I wasn’t specifically looking for them. When I saw the first set, there was a chilling sensation running through my spine.

      Now the question is are my guides really there? Yesterday, when I asked for this sign, it seemed unlikely that it would happen by coincidence. But the way it happened, I can probably explain it away by invoking probabilities, selection bias, and whatnots. But this time around, I will refrain from doing that. I really don’t know what all this means but I will take your word for it; and believe it to be what you said it is. I will keep my mind open, and try to connect more deeply with them and hopefully I will reach a state where I can engage with them more directly. I will read more of what you have written on the topic, and would try to follow the instructions.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences. Thanks to my angels and guides for showing up! And thanks to the Universe for making me stumble upon your blog and the right posts!

  3. Hi.I stumbled upon this site maybe because my guardian angels wanted me to.I asked for a sign last year and got it and it was true.this year I asked if a person is meant for me please show me signs like repetitive 1111 or 7777 and i have been seeing that quiet frequently.But things are not really working in my favor.Is it possible that i am only manifesting these signs and the angel have ignored the ‘if’ part of my question?

  4. Hi Amrita, I am curious to the answer or experiences to your question. The reason I ask is because I am going through something very similar. The weird thing is I get really CRAZY signs…like his last name everywhere….when I ask…but things seem very complicated right now. So I question whether signs can go for years at time? I do get really clear signs though when I ask, so just curious on other peoples experiences.

    Thank you


  5. i get signs left right and centre for one particular issue – but ive been getting them for the last 3 months now so i am unsure what they are now meant to mean and if what ti think they mea will ever come to anythinG! x

  6. Just Curiousity..

    Im deaf how do i know the angels speaking to me.. showing me the signs.. I do look around and see signs.. but couldnt get a information from angels speaking… how can i do about that? Ask for signs

    Advice much appreicated.

    1. When you get a message or direction it is the voice of your higher consciousness, kind of your internal voice, it’s this voice we need to learn to take notice of not the day to day chatter we fill our heads with, on rare occasions when drifting off to sleep I have heard a male voice too but that is also internal if you see what I mean, if you are ever going to be clairaudient your deafness will not be an obstacle for you x

  7. This really does work, and she is right. For years my life had been in a rut. No matter how hard I tried, nothing would move or change for the better. It seemed I was running on a treadmill. I asked for a sign to guide my life. I went on vacation to another city, and became very sick, sick enough to require acupuncture. The acunpuncturist placed dozens of needles above my belly button. After the treatment, I returned home. A few days later I was undressing when I noticed a strange, large dark mark above my navel. Taking a closer look and using the mirror, I saw to my surprise and shock it was a blood bruise underneath my skin from where the needles had pierced some capillaries. I showed it to my boyfriend, who is Jewish, and we both realized it was a Hebrew letter: a cheit, which looks like this: ח

    According to the Gematria and the Kabbala (I am not a Kabbalist), cheit stands for “new beginnings”. says,

    “Cheit is a container, the uterus. Cheit is a door with 2 pillars: Vav and Zain. The union between Male and Female (Zain) and the descent of the Seed (Vav). Cheit is the symbol of the Fruit of the Union.

    Cheit is said to be the “essence of life” (from the meaning of the word Chaim, חיים), but is also said to be “fear” (from the meanings of the words Chal, חל, and Chatat, חתת).

    8 is the number of the “overcoming” (the Great Priest, Ha-Kohen Ha-Gadol, הכהן הגדוה, had 8 vests to overcome his human condition). Kabbalah says that 8 is the “gateway to infinity”, as it represents the ascent from the Earth through the 7 Heavens (mentioned for Zain): “God is one in the 7 heavens and the Earth”.

    Cheit is teaching us to overcome our fears and start giving without expecting anything in return, in order to enjoy completely our lives.”

    Cheit is also the Hebrew word for “sin”, and a few days before the mark appeared on my belly, I did an enormous forgiveness ritual as I felt my grudges against some people who once hurt me are holding me back.

    How’s that for a sign? 🙂

    If someone can print here how to upload a photograph from a cell phone, I’ll gladly share a photo of the big purple cheit on my tummy for you and the world to see. Angels are real! They stamped my sign on my tummy so I could not possibly miss it!

  8. My son aged 34 died and one night i was in despair . I had too much to drink and tested the universe by saying”ok if you are there send me a feather”. The next day I was clearing the garage and in amongst my grandsons tpys we found a besutiful blue feather. We live in scotland there are no birds with blue plumage. Praise the Lord.

