Soulmates, twin-flames and The One.

In some way or an another, the state(s) of our relationships (or lack thereof) always finds a way into probably one of our most talked about topics, and most thought about thoughts.
Why are we single? Why did we become single? Why are we in our current relationship? It’s amazing – I don’t deserve it. It sucks – what did I do to deserve this? Is my partner my soulmate? Is my partner “The one”? What if they are not the one?How does it feel when you meet “the one”?  Why is our relationship so dysfunctional? Should I stay or should I go? If I knew my partner was my soulmate/twin flame/the one, would it make all this dysfunction go away? What about that relationship I was once in, was supposed to be in, should probably be in right now? Will we ever meet again? What if he was my soulmate? Why can’t I be with my soulmate? Why am I with some dude who is not my soulmate? Universe, what is wrong with you?!
This is just a fraction of the clutter we harbor in our hearts when it comes to our rational towards our relationships. In fact, sometimes I get asked a whole array of these questions in a reading too. I don’t blame you – I would ask them too 😉 Spiritually speaking, relationships are incredibly important things to our spiritual growth so it makes sense to explore them. As I have mentioned many times before, a relationship can speak wonders for the dysfunction in you, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul.
Your partner is your greatest teacher.
Your relationship is a mirror.
And you are the superfox looking into the mirror.
You are not the mirror, and you are not the reflection.
Your partner is the dude who is holding the mirror up to your face.

As an intuitive reader, I get many, many, many questions related to relationships. It seems everybody is thinkin’ about it, worryin’ about it and talkin’ about it. Oh, and everyone wants to know about their “soulmate”, so without further ado, let’s begin with some definitions.
In our lives we encounter some pretty special people in our lives. Some that awaken in us an unspeakable familiarity, some that we feel are the missing piece in our “puzzle” – they just seem to fit and some that truly rock our world. These special people are all here for a reason, but sometimes we have a misguided expectation of what their true purpose in our life is.


Your soulmate is someone who has incarnated with you in many – if not all – of your lives. Your soulmate loves you very much.  When you meet your soulmate there is a strange sense of familiarity with them, a feeling that you just know them. That no matter what is to happen between the two of you, you will always connected to eachother in some way. It’s a deeper understanding beyond reason. Your soulmates are here to reveal something important about yourself and to allow you to open up in some way, for some length of time. That’s it. You heard me. There is no binding agreement up in the ether that demands that your soulmate marries you and spends their life time with you. This may well happen, and if it does – congratulations – there is no lifetime union as one with your soulmate. Your soulmate might be with you all your life; you could have been high school sweet hearts, marrying in your 20’s and then sharing dessert together in your 90’s. Or, your soulmate might be with you for a much shorter time span, for example just one year. At some point in your life, you will meet your soulmate. It might be a very small interaction, but it sure can rock your world. In many cases, your soul mate is your first love, and we all know how that story goes!
Soulmates are essentially very  spiritually powerful people in your life. They will awaken in you growth lessons that no one else in the world could. You don’t have to marry your soulmate or spend the rest of your life with them, so get that thought out of your head missy. Your soulmate is almost always the opposite sex to you (or the sex you are attracted to), but a romance does not always have to ensue- although most of the time, it does. We as human beings are simply not equipped to understand such a wide spectrum of emotion, that when we do, we instantly fall in love. Nothing wrong with that though!
Sometimes you and your soulmate are just not compatible for a long-term relationship setting. It happens. When we believe that our soulmate SHOULD be compatible with us, and SHOULD spend the rest of their life with us – we begin to fight with reality – and yall know how I feel about that! Hehe! So, take it as it comes. A soulmate relationship is a fleeting glimpse of heaven. Your soulmate is someone in your life that you love without always knowing why, how, or from where. If you are lucky enough to marry your soulmate, don’t take it for granted.
So think about it? Who is your soulmate? Have you met them yet? What if it isn’t your husband? Does that mean your marraige is doomed for failure? Absolutely not. Keep reading and you’ll find out why your husband/the person you spend the majority of your life with has a very special role too.


Your twin flame is almost like a more compatible version of your soulmate. Your twin flame is your other half. It is a generalization, but in most cases, your twin flame is the person you marry and/or spend the most amount of time with in your life. Long term commitments with your twin flame are very likely. Twin flames are usually people who come into your lives, who you not only learn a great deal from, but also teach much to aswell. Twin-flames feel like that missing puzzle piece, the person you are likely to share your journey with. We can meet a few of our twin-flames in our lifetime, but the one you end up sharing your journey with the most is usually the most important one. Twin-flames are your best friends. They are your partners in crime and love and life. This is who holds your hand and takes you down your  road. Twin-flames are usually your loving husband/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend in the whole wide world. These are the people you feel you can confide deeply in, and make your soul feel warm and safe.

The one

So, after I explain to you elaborately the difference between your soulmate and your twin-flame, you then look at me and ask “Ok, Ok, but who’s “The one”?!?!”
Well, let me tell you – the ONE is always the one you are with, or- if you are single – the one you are about to be with. It shifts and changes constantly. The one is always “the one right now”. If you are with your soulmate, then your soulmate is “the one”. If you are with your twin-flame then your twin-flame is “the one”.

In conclusion

Soulmates are a soul-connection


Twinflames are a heart-connection

No matter what you do in your life, never forget to take the time to love.


  1. Dear Malavika,

    Appreciate the flow of words and thoughts!! I am amazed – to have a writer in “my” family who writes serious philosophy at this age. My kudos to you.

    In general to you and other writers : Keep on writing and do read others’ too. To become a good writer, you should be a good reader and a listener too. Do not underestimate other writers. Every writer has a day!!

    Best Regards dear!
    Renju Maman

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love writing and reading, and do both a lot. I actively follow many blogs I am interested in, and read as much as I can in my free time 🙂

      Thank you again,
      Malu xoxo

    1. Hey, looks like I’ll have to do a post on how to attract your soulmate into your life 🙂

      Nice to see that you are updating a lot these days, Mike.

      Thanks a tonn for stopping by,

  2. Hi thankyou for your view on the difference between twin flames.
    However I have to disagree on the meanings that you have come up with.

    Twinflames also known as the one, your other half, twin souls are a actually a part of you. It is like a mirror reflection of yourself.
    Billions of years ago, god seperated us so you have a half of your soul and your twin has the other half OF THE SAME is only recent that we are finding our twin. Even then we have to go through a spiritual awakening and able to become one with ourselves before a relationship can work. In a twin flame relationship we see all the negative sides that reflect ourselves. Untill we can accept our self we cannot accept our twin.

    Soul mates are karmic relationships. We ewch have a soul group and the peoplefrom this group are the ones we usually spend each lifetime with. This isnt necessarily a romantic relationship it is also what we share with our mums dads brothers sisters enemy and friends. This kind of soul group is karmic and is there for lessons to be learned from each other. Romantically, it is a usually a soul mate that you marry.

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