Your spiritual yellowpages (A-Z)

Who do you need to get in touch with in your life? If all of this ‘guides, angels, higherself’ stuff is new to you, then it can be quite overwhelming figuring out who is who in the spirit world. Who do you need to know? What can they do for you? And what’s the best way to contact them? Phone? E-mail? Meditation 😉 ?




Angels are ethereal begins, with a very high energy. They have never incarnated onto life on earth, but they have a deep loving understanding and compassion for our human challenges as they have seen it all. Angels work with you primarily for healing, releasing of blocks, cleansing, giving you signs and play! They are very friendly, affectionate beings and they like having fun and playing by giving you all the signs you want to see. So, speak to your angels if you need healing, cleansing, and signs from the heavens.

My experience with angels:

I like working with angels from time to time for mainly healing purposes and protection. I always call in 5 very tall angels to come protect my home and my family before I sleep at night. When I am sad, and I (eventually) become “done” with being sad, I call my angels to come in and help me begin healing, and as if by magic, any sadness I am holding within me melts away into a vacuum. I also release any relationships and situations that I am unhappy with to the angels, so that they can do with them what they will, and I can trust with utmost confidence that it will always manifest into my highest good.I also use angels to help create “miracles” in my life, as they have a remarkable way of shifting things in your life resulting in almost miraculous outcomes.

Ascended Masters:

Ascended masters are extremely high energy masters of the spirit world. They are great spirits such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and many more. They have strong, powerful messages, and are with you to share with you these teachings they mastered in their lives. As I speak of ascended masters, I would like to point out that I am not “religious”. I do not follow any one faith or teaching. I believe that there is God in me and there is God in you. My religion is kindness. That’s all. When I speak of Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna, I am speaking of them away from their adopted religions. All I am saying is that, it doesn’t matter if you believe Jesus was the son of God, or not, but if you take him away from the bible, all you are left with is a really cool guy. So, with that…

My experience of ascended masters:

My example here will be about Jesus, but please understand this could apply to any other ascended master aswell. If you are a lover and follower of Jesus, he is always with you, and he will always love you and protect you, BUT that being said, there are very few people I have met during my time doing readings that actually have Jesus as a guide. For example, I can call in Jesus if I wanted to. I can speak with him, as I have on many occasions. I can ask him to work with me for a few months. But is he my guide? Not really. If he shows up as your guide during a reading, I think it is very special. As I mentioned, this is true for any of the ascended masters. My mom’s guide is Krishna. Isn’t that special? So each ascended master has their own main “theme”, so when I feel that presence with you, I know big things are about to happen for you. Usually:

Jesus signifies miracles, healing, and life purposes

Buddha brings the overcoming of suffering and enlightenment

Krishna signifies the birth of a new beginning, a new level of connection with the universe.

*There are many other Ascended masters out there. These are just the ones I have been most closely acquainted to in my time doing readings.


Deceased loved ones:

Deceased loved ones are, as the name suggests, someone you have known and loved on earth, who passed one day passed on to the other side. It’s grandma Ethel. It’s grandpa Jim. After you die, a whole load of stuff goes down (I will be doing a post on this soon!), and one of the choices we get in spirit form – is what do we want to do now? Sometimes a loved one who has passed on, and gone to the light, will choose to remain in close proximity to their family back on earth. They will choose to watch over their family until it feels “right” to move on and make some different choices. That’s when Grandma Ethel comes in. She loves you. She’s around you. She cares about you. And she’s still Grandma Ethel. Though she will have some differences in her understanding of the universe and how it works, she still has attachments towards you, her cutiepatootie grandbaby. Speak with deceased loved ones for simply the sake of conversation. To call and say “Hi, how are you doing? I miss you. Are you okay? It isn’t the same without you here :(“. That’s wonderful. You can also connect with them and ask about something they were pretty great at, or passionate about in their life, like “hey gramma Ethel, can you tell me more about your fabulous stamp collection? I’m thinking of starting that up!”

So deceased loved ones are usually not the ones you go to to ask your BIG LIFE QUESTIONS, but they can definitely give you a shoulder to lean on, and company to enjoy.

My experience with deceased loved ones:

One of the first “spirits” I was able to connect with was my grandpa. I had a dream one night that he spoke to me, and said something in my mothertongue (malayalam) that I didn’t really know the meaning of. I recited it to my mother in the morning, and to my surprise, she told me that my cousin from India had a similar dream where he had said exactly the same thing. FREAKY! Then, at 16 and quite silly, I decided to use the ouija board (I know..I know). I was very lucky to connect wiith my grandpa through the ouija board and I used it for quite a while until I realized that “Hey, I can do all this stuff myself without the silly board!” and quit while I was ahead. My grandpa was around for a long time, for years after his death. Then slowly he began to just fade away a little bit. His presence was not as strong. I asked Miss Prescot (by this time, I had met her too) what was going on, and she told me that he had finally made the decision to reincarnate into the world again (Apparently he’s an little girl in africa!). It doesn’t mean that I can’t connect with him at all – this is where it gets a little confusing perhaps. When you reincarnate, you still live a portion of your higherself still lingering around the ether, so in one sense – You are always wherever you want to be. On earth, and in the spirit world. Pretty neat.