  9. I keep seeing the letter “X” and groups of 3 numbers… various numbers, not the same ones all the time. I feel quite certain my guides are giving me a message but I just don’t know what they mean? Can anybody help?

  10. I am at a crossroads and don’t know what path to take. I have been asking for signs and guidance but either aren’t getting any or I am missing them..Any advise?


  12. Hello, I asked my angels for a few signs regarding a very serious issue in my love life at the moment. My boyfriend and I recently broke up after 2+ years of dating. In my heart, I truly believe that we are meant to be together. I asked my angels to first show me a white feather. After a few days, I came across a half white, half black feather. I had no idea how to take that sign because the question is simply yes or no. So, I decided to ask for something a bit different — a pink feather. I told them I did not care what shade of pink it was, as long as it’s pink. The other day, my friend and I went for a walk by the river and as we were walking, I passed by a white feather. After a few feet from that feather, there was a pink one. I truly believe that those were the signs I’ve been asking for from my angels.

    My question is, can angels ever be wrong? If you ask them a yes or no question, is it possible that they responded yes (or no) but in the long-run, they could actually be wrong?

    1. Hi Elle me too was wondering the same thing I have also asked for signs if a particular thing was going to happen and all the signs came through but at this stage it doesn’t look like it will happen just wondering the same can they be wrong or do we just have to be patient

      1. Hello. Odds are slim at you will receive this almost three years after your post, but I have been searching the internet looking for an answer and I can’t believe I found someone else as confused as I am. Out of desperation one night, I asked for a sign regarding a particular thing as well. I was worried that I would discount the sign when I saw it, so I created a “double blind” experiment where a certain sign corresponded to a specific answer. There were two answers, so two signs. And I chose them randomly from a pool of six signs, and did so without looking, so I had no way of knowing which one corresponded with the answer I really wanted (so I wouldn’t accidentally manifest the sign as opposed to getting an actual answer) To further complicate things, I asked that the sign be sent through a friend of mine who has some psychic abilities, and I didn’t even tell her what I was doing. If she got a sign that was one of the six random signs I chose, then I would look to see if it belonged to an answer. Not only did she get the sign once, she got it twice! We were both floored. And it was the answer I wanted. I went on to do a few more experiments, and all of them answering questions that I had about this situation, and all of them were the answers I wanted.
        However, I have learned that two of the answers are absolutely incorrect, which makes me doubt the third one, which was a more general question regarding whether I was “meant” to do something. I feel very betrayed and confused. Did I simply manifest the answer I wanted instead of having my question answered? And if I’m that good at manifesting, then why aren’t I rich, lol. Was I misdirected purposely so that I would go down a path that the Universe wanted me to go down? Did it come from something other than a Guardian Angel or loving entity?
        I am curious as to what you found out about your own situation.

  13. All.

    I simply had to share my Angelic experience here as well.

    Like the Publisher of this article, I too was frustrated on the path and direction to take in my life. For a number of months, I had been having vivid dreams. I would usually remember symbols from these dreams. On occasion, I would use the “Dream Dictionary” website, to help give these symbols and dreams, some kind of meaning.

    A few days ago I came across this website.

    I too (like the Publisher), also reside in Ireland. I guess that’s what made this website resonate with me. It felt more real. And also like the Publisher, I asked for a set of numbers as a sign.

    Without delving into what I asked for, I requested the number 999 (as opposed to 777), to be shown to me 3 times, over the next 2 days, to confirm that what I asked for what come true.

    It was a miracle. I swear, these numbers appeared.

    Day 1: The first set of numbers appeared when watching a documentary series on YouTube. I had never intended to watch this documentary series. I was killing time before going out to a Party. And out of nowhere the number 999 appeared, and was also said by the Narrator of the documentary. My mouth just dropped. I was asking myself… is this really happening?

    Day 2: I saw the number 999 twice. I had planned to go to a Cafe (which I’d never been too before) in a department store. I was researching on the Internet (a week before going to this particularly Cafe), and it came highly recommended. As this Cafe is on the top floor of a department store, I decided to browse the Ground Floor, while waiting for my friend to arrive. I looked up… and there in plain sight, was an old finger dial analogue phone, with the Emergency Dial Number: 999. I was gobsmacked. I was almost sobbing. I thought to myself… again is this really happening. Remember, I had never been to this particular Cafe or department store before.

    I went downstairs just to get a fresh perspective. I noticed a set of Number cups. There was 3 sets of cups in a row, hanging there plan as day… with the number 9 on each singular cup. There were hung 3 in a row stating the number 999.

