Wear your best underwear!

I would like to send big cuddles out to everybody who commented, read, and supported this blog so far! You guys are the best. As it is already July 30th, the names of everyone who commented will be entered into next months draw. This also makes sense anyway because I will not be able to do readings in August (vacation), and will start up again in September.


I had a rather peculiar moment of self-realization the other day. I was shuffling through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear (It was one of those “I-have-a-wardrobe-FULL-of-clothes-and-still-don’t-have-anything-to-wear” catastrophes of a morning) and started scavenging through my underwear drawer. I pulled out something pretty, frilly, and pink and automatically dismissed it, telling myself “Oh, I’ll just save this one for a special day.”

It was then that I stopped myself, mid-thought, and curiously asked myself “huh?!”

I know, I know, we’re all waiting for a special occasion. It seems we are all waiting for that elusive day in the hazy future that would warrant the best versions of ourselves. We’re waiting for the “perfect” time to wear our prettiest underwear, use our best 1000 thread-count sheets, and use our good china.

But what if every day was that day? Well, I see two possible outcomes:

a)    The things that mean excellence to you becomes the norm (which I really don’t think is the worst thing that could happen!)

b)    Every day becomes a special occasion.

So take a moment to ask yourself how much of your “livings” are you putting on hold? We all have bad days, or “blah” days where it feels like you belong under a rock. We tend to put our lives on a hold, thinking that we actually have the time to do that. But life is short, and our time is limited, and we have one chance to get it right –to not just ‘evolve’ into our best selves, but instead to just BE our best selves. Life is happening, and we’re making other plans.

No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed, and show UP to your life (and wear your best underwear!)

Get pedicures often (if you don’t think this resonates with your budget, give yourself at-home pedicures. It’s easy!) , get your hair did, buy lingerie, buy fresh flowers for your home, walk into a room with confidence, smile more.

Greet each day of your precious and fabulous life with reverence and a smile. Always remember that how you spend your days are how you spend your life.

So let’s make today a day of aligning our intentions with excellence. Isn’t it time we rise up and meet our lives?


  1. I concur. Haha. Everyday should be fabulous. There’s days I sport a dress or a pencil skirt; just because, I felt like it. Other days, I wanna be comfortable. I just go with how I feel for that day. And girls nights out? That’s a whole other category. I always get dolled up for those (what female doesn’t?) Oh, the joys of being a female. Cheers!

    1. Well I certainly don’t think there is any wrong with sweat pants! It isn’t so much about WHAT you are wearing, but instead that no matter what you are wearing you still feel and act like the total rockstar that you are in truth 🙂
      The joys of being a female are endless and I love expressing my feminine energy! I’m glad you do too!

      1. I have come across your blog on the internet searching for spiritual guidance and positive affirmations. Thanks for the first two reads – your intro and 1st blog. Very insightful and I look forward to the Chairs info etc.

        1. Thank you! I have written many posts since then, and I think you may find that I have come a cross a much deeper level of spiritual knowledge and understanding to share with my readers since then, in my more recent posts. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


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