Your guides are beings who once lived on earth, passed on, and “graduated guide school” in order to become your guide. They are usually specialized in an area of expertise and will work with you specifically for that. All guides have a purpose or an intention with you. If you’re getting a reading done, not only is it important to ask who your guides are, but also WHY they are working with you. Most people have around 2-4 guides around them. Guides usually stay for a certain length of time, until you have achieved what they have been helping you with. For example, if you are a chef, and you’re looking for a new job, a guide who is qualified in helping you connect with the perfect job for you will come swooping into your life. He or she will stick around until you follow her guidance, and land that job. Once you do, your guide will likely move on and a new one will come in for the new experience of doing well in your new job. Some guides will be with you your whole life. Some will stay for a considerable portion. Some are here for just a few weeks to a few months. Either way, they are here to help you.

Your guides will sound differently to you. The way they talk, the way they hold themselves. They adopt a personality that is unlike your own. It may be difficult in the beginning to trust that it is your guide speaking to you, and not just you making it up, but over time your experience of them will strengthen to the point that you will never doubt it!

Speak to your guides when you need guidance on a particular area of your life.

My experience of my guides:

I have many guides who come and go. I like to call it my “team” up in the ether, because they are all here to help me live my best life. Miss Prescot is my main guide. She’s the ring leader. She has always been my guide and probably always will be, so I have developed a very strong relationship with her. I speak to my other gudies too, and it is important that I do as they help me with different things in my life. Your guides are who I talk to when I give you a reading. They present themselves in different ways. Sometimes they just give me a “feeling”, sometimes they seem young, old, sometimes take on a definite persona – sometimes they are animals! They know you very well and through telling me about their purpose with you, I am able to see what you most need to work on.


Higher Self:

Your higher self, as its name suggests, is the “highest version” of you. Your higher self is the God in you – the sacred space within you where you love and understand everybody and everything in your life. Why? Well because this space within you is able to recognize the God in them too. Your higher self is your conscience, your emotional compass guiding you towards right and away from wrong .Your higher self always knows what you need and want, because hey, it is you!

When visualizing your higher self, he/she usually looks like you, or they look how you perceive yourself to look like, or how you would like to look like.

When hearing your higher-self, he/she usually sounds a lot like you, but a whole lot “wiser”.

Speak to your higher self when:

You are confused about a decision you must make

You have big life-questions – about life and death and what happens afterwards.

You feel like you must reconnect with your true authentic self.

When you can’t decide whether you want chocolate ice cream or strawberry ice cream.

When you struggle with seeing the divinity within somebody else.

My experience of my higher-self:

My higher-self sounds like me but just a little bit more refined. When I visualize her, she looks like the me of the future – the me that is living my dream life. I naturally gravitate towards her, because I want to know her secrets. I want know what she did to get to where she is. I use her mostly for difficult decisions I have to make in which I don’t feel in total touch with my  true, and authentic self (if did feel in touch with my authentic self, this decision shouldn’t be hard). Sometimes it will be simple decisions like “Shoes I paint my toes pink or black?!?!” and other times it’s bigger decisions like “where should I go to school?” or “is this person that is in my life for my highest good?”. The questions range, but I always put her to good use! I also use her at any time I need to work with my conscience to figure out why I feel bad about something. I also spend a lot of time pondering life and the universe with my higher self. She’s awesome.



Spirits (aka Ghosts) are low energy deceased people. When I say lower energy, I don’t mean negative energy (bad). A ghost could be your aunt Muriel. Nothin’ wrong with aunt Muriel. She just, for some reason, has chosen to not go into the light after her death and therefore, not get her graduation diploma. There are many reasons why deceased people remain in spirit form. Either they are scared, nervous, unsure of what to do, feel as though they have “unfinished business”, are lost, cannot accept their death, don’t know where to go. So remember, a ghost doesn’t mean a bad thing, being, or person. It simply means someone who is not of a higher energy – one that you may be more comfortable encountering. Some spirits can be sad, or lonely, or even angry at times. These are all human emotions and nothing to be scared of, just as you wouldn’t really be scared if your best friend told you they were feeling sad, or lonely, or even a little bit angry. You would just advise her, tell her what she needs to do to get back on track. There isn’t a whole lot of reason to want to communicate much with spirits and ghosts, but they tend to show up uninvited sometimes! All you have to do is tell them that they are okay, they are loved, and all they have to do is go to the light. It’s simple. As I said, there isn’t much reason to speak with them. There is nothing you can really ask them that you could have a satisfying high-level answer for. It would be one of those awkward “Hi…so….you’re dead…how’s it goin’?” conversations (not that I imagine you’ve had many of those).

My experience with spirits/ghosts:

I see them from time to time (as I am working with my spiritual sight), and I can definitely sense their presence. I don’t spend much time speaking with them or communicating with them as the conversations tend to be pointless or aimless. I just tell them that it is safe to go to the light and let them be. As I work as an intuitive reader, it is important for me to set my boundaries. I choose to only communicate with high energy, high-level beings, so if I sense a ghost around me wants to talk, I let them know that they must go to the light, and then I am all ears.



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