    The very same day… a Motorcyclist almost ran into me. The Motorcyclist apologized. I was recommended that I thank my Guardian Angel. I did.

    It’s amazing. I now believe Angels are real.

    Much Love:

  14. hi
    i have been asking my angels for signs everyday now. but when i get them i doubt them. i recently broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months ago. completly out of the blue. one min hes txting me non stop and wanting to see me and two days later he says he has no feelings for me.
    im not sure if im completely deluded or what but every time i start to get upset something tells me to stop worrying that hel change his mind.
    i went to a medium and one of my secret questions was am i reading my signs correctly. and they said that theyare telling me to trust my intuition. he also said that i was very connected to the spirit world i just dont trust myself.
    i had an astrology reading done and he told me that i was connected to the spirit world. that this is a gift that i already know how to use.

    sign 1 my angel cards are saying that my desired outcome will come through just be patient that alot of healing is taking place and that i should manifest what i want.

    sign 2 the day before we broke up i was very anxious. didnt know why. now i feel confident that its going to go my way. should listen to my gut feelings or am i too emotional?

    Sign3 i asked them to send money 1st time i asked a few hrs later a friend found 5 cent and handed it to me saying look what i found. the second time i asked i immediately turned around and found 5 cent behind me on the floor. the third time i found nearly enough money in my coat to buy what i wanted. i was 20 cent off but the guy in the shop let me off. The forth time i asked i got my wage slip a few hrs after (i handed my time sheet in late and wasnt sure if i was getting paid).

    Sign 4 a friend uploaded 15 photos of me on facebook. some of me being chatted up. we both saw the 15 photos and the next day there was only 5 uploaded.

    Sign4 i asked if lorna byrne could be given a message from me and maybe contact me. a few hrs later i got an email from her. Now it was only one of her standard newletters. but weird or what.

    what do you guys think???
    Am i going crazy??

    1. Hey Paula.

      My name is Darin, and I have left a response in regards to signs and Angels here myself.

      I for one don’t think your crazy. Sometimes I think in life that there is no coincidences, just the illusion of coincidence.

      It seems that you’ve been given some signs. Are you having trouble interpreting them? Or do you need some reassurance that these signs, are indeed Angelic signs?

      Hmmmm. How about we put this to the ultimate test?

      It seems that you may be too emotionally invested in your own life. Of course you would be. Anyone would be. Have you tried asking signs for others. That way, you can be non biased. And take a step back. Does that make sense?

      How about you ask your Angels to give you an Angelic sign, in regards to what direction that I (Darin) should take in life, and to make this scenario appear in my life. That you need a sign in the physical world to help you ascertain that these Angelic signs are real.

      If you get any Angelic signs… don’t tell me. I will see if any changes have effected my life. I will respond if any major changes have occurred. Then you can tell me what (if any) signs occurred and we can compare notes.

      Then you will know for sure.

      Does that make sense???


  15. I’ve asked for a sign today – a dove – and as I was parking my car I saw a dove just by the parking bay…

  16. HEYY i want you to reply to this message please.
    how do i know that they are near because i cant feel their presence around me.. it makes me sad at times.. please tell me what to do

  17. Hello 🙂

    I came across your blog on a random Google search a few days ago. I’ve been at a really low point for the past month (I moved to another country away from family for the first time and all has not gone to plan). I’ve always believed in guardian angels and spirit guides and have had contact with them before, but have not done so for over a year now as I have neglected thinking about them.

    I read this blog post and thought I had nothing to lose by just trying; happy to report that I’ve seen white feathers in my path over the past two days and am feeling so so much better and generally more at peace than I have been for a while now.

    Thank you for posting and writing, I hope it helps others as it has done me.

  18. Can you ask for signs when it involves other people? I often talk to my grandmother who passed a few years ago, and have been more so since my bf abruptly ended our relationship 2 months ago. I have asked her very specifically to show me butterflies if my ex is the man I’m supposed to be with/if he is the man I was seen in a relationship with during a psychic reading from a month ago. I chose butterflies because I hadn’t seen any in at least a year and I didn’t want it to be something that I felt I could potentially misinterpret, but now I’ve seen a whole bunch of them even on days when it was raining pretty hard. I’m hesitant to put my faith in this being the sign I asked for basically because I haven’t heard a peep from my ex, and it’s starting to look like he’s engaging in some of the typical post-breakup male behavior that suggests he’s neve coming back. Can I trust this is the sign I asked for seeing as another person’s freewill is involved, or am I misreading?

