How to pray

From a young age, we are taught to pray. But we’re taught an incomplete set of instructions of how to engage in this divine communication. We’re taught to get down on our knees, clasp our palms together and recite some pre-programmed speech to “God.”

We’re taught how to speak but we are not taught how to listen.

And this is the missing link. This is what is missing from our communication. How can you ever have a truly satisfying conversation with someone if you never hear what they are saying back?

Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool, and today I’m going to share with you how you can do it right!

1. Set aside time every single day for prayer.

This may be the most difficult step for most people. It’s the same for the meditation habit, and generally a more disciplined step. The first step is always to create a space and time for you to fill with beautiful things. When is the ideal time to prayer? All the time. But for the purpose of setting aside time each day in your busy schedule, I would advise mornings after you wake up, evenings before you go to sleep, and also at any point you suddenly feel like you need to connect and speak (eg. You just did something “stupid” and you need the universe to take care of it)

2. Get quiet and comfortable

Set the scene. Take the phone off the hook, shut down your computer, and stay clear of any distractions. Sit down, stand up, kneel down, lay down – whatever you feel is the most comfortable.

3. Speak

Now this is the fun part! Get talkin’. Speak as though you are talking to a friend. Talk about your hopes, dreams, fears, worries, concerns, wishes. Everything. This is your best friend. Ask for help, support, love, healing, understanding, wisdom, a new car.  Everything. Make jokes, be serious, be somber, be honest. When I pray, it usually sounds like this:

“Hi, umm it’s me again! So, as you probably know, I’m having kind of a hard time with _____. Could you help me out? Could you send me someone soon who can help me with ______, or just do something? I’ll be waiting! Thank you for my amazing life. Love you. Bye!”

4. Listen

Listen. Quiet your mind and listen to whatever ideas, impressions, feelings, images that come to you in the moments after your prayer. You might get a lot. You might not get much. But no prayer goes unheard or unanswered. So just wait. It’s important that after every prayer you spend at least 1 minute – that’s 60 seconds – of just quiet listening.

5. Allow “God” to happen – detach from your prayer.

The next two steps are crucial. After you have “given” your prayer to the universe/God/your fairty godmother (whatever you want to call it), you must detach from it. You must no longer be attached to a single outcome, or worry too much about it. If I ask the universe to help heal a certain situation and to bring something or someone into my life, I release it. I no longer think about it or concern myself with it. I know the universe has heard me, and when it is the right time, and if it is for my highest good, the universe will make it manifest in my life. If it is not for my highest good,  the universe will give me something better. I have faith in this system. Total faith. So, release your prayer. If you are worried about not being able to make rent, and you pray that you are able to, don’t spend the rest of your time worrying about not making rent. Your canceling out your prayer. Don’t cancel out your prayer. That’s not fun. Remember, “God” only acts when you detach. Once you ask “God” for something, allow him to respond by freeing your mind.

6. Act on inspired action

Notice any feelings, urges, or ideas you get in the days after your prayer. You might suddenly feel like being at Starbucks at 7:00pm on Wednesday. You might get your million-dollar idea of writing and publishing the book you’ve always wanted to do. It is important to act on inspiration when you get it, otherwise it is like ignoring the answer to your prayer. Now why would you go do something like that?

Make your life a prayer. To pray simply means a divine communication. Let your life embody this. Be connected in every moment.

Realize that there is no single prayer that ever goes unheard or unanswered.

Happy praying!


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  1. This is very nice …. I have tried it myself earlier …. I was confused and not having clarity on a relationship matter …. so I asked the god to give me clarity and show me the light ….. and amazingly I got the new perspective that was never in my mind earlier … I thanked him immediately and carried on smilingly. …
    Though I have faced many more dilemmas since then, I have not used the prayer mode anymore …
    why, I think I got busy in my worry mode and ignored the importance of connecting with him ….

    And I realize I am reading too many posts of yours in a single day …. rather I should read 1-2 and think over them … 🙂

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