  19. Devoted a lot of time asking for signs last night and this morning. I read back on the website and felt I wasn’t doing it properly so I made my last one around mid day asking to see a dove.

    I would consider myself very in touch with the spiritual world, yet it is 5pm right now and still no sign. I’ve get my eyes peeled all day and there has been so many opportunities.

    My comment seems to be one of few that has had this problem

  20. I’ve never seen my angelic guide. I,am very deeply concerned that I don’t want to live anymore.Ive spent days in bed watching movies and read about the new world order.listen horrible news and want to see and talk to my guide or angel.or I’m just going to be dead soon I’m older 54 my life is something that is not working.married to a woman for 25 years who hates me and ignore me.i lost my only son in 05 who was killed hit by a car, I don’t know how to talk to him. I didn’t know him most his life only talked on phone.and saw pictures. The first t saw him he was 6 months old .i held him kissed him in 1986 fora few minutes. Then kissed his dead face in 2005′

    The last time I saw him dead Ina coffin took pictures talked to him . Still trying to. But I want my angel to talk to me about my son. I’m really close to sucide. I’m really ready. I’m really not feeling well and truly want death.

    number one divided by 10 POWER 82 ……ATTENTION ! ! !…..THIS NUMBER IS GREATER THAN THE NUMBER OF ATOMS IN THE UNIVERSE….SO………………………..
    the probability of NOT HAPPENING IS GREATER THAN the number of atoms / universe.
    Would you like , with the help of your INTUITION&reason&feeling&gift , to explain the impossible , and to make part of my book ?
    Namaste……………………………………………..Romualdo Pereira
    PS. I have been more than 10 times in India ! ! !

  22. Hi there,

    My loved one passed away 2 months ago. Family got lot of signs from him from bird landed on family members’ hands, dream. For me I think he tried to communicate with me to but not as clear (such as feelings, things just popped up in my mind etc..- not sure if they are real or just coincident ) . I tried to ask for a clear sign. We had strong connection but I was not there with him when he passed away. I wanted to connect with him. Asked him to give me a sign that he is around. One night I tried to ask him to come to my dream… after a few toss and turns, I heard a voice (felt pretty real) saying “will be … but not now” . What do you think about this? Is this real or just my mind saying that to me? But … “why wait?”. I am still wanting to see him in my dream but hesitate to ask again because of that message. Should I keep asking? Thanks,

  23. Hello!

    I asked my spirit guides a very specific question concerning my love life and my soulmate/twin flame and if we will be together later in life since we recently broke up. I asked them to show me three different signs of “777” within the next two days. If they don’t show me this sign, does that mean they are saying “no” to my question or is it because they had trouble communicating with me?

    Thanks! Love this blog

  24. Hello everyone,
    Thank you for this article and everyones comments. I am struggling at the moment with my career and having a tough time mentally, emotionally. I am very spiritual. I always ask for a sign and feel I dont get it. Maybe Im just not understanding the sign? Today I did exactly as your article suggests and asked to see a bright red cardinal bird 3 different times within the next 2 days. I set the timer on my cell for 2 minutes and focused on a picture of a red cardinal. All the while repeating that this is my sign from my angels & spirit guides that they are with me, love me & guide me/protect me. Im excited to see what happens. Thank you so much❤

  25. I know this looks like an old thread, but I think its neat I came across this blog about feathers. Because last night I asked my guides to show me feathers (in my mind they were white). Then I came across your blog about this very thing! And White feathers at that. I have not received any feathers yet, but I am patiently(well kind of patiently) waiting.

  26. Just asking where do i work?? villia vanilla cafe or persian garden or just wait for another work… Just need advice and a sign thank you

  27. Should i start working now or wait a little more..?? and two choices villia vanilla cafe or persian garden thanks

  28. I asked my question last night and for my clear sign I asked to be woken between 3am and 4 am, I woke almost every hour from 12 am including between 3 and 4 am is this a good sign???

  29. I’m very shocked.
    I did exactly what you asked me.
    My question was: will you always be there with me?
    So I imagined yes or no signs and a feather for yes.
    So it’s night.
    And my brother came to me and asked me to go to his room cause he can’t sleep.
    When I looked at his bed there was a..
    Pure white feather. I swear if I put it in the light it’s unvisible. It’s like a feather from wings.
    Thank you!

  30. Hey, I know this in an old post so perhaps you won’t see this comment. I’ve been having a rough time lately and am doubting that angels are real. So I asked for the sign as you described. I saw 777 once, but not 3 times. So that was my test and I feel like that confirms that even if they’re real they’re not supporting me. I don’t know what else to take away from it.

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